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app Fences for Android logo

Fences for Android


Fences for Android is a profiles application with flair. * Easily create new profiles and toggle between them quickly.* No more jumping through hoops for simple toggles* Use fences to automatically ch...

app Zaunteam fence planner logo

Zaunteam fence planner


The new free Zaunteam app makes fence planning very easy. Simply enter the desired fence line by pointing a finger directly at the satellite image, or an uploaded picture, set posts and gates as requi...

app Traffic Offences Fines in Indi logo

Traffic Offences Fines in I...


Most of us not aware of Indian traffic offences and their fine amounts. This apps will provide the list of offences and their fine amounts for Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore cities. Apps data ...

app Personal Alarm (Self-Defence) logo

Personal Alarm (Self-Defenc...


*The Purpose of a Personal Alarm* The purpose of a Personal Safety Alarm is to shock and disorientate an attacker, giving you vital seconds to get away.With this application, You can have a time to ge...

app Picket Fences[+]HOME Theme logo

Picket Fences[+]HOME Theme


Plain white wood background with colorful green ivory. Lace-styled icons and clock widget. Stylish, feminine theme.? Conveniently arrange the icons you use most!? High quality clock widget included!? ...

app FENCE-Explorer logo




app Final Defence logo

Final Defence


Final Defense is the first person shooter games with modern war and World War II style. Players act as heavy machine gunner in the game to protect the beach and prevent from the enemy assault from sea...

app EarthDefence logo



????? ???? ??? BLENDING?? ??? ?????.?? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ????????.???? ?? ????? ?? ?????, ?? ??????!...

app HellDefence Pro logo

HellDefence Pro


STARTING OFFER: now just 0.99! Get it while it lasts!HellDefence is a new real-time-strategy game for Android. You control your very own farm, and have to defend it against the fires of hell - quite a...

app Diet Defence Beta logo

Diet Defence Beta


It's time to take care of your health! Lovely bacteria will help you with it.You will spend memorable defensive battles inside your esophagus against hamburgers, fried chicken, donuts and other unheal...

app Tank Defence logo

Tank Defence


Defend against tank attacks using nuclear smart-bombs!Warning! Highly addictive! A simple-to-play variation of tower-defence game of defending against enemy tanks. Put your nuclear smartbombs at strat...

app Wicked Sick Defence logo

Wicked Sick Defence


Classical tower defence puzzle game. Build a maze of turrets and upgrade them to stop the creep invasion!This version contains:4 unique turret types6 upgrade levels16 open maps in 2 independent levelp...

app HellDefence logo



HellDefence is a new real-time-strategy game for Android. You control your very own farm, and have to defend it against the fires of hell - quite a task! But with a little help from the farm workers a...

app Invisible Fence for hunters logo

Invisible Fence for hunters


This app was made for a coworker who owns some wooded land for hunting. He wanted to know when he was on or off his property, which only had defined boundaries at the corners. Enter the GPS coordinate...

app Invasion Turret Defence logo

Invasion Turret Defence


Alien Invasion Tower DefenceBuild your defence towers and dont let the aliens reach across the screen.There are 24 different enemies and they are coming faster and faster with more energy for each wav...

app Invasion Turret Defence AD logo

Invasion Turret Defence AD


Alien Invasion Tower DefenceBuy the paid version for only 1$ if you like the game and dont want the ads.Build your defence towers and dont let the aliens reach across the screen.There are 24 different...

app Count The Sheep – By Fence logo

Count The Sheep – By ...


A seemingly calm day for the sheeps, seemingly anticipating the unexpected. Just tab the screen to find out! Have fun showing this livewallpaper to your friends! Get all 3 with the sheeps in differ...

app dFence logo



dFence is the 21st century solution to vehicle theft. The biggest-selling vehicle recovery system uses decades-old radio technology that's essentially "asleep" until you discover that your ...

app Tooth Defence logo

Tooth Defence


Tooth Defence is a student-developed application for a University of Sydney communications exercise for the promotion of oral health to an adolescent demographic.Due to the limited timeline for develo...

app 3D Fence logo

3D Fence


3D Live Wallpaper...

app Defence Forces Ireland logo

Defence Forces Ireland


This is the official app of the Defence Forces of Ireland. Keep up to date with all the latest news from and social media channels. Find out about the Defence Forces overseas deployments a...

app Total Defence logo

Total Defence


Defend areas against enemy missiles and bombs. Your gun has two kinds of arms: - usual shells (for missiles and bombs) - guided missiles (for bombers)To launch guided missiles - touch a bomber....

app Behind the Fence מאחורי הגדר logo

Behind the Fence מאחור...


הספר "מאחורי הגדר" של חיים נחמן ביאליק בעברית.ספר אלקטרוני בעברית, כולל דפדוף משמאל לימין.גרסת בטא. The book &...

app Fencer’s Friend logo

Fencer’s Friend


Have you ever wanted to replace your paper fencing journal with your phone or tablet? Now you can.Fencer's Friend is an application that allows fencers to keep notes on their opponents as well as tra...

app The Fence by Cloud Creo logo

The Fence by Cloud Creo


The Fence is a secure and ultra lite Geo Fence App with GPS Tracker for location based Security , Safety and Social Shopping experience. Create your own "circle of trust" for family and shop...

app Solar Defence Lite logo

Solar Defence Lite


Solar Defence is an addictive tower defence game set in space with endless hours of fun. Explore the five different planets with unlimited levels, upgrade your skills to improve your defences, find ra...

app Fencer Resources logo

Fencer Resources


Tools for the fencers and fencer's parents. This application currently features:-Age check tool by birth year (by Brian Toomey)-Age check tool by event (by Brian Toomey)-Fencing equipment store (fenc...

app DS Tower Defence logo

DS Tower Defence


Settle down your towers to protect your HQ from the enemy tanks. This great strategy game is completely free for everyone with 40 levels in different difficulties.You must locate your towers strategic...

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