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app VZ Navigator Fascinate logo

VZ Navigator Fascinate


Try VZ Navigator FREE* for 30-Days and then pay only $4.99/month thereafter or use it when you need it for only $0.99 as a daily subscription....

app Fascinate logo



"It kind of looks like those colours you see when you close your eyes" - HALLive wallpaper version available on the market!Look up "Fascination live wallpaper" and enjoy! -- Pressu...

app Fascinate Live Wallpaper logo

Fascinate Live Wallpaper


Your favourite mesmerizing app is now a live wallpaper!- Very low power usage- Beautiful graphics- 3 different fascinations to choose from!- Night mode- Selectable frame rate!If you enjoy this app, lo...


Verizon Wireless Ready to Launch Froyo on Samsung Fascinate

If Fascinate owners have one complaint about their smartphone, it is the fact that they are still stuck on an outdated OS -- Android 2.1. However, fear not Fascinate owners for Verizon Wireless is beginning to roll out a new update dubbed ED01 that will deliver Android 2.2 to your smartphone. One of the main benefits to Android 2.2 is the supp...

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Verizon Wireless Officially Announces the Samsung Fascinate, Loaded with Android 2.1

For those waiting for a Samsung Galaxy S phone to arrive on Verizon Wireless, your wait is finally coming to an end tomorrow. Verizon Wireless has officially announced that the Samsung Fascinate which is actually a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S Android phone series will be exclusively available for Verizon customers starting September 8. To be ...

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Best Buy Mobile Begins Pre-Sale of Samsung Fascinate Starting August 27

The Samsung Fascinate is already available for pre-order through Best Buy Mobile for all Reward Zone members. In case you are not a Reward Zone member, your chance to pre-order Verizon's flavor of the Samsung Galaxy S device begins August 29. Unfortunately, pricing details for the Fascinate are not yet available until Verizon Wireless officiall...

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app Ultra Bright Flashlight LED HD logo

Ultra Bright Flashlight LED...


Ultra Bright Flashlight LED HD App – Free of Charge* Turns on all available lights on the device* Camera Flash LED at Maximum* Screen at Bright Maximum* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum* Soft Keys Back...

app iChant- Shiv Mahima Stotra logo

iChant- Shiv Mahima Stotra


Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants !iPooja pleased to presents Shiv Mahima mobile app designed and recorded specially for the Android OS. The Shiv Mahima Stotra is very popular among th...

app ♬ Truyen Ma Nguyen Ngoc Ngan ♬ logo

♬ Truyen Ma Nguyen Ngoc N...


+Bạn là một fan hâm mộ của Mc Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn ?+Bạn yêu thích những giới thiệu cuốn hút do Mc Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn này trình bày?+Hoặc chỉ đơn giản là bạn...

app In Fashion (Mia & Bailey) logo

In Fashion (Mia & Baile...


In Fashion (Mia & Bailey) is a shopping Android app. This app is divided into 5 tabs, namely, About, Fashion, Movie, Share and Rate. For the first tab (About), we introduced our fashion company Mi...

app Galaxy Bubble Live Wallpaper logo

Galaxy Bubble Live Wallpape...


Beautiful animated bubbles in your phone. Free live wallpaper Bubble with a loving background.Soap bubbles on the background of all colors fascinate with its brilliance and clarity. Rainbow balls risi...

app Android Invades logo

Android Invades


Mankind has always been fascinated with the stars and often wonders what lies beyond them!But what lies beyond the stars has been watching mankind for years and waiting ….waiting to!Experience th...

app Android Invades Light logo

Android Invades Light


Mankind has always been fascinated with the stars and often wonders what lies beyond them!But what lies beyond the stars has been watching mankind for years and waiting…waiting to!Experience the edg...

app History of flights ++ logo

History of flights ++


People have always been fascinated by the idea of flying. Seeing kites flown by Chinese further influenced our thinking. Chinese kites are both used in recreation and for observance of religious cer...

app Baby Brain Development Lite logo

Baby Brain Development Lite


Did you know that the amount of stimulation your baby receives on a daily basis has a direct influence on his baby brain development? These findings are supported by state-of-the-art brain-imaging tec...

app KPOP CHART logo



K-POP chart is an application preparingthe chart of K-POP, sensationally popularall over the world in these days.The ranking of K-POP is decided by downloadnumbers on various internet music sitesand s...

app SHINee ‘sherlock’ Lite logo

SHINee ‘sherlock’ Lite


SHINee’s new mini album ‘Sherlock’ will finally be unveiled. It is predicted that SHINee will present the new stage of ‘Sherlock,’ unique-styled music, well mixed with the performance choreo...

app Bobbleheads LW [FL ver.] logo

Bobbleheads LW [FL ver.]


Pretty doggies wag their head???The dog stares at you while waving a head when you pet it with a finger!The live wallpaper which is fascinated with unconsciously to the lovely look :-)FreeTrialVersion...

app GO SMS Pro Theme Pink Nice logo

GO SMS Pro Theme Pink Nice


GO SMS Pro Theme sweetie pink butterfly works only with the GO SMS Pro application, if you don't have it, you can download it for free from Google Play. GO SMS Pro Theme pink butterfly theme will help...

app Bobbleheads LiveWallpaper logo

Bobbleheads LiveWallpaper


Pretty doggies wag their head???The dog stares at you while waving a head when you pet it with a finger!The live wallpaper which is fascinated with unconsciously to the lovely look :-)by

app App House logo

App House


TELUS App House lets you easily download great apps that improve your overall TELUS experience from a central source on your device. App House is not a substitute for the Google Play Store. App House ...

app Backgammon Online Tournament ! logo

Backgammon Online Tournamen...


FULL Version of Backgammon Online Tournament!.Backgammon multiplayer online, the classic game! Backgammon multiplayer online is a race game for two players. The game has been played in its current for...

app Fastcharge / Force AC Toggle logo

Fastcharge / Force AC Toggl...


!!!! Kernel that supports Fastcharge / Force AC charging REQUIRED !!!!This widget allows you to toggle fastcharge / force AC charging right from a homescreen. No longer do you need to open an applicat...

app Red Wall LWP logo

Red Wall LWP


Red Wall Live Wallpaper.Are you fascinated by a moving red lights dancing against a yellow background like the billowing sun? If so, you can turn your Android phone into a twirling red lights world wi...

app Abc Phonics logo

Abc Phonics


Fun alphabet learning app for toddlers. Helps develop learning faster letters and objects and kids are always fascinated with objects and how they work. Watch as he/she entertains herself with random ...

app Astronomy 101 logo

Astronomy 101


Fascinated by Astronomy but too busy to take a class? Get smart quickly with Astronomy 101: The TextVook - a lively, informed crash course to the universe! This TextVook presents the complex study of...

app Flashlight Advance logo

Flashlight Advance


Turn your phone into the Swiss Army Knife of flashlights. With modes like Strobe, Ambiance, Music2Color, Christmas Lights, and more, you'll never run out of fun and interesting uses. You can use your ...

app Super Junior <Mr. Simple> Lite logo

Super Junior <Mr. Simple...


Finally, Super Junior who represents Korea as well as Asia, will make a glorious comeback with their 5th album. Since Super Junior is the best star of Korean wave who has been receiving a tremendous p...

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