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Popular Android Apps Fall Under Security Scrutiny

The recent announcement that Google would no longer be supplying security updates for legacy Android users has caused consternation among fans of the search engine giant's smartphone operating system. With more than 930 million Android mobiles being affected, the decision highlights a growing concern over smartphone and tablet security. These days'...

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According to Security Experts, Google Knows Your Wi-Fi Password

google Guess what, according to many security experts, Google already knows your Wi-Fi password. This is another scandal waiting to happen, as Android users are discovering one disturbing fact : when you're configuring your Google account on your new Android running smartphone/tablet, you may well discover that Google magically knows all the Wi-Fi pas...

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This is the official conference application for SecureWorld Boston. Use this app to make the most of your event experience:* Meet and network with other attendees* Build a personal agenda* Find exhibi...


CyanogenMod 10.1.1 update patches security exploits

CyanogenmodIf any of you CyanogenMod users out there have updated in the past couple of days, you may have noticed that your version has been updated to version 10.1.1. But this update isn’t about cramming in new features, instead the CyanogenMod team has patched up some of the well know security Android exploits which have been making the news recently...

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Sony announces global rollout of my Xperia remote security service

my Xperia Some time earlier this year, Sony started testing its very own remote security service for smartphones, called Sony my Xperia. Fast forward a full five months, and now the company is gearing up to finally launch this service for Xperia smartphone users across the planet. In case you missed it, my Xperia is Sony’s attempt at making sure that ...

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The Facebook Android App Flawed With Security Issues

Facebook Android App If you're running on Android OS, as you probably are, since your're here reading the article, you should know that the Facebook Android App is fatally flawed when it comes to your online privacy. And even worse, Facebook doesn't seem to care much, but this is hardly news. I am sure you spend part of your free time on the Internet, courtesy of yo...

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Android Malware Discovered by F-Secure, Capable of Stealing Passwords

Android Malware New Android Malware has been discovered, it is known as "USB cleaver" and it's a sneaky one this time. You may ask yourself why is this different from your regular malicious software infecting your digital belongings Well, the new Android Malware is capable of infecting both your smartphone and your laptop/personal computer. And its final goal i...

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Facebook Android app security flaw affects those who don’t even use the app

Facebook security flaw While it’s not clear just why the app would do this, or what purpose it has for doing so, the Facebook app for Android is taking your phone number the first time you open it up. Without even logging in, the app takes your number and stores it on the Facebook servers. You don’t need a Facebook account, or even initiate an action within the app....

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Would a “kill switch” help prevent smartphone theft? NY and SF prosecutors think so

emergency kill switch Credit: dumbledad Possibly one of the best upgrades shown off at the iOS7 unveiling was the enhanced security features which help prevent thieves from using stolen iPhone’s. Extra security is certainly a deterrent to would be thieves, and we were also recently wondering what other manufacturers could do to improve the security of their own hands...

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Today Only: Get a free lifetime license for security app, Cerberus

CerberusFor those of you that don’t have any type of mobile security app on your Android device, you should probably think about getting some kind of protection. After all, it’s nice to a little bit of recourse if your phone gets stolen, such as being able to SIM-lock your device, remote wipe it or even possibly track it.Of course many of these apps a...

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HTC hopes to replace several of its recently departed executives by the month’s end

HTC LogoJust yesterday we reported that HTC had lost yet another executive, this time their COO Matthew Costello. The good news is that HTC’s marketing head Benjamin Ho says they are working hard to replace many of these vacancies by the end of the month. In fact, Fred Liu of engineering and operations has already taken over the role of chief operati...

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Chrome security features in Android? The boss, Sundar Pichai, says yes.

Sundar PichaiWhen Sundar Pichai took over as Android chief, it led so many of us to wonder what it all meant. Our initial concern was that Google would combine the two services. We tried to wrap our head around it, and figure out how it would work out. A Chrome-Android merger… was it possible? Would it make sense?After the initial dust-up, cooler heads pr...

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Former Executive Reveals Shady Google Tax Scheme

google tax scheme Barney Jones,  34 years old, who used to work for the tech giant Google between 2002 and 2006 in an executive position, just revealed some of the "immoral" practices of the company when it comes to tax avoidance, the Google Tax Scheme, as he calls it. If you are a regular Joe, a law abiding citizen, you know that two things in this life are sure...

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Caution: Viber App contains major security flaw

viber2 A popular internet call and messenger app named Viber has caught the attention of security firms for containing a very serious security flaw. Vietnamese security firm, named Bkav, discovered the flaw in Viber lets attackers bypass screen locks and take control of Android smart phones. The Viber app, much like Skype, allows you to use your data co...

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M1 SecureStorage


Get complete peace of mind when you store your corporate data with M1's SecureStorage as it offers military-grade security and data protection. Because SecureStorage uses advanced encryption (256-bit ...

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uSav Security System


Beyond Secure File Sharing ...


Samsung Knox to Help Users Secure The New Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4 to feature samsung knox Samsung Galaxy S4 to have built in LoJack Called Samsung Knox The hottest thing in the Android world now is the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 and as the initial launch date of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone gets closer we learn more about what the Galaxy S4 will offer us. The latest news is a bit more information on the new Samsung Knox feat...

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Antivirus & Mobile Sec...


TrustGo is a 100% FREE mobile security app that was ranked #1 by AV-TEST for providing the BEST Android Security ANYWHERE! Read the report at"TrustGo is one of the most robust An...

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Antivirus & Mobile Secu...


TrustGo is a 100% FREE mobile security app that was ranked #1 by AV-TEST for providing the BEST Android Security ANYWHERE! Read the report at"TrustGo is one of the most robu...

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Encrypt to protect your files and send them to your contacts.Prevent prying eyes and unauthorized access when sending files to your friends or colleagues.Today, whenever you send/receive files through...

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Red Fingerprint Security LW...


Scan your fingerprint with this red fingerprint security live wallpaper. trick your friends into getting their prints scanned.This is a cool Live Wallpaper that will be enjoyed by many people.And best...

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Fingerprint Security Scanne...


With this LWP app you can your fingerprint. Place your finger on the screen and watch it get scanned over and over in this cool Live Wallpaper.This is a Live Wallpaper that will be enjoyed by many pe...

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Blue Fingerprint Security L...


A fingerprint scanning security live wallpaper for your phone is finally here. Enjoy watching the fingerprint getting scanned over and over in this cool LWP.This is a beautiful Fantasy Live Wallpaper ...

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Cooking Game: Barbecue Yum!


Take advantage of the good weather to prepare delicious barbecues.Summer means picnics, parties! Serve up some delicious hot off the grill creations like fish, chicken, ribs, and kabobs.If you like si...


Lookout Security for Android issues a fix for the Galaxy S3 Security Flaw

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is a great phone, and the Note series isn’t too shabby either. The recent Galaxy S3 security flaw has definitely irked some Samsung owners, but now it looks like there’s a bit of a fix thanks to Lookout Security's Android App. In case you’ve been living under a rock the Samsung Galaxy S3 security flaw has been a prett...

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Security World CZ


Security World CZ je projekt spole?nosti IDG Czech Republic, jen...

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Join the mailinglist for receiving updates on DroidSecurity betas beofre they hit Google Play!Join at is...

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The most advanced video surveillance app in GooglePlay! "This app provides so many advanced features; it literally replaces my 2000+ dollar surveillance system." "This app turns my...

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