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app Compare Religions logo

Compare Religions


Compare Adventist, Baptist, LDS, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Unitarian. Other's will be added in the next edition. This new app takes reli...

app The Faith of Islam-Book logo

The Faith of Islam-Book


Edward Sell attempts to show what the The Faith of Islam is and how it influences men and nations. There are chapters on the various sects of Islam, the duties of Islam, the feasts and fasts and much ...

app Faith Maps-Book logo

Faith Maps-Book


In Faith Maps a theologian of great flair and originality ‘translates’ the voices of several leading thinkers into a series of reflections on faith and contemporary life and culture. The result is...

app Religion by WAGmob logo

Religion by WAGmob


WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for Religion that is optimized for both phones and tablets. The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner. Features in...

app Prophet Muhammad Quotes logo

Prophet Muhammad Quotes


Best Prophet Muhammad Quotes.Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah (also spelled Mohammed or Muhammed) (ca. 570 Mecca - June 8, 632 Medina), is the foundation of the religion of Islam and is regarded as Muslims as a...

app Islamic HD Wallpapers logo

Islamic HD Wallpapers


Islamic HD WallpapersA collection of high quality images of the religion of Islam!More than 40 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplication makes it unnecessary acti...

app God is Love Live Wallpaper logo

God is Love Live Wallpaper


If you are feeling down just remember that God is love and that He is here for you. God is often conceived as the supreme being and principal object of faith. In theism, God is the creator and sustain...

app Thailand Radio logo

Thailand Radio


Thailand (Thai: ??????????????, RTGS: Ratcha Anachak Thai; IPA: [râ?t.t??? ???n??t?àk t??j] ( listen)), formerly known as Siam (Thai: ????; RTGS: Sayam), is a country located at the centr...

app Jesus & Cross Live Wallpaper logo

Jesus & Cross Live Wall...


A beautiful Christian Live Wallpaper app for all Christian friends!--------------------Thanks for these comments from users, all rated ?????!Vladimir: "My Savior Very nice app! Always reminds me ...

app Gospel Radio logo

Gospel Radio


Gospel RadioA gospel is an account, often written, that describes the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The most widely-known examples of gospel are the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Joh...

app 40 hadiths (An Nawawi)-Donate logo

40 hadiths (An Nawawi)-Dona...


Please if you enjoyed this application consider donating.This version is exactly the same as the free version.Feel free to contact us for further information, or send us your remarks.tags:islam, musli...

app Crosses Live Wallpaper Free logo

Crosses Live Wallpaper Free


SIGHTSOFT has developed a Crosses Live Wallpaper. It contains dignified expressions of the traditional christian cross, the Cross pattée(A Greek cross), the winged Knights Templar cross and the...

app Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba logo

Prayers of Avatar Meher Bab...


Avataar Meher Baba born Merwan Sheriar Irani, was an Indian God-realized master of Zoroastrian Persian origin who declared publicly in 1954 that he was the Avataar (God-Incarnate) of the age. The sayi...

app Quran Recitation and Mosque logo

Quran Recitation and Mosque


Islam: A religion in purest form. This application is dedicated to all who has faith and respect to Islam. User of this application can perform prayer while they are on move. This is like mosque in yo...

app Kose Yazarlar logo

Kose Yazarlar


Ortado?u, Türkiye, YeniÇa? gazeteleri iste?iniz ile eklendi. Yeni gazeteler için güncelleme butonuna bas?n?z.Birkaç gündür yorumlarda konu edilenler üzeri...

app Buddha Quotes & Buddhism Free! logo

Buddha Quotes & Buddhi...


Looking for Siddhartha Gautama Quotes?? Want to know more about Buddha and Buddhism? Then this is the App for you!Siddhartha Gautama (Pali: Siddhattha Gotama) was a spiritual teacher from the Indian s...

app Buddha Quotes & Buddhism Free! logo

Buddha Quotes & Buddhis...


Looking for Siddhartha Gautama Quotes?? Want to know more about Buddha and Buddhism? Then this is the App for you!Siddhartha Gautama (Pali: Siddhattha Gotama) was a spiritual teacher from the Indian s...

app Grand Forks – East Grand (Old) logo

Grand Forks – East Gr...


The Grand Forks/East Grand Forks area is a place for families to grow and learn together, where families play ball in the backyard and kids roller-blade in the streets. The area is a place for familie...

app Pear Bible KJV logo

Pear Bible KJV


Pear Bible KJV is a pretty electronic version of Bible that will help you to read this excellent book anywhere you go. You don’t need to carry heavy bible books with you any more, now everything you...

app Sheikh Yusuf Estes logo

Sheikh Yusuf Estes


"Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabrakatu ( May Peace Blessings and Mercy of God be on you ) This is an unofficial iPodIslam Android App. It brings to you Islamic talks of Sheikh Yusuf Estes an...

app Therapeutic Touch Miracle logo

Therapeutic Touch Miracle


The curative power of touch has been a resonating idea in the human mind into the chronological records of history.Frequently aligned rather closely with spiritual or religions, the power of particula...

app Virgin Mary Wallpaper Free logo

Virgin Mary Wallpaper Free


Beautiful wallpapers of Virgin Mary Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Renaissance art, high definition, meticulously remastered, wide format, cover all 5 views of Android home screen. Many wall papers ...

app Virgin Mary LWP Donation logo

Virgin Mary LWP Donation


Virgin Mary Live Wallpaper. Beautiful wallpapers of Virgin Mary Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 ultra HD, meticulously remastered Renaissance, pre-raphaelite, paintings of Virgin Mary, 30 devotiona...

app Quran (English) logo

Quran (English)


The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which is the verbatim word of God (Arabic: ?????, Allah) and the Final Testament, following the Old and New Testaments. It is regarded widely as the f...

app Jewish Wisdom logo

Jewish Wisdom


"The beginning of wisdom is to desire it.""Where there is no vision, the people perish."Through nearly four thousand years of history, the Jewish people have learned a thing or two...

app Qeentu All Apps logo

Qeentu All Apps


Qeentu all app is a app From Qeentu. by buying this you're helping qeentu to make this site and other sites.Qeentu app opens up all possibilities of qeentus page.short on qeentu: qeentu is a page with...

app Time 4 Dhikr logo

Time 4 Dhikr


PLAY WITH AUDIO Complete QuranChoose from 22 recitersAl Quran Al KarimHadith NawawiHisnul muslim50 RabbanaAsma Allah housnaHajjHadith QudsiSirat NaabiHadith Jarada Tawhid70 KabayrRamadanSalatRiyad s...

app Quran Kerimdin Dualar logo

Quran Kerimdin Dualar


1. Dualar Erepche Tikist2. Uyghurche TerjimisiTags: appislam - AppIslam - Islamic App - Islam App - Dua - Quran - Islam - Azkar - Sunnah - Muslim - Hadith - Dhikr - Islamic - Prayer - Saalah - Muhamma...

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