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Archos Chefpad revealed, an Android table for chefs and cooking enthusiasts

archos chefpad We've always known Archos as the dark horse when it comes to manufacturing Android tablets or even Android smartphones. The company has consistently came out with several feature-pack Android devices and yet, most of them never seem to become overwhelmingly successful in the market. That's probably because of the saturated Android hardware market...

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Best American Lotteries Online

poker-682332_640Being successful when playing the lottery means you need to have an effective and reliable winning lottery method. Frankly speaking, having the proper procedures and guidelines when it comes to choosing your winning numbers, will give you have higher chance of winning your most desired jackpot. Keep in mind that the lottery is not just a game of ch...

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Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones

Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones Gambling must be one of the oldest "professions" in the world, if I may use that word, but with the advents of modern technology, gambling is facing a new era. Since the dawn of the internet,  which changed almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from how we do business  to how we're interacting with others socially speaking (read dating...

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XBox One vs. PS4: Who Won Black Friday?

black friday Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles are already traditional enemies, even if Microsoft is relatively new in this business, when compared to the Japanese giant.  Sony was the king of home entertainment since like forever and PlayStation achieved an iconic status among gaming enthusiasts. Just to make a point, Sony reveal...

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app MDWFP Hunting and Fishing logo

MDWFP Hunting and Fishing


The Mississippi Department of Wildlife Hunting and Fishing Android application contains a variety of useful tools and information for hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Features of this app inc...

app Recommended smartphone game logo

Recommended smartphone game


Game targeting the smartphone application is recommended.Correctly during the numerous smart phone Games Apps first class when you want to try againGet the game gongryakjip downPopular games of the po...

app AW Heli-Expo logo

AW Heli-Expo


The very first AgustaWestland app provides Heli-Expo 2013 delegates, media, trade visitors and helicopter enthusiasts with a unique digital insight into the company...


Is that a Monkey King in your pocket?!

Monkey King PCPOP The all new ‘Monkey King’ from THL. You’ve probably never heard of ThL, but after today, you may not forget them. The Chinese mobile device maker has introduced a new phone with some impressive specs, and an even more impressive name. In regard to those internals, the standout feature is a 13MP front-facing camera, for those s...

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Colorful Moto X custom backplate covers leaked, including purple, teal and red

Motorola X Phone While the Moto X phone sign-up page is already live on Motorola’s official website, the Google-owned company is still unwilling to divulge more information about the anticipated smartphone. However, thanks to eager sources of leaks regarding the device, we now have a clearer glimpse of what the device’s back side would look like. They&...

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Exclusive: Oppo is working on a dedicated camera to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Camera

Oppo Camera Details are still sparse, but a source tells us that Oppo is working on a dedicated camera. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, this is said to be a standalone device for point-and-shoot enthusiasts. What we do know is that Oppo has held a briefing on the camera, a photo from which you will see below. In this briefing, attendees were told the dev...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is Out for Grabs on Pre-Order

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom The long expected Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is now available on pre-order, in the European Union for the time being. But don't worry, because soon enough it will hit the US markets too, don't you think? For now, if you're an EU resident, you can pre-order the S4 Zoom from the German retailer, but you must keep in mind the hefty price...

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Will Instagram get video support soon?

InstagramVine is the new passing fancy of Android enthusiasts, keeping us entertained six seconds at a time. An average Play Store rating of 2.8 suggests the concept needs work, even though over one million users have downloaded it. Facebook, however, may have something up their sleeve with Instagram.We have no official details to offer, but recent speculat...

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Mirror-less Galaxy Camera 2 to be unveiled at Samsung’s June 20 event

Samsung Galaxy Camera Logo aa 3 1600We’ve seen one or two rumors pop up surrounding Samsung’s follow-up to its point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera, but now there’s some official news from Samsung; CEO Shin Jong-Kyun has stated that the company will be unveiling its mirror-less Galaxy Camera 2 at the Premiere 2013 event in London on June 20th.In our own review the original Galaxy...

