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ASUS Officially Announces Three Android Tablets

Asus has finally made several of its Android-based tablets at a pre-CES 2011 press event. You've probably heard or read about these tablets before but it is only now that Asus is officially launching the products and releasing official photos as well as working units of these Android tablets. There are three Android tablets, all bearing the famous...

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Match the pattern of colours and sounds to test your memory. The pattern gets longer every round. How long can you last?** The way I scale the graphics doesn't work on all devices (such as my eeepad T...


Decade-Old Grand Theft Auto III Makes Android Debut

For video gamers, it's difficult to imagine that it was already ten years ago this month that Rockstar released the third installment of their hugely successful Grand Theft Auto series, the first to be on the Playstation 2 and the first to provide users with a sandbox three-dimensional world to engage in. It was an instant smash hit and set into ...

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Super Depth


If everyone was enamored of the time networkers, work synonymous with Bio_100%android and PC simultaneous release (flash)Shooter should be handed down as a masterpiece even now say more than 20 years ...

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Simple analog synthesizer version is no ad and You can use with no limit additional tools in the future.Features:Very fast reactionParameter changeDelayParameters:Amp Attack Sustain Fade o...