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Kurfew Official Android app features music, videos, photos, social, tour, bio, & more. Stay updated with Kurfew on your Android smartphone. NOTE: First time downloa...


Dog Pile Android Game Review

Dog Pile Android Game Review Overview Dog Pile is a fun new Android game by JoshOCLock and ArtWitz Design. It’s really hard to put this game into one category. It’s kind of like they combined pachinko with a match game, and threw in some pinball in for good measure. I really wasn’t sure what to think at first. After a few minutes of listening to the quirky soundtrack, a...

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The Must Have Android Apps You Need For 2018

The Must Have Android Apps You Need For 2018 Apps are things that people certainly don’t seem to be able to live without these days. Since smartphones and  tablets came along, people have spent more and more time  using them on a daily and sometimes even hourly basis. Apps can provide people ways to make life easier, as well entertain them; and they’re certainly getting more impress...

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6 Reasons Why EBooks are a Game-Changer

ebooksIt wasn’t all that long ago when the world thought eBooks would have zero chances of succeeding in the market. According to a report from Statistics Portal, revenue eBook sales in 2008 hit 274 million U.S. dollars. By the following year, revenues registered a significant jump, mainly attributed to the rising demand and supply of eBook gadgets and...

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Markets in your Pocket


Have the entire Stock Market at your fingertips !With "Markets in your Pocket" you can:- browse the entire US Stock Exchanges with a few touches;- monitor all the stocks on the New York Stoc...

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Versatile Volume Control


Set the volume of different audio streams with just a widget. Set the volume for alarm, music and notification, ring and system sounds, voice call.^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<&...


Here’s what you should know before downloading Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

Jay-Z Magna Carta for Samsung Galaxy Before downloading your limited free copy of Jay-Z’s latest album (if your device is eligible), you may want to know a few important details. As announced earlier, fans of the American rapper can now get a free copy of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, if they own a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or Note 2. The album will be made available ...

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Slice and Dice Pixely Monsters in Attack of the Spooklings

attack spooklingsWe’ve seen Android Games that have you slice fruit and other various objects, but I bet you’ve never sliced a Spookling. No worries, you’ll get to slice up thousands of them in Picaro Games Attack of the Spooklings. Attack of the Spooklings is a slice ‘em up game that puts your fingers to work defending a pixelated fort from hordes of litt...

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How do you take down an army of malicious robots? By turning them into scrap, taking their weapons, and leaping right into the next fight, of course!Asterogue is an action-roguelike featuring intense ...

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Warmly is a simple, friendly way to start your day.Wake up gently with the calm sounds of weather and something you enjoy (like cooking breakfast, brewing coffee, or catching a plane). Just set the ti...

app Warmly — An alarm clock logo

Warmly — An alarm clock


Warmly is a simple, friendly way to start your day.Wake up gently with the calm sounds of weather and something you enjoy (like cooking breakfast, brewing coffee, or catching a plane). Just set the ti...


Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft attending anti device theft conference

Stolen phonesImage Credit: Photo West Midlands Police (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Cult of MacStealing smartphones may be a way of life for some people, and with the advance of technology, cashing in on a stolen device sold at half its listed price could be quite a deal. As recent reports show, cellphone theft in New York and various other cities from the United States h...

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Type to Take Down Bandits in Wagon Shootout for Android

wagon.shootout-androidI’m a sucker for Western themed games, and while there aren’t many of them available for Android we did get a new one over the weekend. Wagon Shootout puts you in charge of a wagon train, and you’ll need quick fingers and great typing skills if you want to make it through the borderlands alive. Wagon Shootout is a western themed typing game ...

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Raspberry Pi used to avoid Internet censorship in China

Raspberry PiIn countries like China, government control looms large. As much of the rest of the world enjoys hassle-free Internet browsing, countries with less than open governments face censorship on a grand scale. Painting with a broad brush, The People’s Republic of China is not friendly to outside influence, including those on the Internet.Where there’...

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Android Game Review: Mosaique from Winning Blimp

Android Game Review: Mosaique from Winning Blimp There are no shortage of puzzle games involving blocks, and Mosaique is the latest block-based puzzler to grace our screens. It takes a minimalistic approach to things, and it’s the pride of Vraxis moon colonists. That’s right, it’s a puzzle game made by moon men, and after spending some time with the game it’s pretty safe to say it’s out...

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UWAGA: niestety konkurencja spamuje komentarze pod aplikacj?, prosimy o rozwag? przy sugerowaniu si? nimi. *Nie jest prawd?, ?e* ta aplikacja pobiera jakiekolwiek op?aty za po?rednictwem SMS - nawet n...


Weird Game of the Week – Yakinuki Paradice from Hamon

Yakiniku.Paradise-AndroidHamon has is no stranger to quirky Android games, and one of their latest oddball games goes by the name of Yakiniku Paradice. It’s a game about grilled meat and your ability to flip it as fast as you possibly can. Yakiniku Paradice uses Twitch Gameplay to test your reflexes as you’ll have to flip pieces of Yakiniku as quickly as possible. It ...

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app Gallia County Visitor logo

Gallia County Visitor


With our app you will find the ultimate calendar for events in Gallia County. We hope you will take a few minutes to check out the upcoming events in the area and feel free to reach out and make conta...

app IQ Quiz Trivia puzzle online logo

IQ Quiz Trivia puzzle onlin...


This game is dedicated to all the erudite persons and lovers of intellectual online games.Ask your friends to download the app and play with them online! More downloads - more participants-more fun! S...

app La Gaude logo

La Gaude


La Gaude on your Smartphone ! Thanks to new Smartphone application, you can find countless informations on the city of La Gaude directly on your smartphone.Use the Agenda to discover within a few minu...

app Eagle Life Insurance Quotes logo

Eagle Life Insurance Quotes


Start saving up to 75% on your auto insurance with the Eagle Life Insurance Quotes app today!Stop wasting your time filling out multiple quote forms when you can use our app and get back multiple life...

app Text from Tablet-SMS Messaging logo

Text from Tablet-SMS Messag...


SMS from your Tablet, using your Android phone & number.** Note: you must also have an Android phone and install the MightyText app on your Android Phone first, before using this tablet app. ** I...

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Sports MoBleeps


Sports MoBleeps is an awesome news mobile app that spans just about every sport imaginable from Professional Video Gaming to Olympics to motocross, and, of course, American and European football! I wa...

app เก่งศัพท์อังกฤษ (ฟรี) logo



เรียนคำศัทพ์ภาษาอังกฤษง่าย ๆ เรียนคำศัพท์ฉับไว จำได้ในไม่กี่นาทีไม่ต...

app Customized GIF Animations 4.0 logo

Customized GIF Animations 4...


This eBook will teach you how to create customized animated GIF files using apps found on the market. At the time of this writing, there is no single app that can grab frames from video, edit these fr...

app Baby Forklift logo

Baby Forklift


Baby Forklift Lite is specially designed for your tablet or android phone. With lovingly hand-drawn vehicles , tows and trailers with sounds, your kids will be hooked from the first moment you hand ov...

app Baby Delivery Truck logo

Baby Delivery Truck


Baby Delivery Truck Lite is specially designed for your tablet or android phone. With lovingly hand-drawn vehicles , tows and trailers with sounds, your kids will be hooked from the first moment you h...

app Transmissions From Atlantis logo

Transmissions From Atlantis


This Free application gives you instant access to news and the latest podcasts for the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror podcast of JC and Rita De La Torre.Transmissions from Atlantis is a podcast dedicated to ...

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