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Top 5 Forum Threads of the Week

Top 5 Forum02At AndroidPIT, we try to increase our community and get people talking about what they love most....Android! Dialogue on this groundbreaking topic is made easy by our forum, where you can share thoughts and ideas, ask specific or broad questions, start debates and meet other smartphone users and enthusiasts. We brought together this weeks top threa...

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Real Racing 3 for Android to get Dubai update soon

Real Racing 3 We last saw an update to Real Racing 3 for Android about a moth ago, when new cars, new events, and a bunch of other stuff got added to the game by EA. Now, in case any of you mobile racing game enthusiasts are hungry for more, there is yet another software update scheduled to arrive soon. This will no doubt get you excited just as all of the prev...

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app Yoga Begginers Guide logo

Yoga Begginers Guide


Stressed out? Do You Feel Like The World Is Crashing Down Around You? Want To Take A Vacation That Will Relax Your Mind, Body And Spirit? Well this Easy To Read Step By Step E-Book Makes It All Possib...

app Klif Magazyn Mody Warszawa logo

Klif Magazyn Mody Warszawa


Magazyn mody Klif dla pasjonatów najnowszych trendów.Skorzystajcie z naszego magazynu, który bezb??dnie poprowadzi was przez ?wiat naj?wie?szych trendów i podpowie, jak zro...

app Klif Magazyn Mody Gdynia logo

Klif Magazyn Mody Gdynia


Magazyn mody Klif dla pasjonatów najnowszych trendów.Skorzystajcie z naszego magazynu, który bezb??dnie poprowadzi was przez ?wiat naj?wie?szych trendów i podpowie, jak zro...

app 소환전쟁EX ★신섭오픈★ logo

소환전쟁EX ★신섭오...


★ 2013년 최고의 판타지 전쟁 게임! 50만명의 전략게임 매니아에게 선택받은 바로 그 게임!☆ 아크메이지, 오게임, 부족전쟁, 칠용전설, 열혈삼국의 계...

app Track and field sports logo

Track and field sports


Famous sports puzzle game!This is the ultimate puzzle game sports enthusiasts.Our goal is to drag the puzzle to the appropriate location. Puzzles will become a lot more difficult!We love to hear how m...

app 모든 모바일 웹하드 쿠폰 생성기 웹하드 무료쿠폰 logo

모든 모바일 웹하드 ...


모든 모바일 웹하드 쿠폰 생성기 웹하드 무료쿠폰 모바일 생성기 입니다.쿠폰발급후 pc로 등록하시거나 스마트폰 모바일에서 등록하셔서 쓰시면 됩니...

app TRX Training logo

TRX Training


Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Getting In Shape With TRX Training! This Application Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To How To Use Suspens...

app Car Reviews logo

Car Reviews


Car reviews is an exciting app that offers the car enthusiasts the latest information and news on the automotive industry. This app features a number of useful details like car ratings, information on...

app Herbological logo



Managing your herbal records has never been easier.With an easy to use, journal-like interface, it is the perfect companion for students of herbology and herbal enthusiasts.Organize your herbal resear...

app Playing Golf HD Live Wallpaper logo

Playing Golf HD Live Wallpa...


This is a wallpaper for all Golf enthusiasts that want to show their affinity to Golf and who want to have a stylsih Live Wallpaper on the device. There are only licensed HD premium themes used. So th...

app Video Game Forums logo

Video Game Forums


The Video Game Forum app is a premiere mobile online discussion forum community for video game lovers and enthusiasts. Come talk about the latest games and upcoming releases. Post pictures of your l...

app 뽐뿌 모바일웹 첨부화일 업로드 지원 브라우져 즐겨찾기 logo

뽐뿌 모바일웹 첨부...


본 앱은 그림 파일 업로드가 가능합니다.휴대폰 싸게 사는 곳 뽐뿌뽐뿌 모바일웹에 즐겨찾기로 빠르게 접속 합니다.★단축메뉴를 통해 주소...

app 뉴빵카페 빠른 접속 어플 즐겨찾기 logo

뉴빵카페 빠른 접속 ...


본앱은 비공색앱으로 뉴빵카페를 매일 이용하는 소수의 매니아 사용자들의 요청에 의해 제작되었습니다.단축메뉴를 통해 몇가지 편리 기능을 제공합...

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