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How Mobile Apps Have Revolutionised the Auto Industry

Last year, the popularity of mobile apps was said to be a record high and it’s since showed no signs of slowing down. When most people think about apps, they think games, entertainment and online shopping. However, as technology has become smarter, it’s helped to revolutionise numerous sectors, including the auto industry. Auto apps deliver ...

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Power Up: The Evolution of Wireless Chargers

Power Up: The Evolution of Wireless Chargers  Image Source: Bezalel   Charging one’s phone without the help of messy cables and wires is still a fairly new concept to many. Wireless charging is now being offered in certain coffee shops and other establishments, but the general public still has yet to fully embrace the fact that they can now charge their devices without having to...

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Evolution Mobile Live Gaming

cards-766106_640Evolution has covered all aspects of gaming with their gaming solutions and players not only have the ability to enjoy live casino games at online casinos, but can also access these live games through an array of mobile devices. Whenever Evolution Gaming launches a new live dealer game, they do so across all mobile platforms so all players can expe...

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Contra: Evolution now available for Android

contra evolutionIt’s no secret that Android games usually come after their iOS counterpart has been out for a spell, and that’s the case with Contra: Evolution for Android. The old-school arcade shooter dropped yesterday morning, and while it looks like the game you grew up with quite a few things have changed. Contra: Evolution was originally released back...

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app Evolution 1 Partner Conference logo

Evolution 1 Partner Confere...


This is the official conference application for the 2013 Evolution1 Partner Conference. Use this app to make the most out of your event experience:* Meet and network with other attendees* Build a pers...

app Bown Revolution 3D logo

Bown Revolution 3D


The most fun action adventure game based 3D adventures Bown. The revolution of the world has come, get all the gems and stars to save the world from Bown!Dive into the world of Bown and discover the 5...


MOGA Pro Controller Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming on Android

MOGAThe new Moga Pro controller from Moga Anywhere has generated quite a lot of buzz in the tech and gaming community recently. Many have hailed the new controller to be perhaps the best Android controller out right now and rightly so. The controller has a clip that folds out of the actual pad and can clasp onto any type of Android phone, creating a so...

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Cocosola releases Alpaca Brother, the Sequel to Alpaca Evolution once in a while we come across a special game that sets itself apart from every game on the Play Store with extreme weirdness. Alpaca Evolution was one such game, and I’m glad to say I was one of the first reviewers on the net to show it some love. It currently has between 1-5 million downloads. I’m pleased to announce Cocosola has finall...

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app Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats! logo

Hungry Shark Evolution Chea...


Here is a walkthrough (11) for Hungry Shark Evolution, Will you find here everything you need for help you includes videos, hints, tips and cheats, solution for each level of this App.This guide will ...

app Block Puzzle Revolution logo

Block Puzzle Revolution


A new edition of the popular puzzle game. The rules are the same, but the new piece designs make the game a lot more interesting.The rules are quite simple: drag blocks around the screen to FIT them i...

app Hungry Shark Evolution logo

Hungry Shark Evolution


Swimmers Beware! Hungry Shark...


Angry Mob Games and Fox Digital release AVP Evolution for Android

  Last night a silent assassin crept onto the Play store, and he was immediately eviscerated by an Alien. Angry Mob Games and Fox Digital have finally unleashed AVP Evolution and if you’re into carnage it’s a game you may want to check out. AVP Evolution lets you play as both the Alien and the Predator where you’ll dual to the de...

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app AVP: Evolution logo

AVP: Evolution


The deadliest creatures in the universe face off for the first time on your phone and tablet. Play as both the Alien and Predator in this official game brought to you by Angry Mob Games, the creators ...


Weird Game of the Week: Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva

It’s been awhile since we covered something kooky, but Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva certainly fits the bill. When a games play store description simply says “Alpaka peaceful… either devil or god or….” you know you’re in for a strange trip. Alpaka Evolution is a game about one Alpaca that’s out to evolve into the top Alpaca around. ...

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app Alpaca Evolution logo

Alpaca Evolution


DescriptionHits 4 million downloads mark in three months since its release!//// News ////Alpaca Niisan Products -- Coming Soon !!To find out more updated information in detail, visit https://www.faceb...


Angry Mob Games & Fox Digital are bringing AVP: Evolution to Android in 2013

AVP: Evolution MobileIf you enjoyed Angry Mob Games & Fox Digital’s Predators you’re in for some great news today as we’re getting another killer game in early 2013 with AVP:Evolution.  Can I get a hell yeah? Predators let you gear up and get down as the killing machine known as the Predator, but AVP: Evolution kicks things up a notch as you get to play as ...

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app TSF Theme Tron Evolution logo

TSF Theme Tron Evolution


It's my new theme for TSF Shell 3D ! based on Tron Evolution Movie !Feature ...- New icons from Tron Style - New UI inspired from Tron Evolution- 2 Original wallpapers Grid And circle Tron Style- and ...

app American Revolutionary War logo

American Revolutionary War


Conflicts: American Revolutionary War is a turn based strategy game which takes place on the American East Coast.You are in command of the ragtag US armies during the American Revolutionary War 1775-1...

app QRevolution logo



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app Snake Evolution logo

Snake Evolution


Snake Evolution is a modern and innovative version of the classic Snake game. It has the same game mechanics as Snake on old Nokia phones but adds several new elements to keep it fresh and interesting...

app Syrian Revolution Radio logo

Syrian Revolution Radio


Syrian Revolution Radio????? ?????? ??????? ??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??????????? - Syria* requires flash player...

app Evolution of TD [FULL] logo

Evolution of TD [FULL]


Evolution of Tower Defense is an ultimate game targeted on survival game type. You will playing on a large map, so you can to develop hard labyrinths for your enemies.First 10,000 downloads will recei...

app Speedball 2 Evolution logo

Speedball 2 Evolution



app Wrestling Revolution (Free) logo

Wrestling Revolution (Free)


<div id="doc-original-text" itemprop="description">Tap, pinch, and swipe your way to victory in this touch-screen wrestling game!<p>&quot;Leagues ahead of its major...


Gamevil releases Chicken Revolution for Android

Overview The revolution has begun… the Chicken Revolution that is. Your chickens have grown tired of being caged and you’ll have to stop them from flying the coup in Gamevil’s quirky new Android game Chicken Revolution. Chicken Revolution is a tower fence defense game of sorts where you’ll need to defend the fence and keep the chicken...

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app Chicken Revolution logo

Chicken Revolution


Chicken RevolutionCock-a-Doodle Defense Time! Don...

app Tunisian Revolution logo

Tunisian Revolution


Download this app NOW ! 50% of the benefits will go to a Tunisian NGO.This game helps develop and test the player's ability to memorizeGame's rules : You must give each character five objects (includi...

app Doptrix Evolution Unlocker logo

Doptrix Evolution Unlocker


Doptrix Evolution game is now DISCONTINUED!Please download Doptrix – it now combines features from both games and many more!If you've previously purchased Doptrix Evolution Unlocker, you don't have ...

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