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app The Room Pocket Escape logo

The Room Pocket Escape


You like to explore dark and mysterious places, so you decided to sneak into this mysterious castle with only a flashlight and map! It is easy to get in but leaving is difficult.Find clues to escape t...

app Horrible School Escape logo

Horrible School Escape


You are locked in school at night. Since there are a lot of ghost stories about this school, you need to find the hidden key as soon as possible to leave the school.Tag brain escape...

app Stylish living room escape logo

Stylish living room escape


Eva, the stylish icon in the city. She planned to shift to a ultra-modern house in the city.One day ,she went to see her new home. She was totally impressed by the interior decorations, imported furn...

app Escape From The Abductor logo

Escape From The Abductor


Much interested in escape game Here a exclusive game for youOne day, the little girl Tanya,met an unknown person. He offered her some sweets to eat. without knowing the danger she consumed the sweets....

app Escape The Beauty logo

Escape The Beauty


Are you generous...

app Frankenstein Escape logo

Frankenstein Escape


Zula was a genius boy. He always wanted to know, learn and experiment. Zula grew up as a doctor.One day, zula came with an idea...


Little Nick: The Great Escape Review

little.nick.escape-android We’ve seen a lot of movie tie-in games lately, and quite a few of them have been endless runners. Little Nick: The Great Escape is another new running game, but it’s a bit different than the rest as it’s based off of a popular children’s television book series. Little Nick: The Great Escape comes from Le petit Nicolas, a popular series o...

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app Little Nick: The Great Escape logo

Little Nick: The Great Esca...


The official adaptation of the Little Nicholas animated series is finally coming to Google Play devices! Little Nicholas has been up to mischief again! Help him flee on his bike before Old Spuds catch...

app Escape The Box logo

Escape The Box


Escape the Box, is a game to protect your player from the enemies. Game get more excited as the time increases. Enemies speed and numbers get increased as time passes. Initially player get 3 lives to ...

app RuneScape Rune Tool logo

RuneScape Rune Tool


**** is currently undergoing major changes. As a result, you may experience problems with Grand Exchange. If this happens, try using Grand Exchange a little later- it's probably not the ...

app Avernum: Escape From the Pit logo

Avernum: Escape From the Pi...


"Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an amazing game which will provide hours of fun. I would even go so far as to say it’s a nearly perfect example of a role-playing game." -AppleTell"8/...

app Escape 3D: Bus logo

Escape 3D: Bus


Trapped on a mysterious bus and can't escape! Look around the aisle for clues and items to help you unlock the door. Solve puzzles to escape the bus!...

app Tombs escaped Super logo

Tombs escaped Super


Tombs escaped a casual game play and operating with "Temple Escape" basically exactly the same, even the screen and the enemies are the same, the same again on the road to collect coins and ...

app Square Escape logo

Square Escape


Quanto riuscirai a resistere prima di essere acchiappato dal teschio?Metti alla prova la tua concentrazione e i tuoi riflessi per raggiungere record inimmaginabili.Con "Square Escape" puoi d...

app Escape: The Holy Grail logo

Escape: The Holy Grail


---Prologue------------------------------Tiramisu has snuck into the house of an evil businessman in an attempt to retrieve the "Angel Cup," the heirloom of an old friend.However, she got ca...

app Escape From Dream Flat logo

Escape From Dream Flat


Dream flat escape is room type escape game.Imagine you are trapped in a flat named as Dream flat.In this game your task is to escape from the dream flat. You need to search and find the key to escape ...

app The Floor Escape logo

The Floor Escape


Introducing one of the most addictive "Room Escape" puzzle game for Android.Solve the enigmas and open the door to escape from the collapsing skyscraper.Features:- One of the best door exit game avail...

app Mermaid Escape logo

Mermaid Escape


Welcome to this beautiful Mermaid world...


Escape to Fun in The Jump:Escape the City by Gone Gaming

Escape to Fun in The Jump:Escape the City by Gone Gaming In the futuristic city of Monopolis fun is outlawed and your party just got busted by the fuzz. So hop in your hover car, pump the jams, and get out of the city in the wildly fun game Jump: Escape the City for Android, by Gone Gaming. Jump is an awesome mix of an action and driving game that uses the 3D graphics abilities of the Android OS to its f...

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app Finger Slayer Escape logo

Finger Slayer Escape


Welcome to the coolest reaction time game. From the creators of Finger Slayer comes this fun action packed tilt reaction time game.See if you can help Fingoo survive the various challenges & deadl...

app Brick Breaker Escape! logo

Brick Breaker Escape!


★★★★★ A fresh twist on the classic game of Brick Breaker (aka Breakout). Includes over 100 levels of action packed arcade fun with unique level designs never seen before. Challenging game pl...


Quick review: Zaxxon Escape Android Game

Quick review: Zaxxon Escape Android Game Recently, Sega released Zaxxon Escape, a remake of its first video game with a 3-D isometric perspective which first invaded the lives of kids twenty years ago. Said game was retooled, fine tuned and adapted to suit the preferences of today's mobile gamers. Does the game deserves your Android device's precious storage and of course your precious ...

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app UFO Escape logo

UFO Escape


UFO Escape - Help UFO to navigate through the asteroid mazeOuter space is very dangerous place and the poor the UFO has found itself stuck deep in the asteroid field. It's up to you to guide it out of...

app Amnesia – Ch 2 – No Escape logo

Amnesia – Ch 2 –...


Point and click mystery adventure escape game.The story unfolds. You awoke in your locked office with a sore empty head. You escape and little by little you're memory returns as you uncover the puzzle...

app Tappy Escape – Jump & Run logo

Tappy Escape – Jump &...


Sir Bobcat is out and looking for Tappy. Help him escape while collecting tasty fruits along the way. The coolest one-touch free adventure game on Google Play! Bundled with square watermelons for extr...

app Runescape Calculator logo

Runescape Calculator


The essential Runescape companion! Calculate tasks on your phone while playing Runescape!Calculates the number of actions needed to reach your goal level. Enter (or lookup) your current xp and set a g...

app Escape: Inside of the Mirror logo

Escape: Inside of the Mirro...


Escape: Inside of the Mirror- prologue ...

app Chickens Great Escape logo

Chickens Great Escape


Download Chicken's great escape on your Android ?(/???)/help!! Features: ?Casual Play! ?Simple controls! ?Addictive and Fun Fun Fun! ?Story? The chicken just escaped from countryside to find his dream...

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