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A Review of Fieldrunners HD for Android

A Review of Fieldrunners HD for Android  Overview If you enjoy Tower Defense games, you’re going to like Fieldrunners HD. It has been around for a while now, having been successfully released for the DSi, PSP, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry in the past. Subatomic Studios updated the game, and after a few false starts (due to the market) we now have an awesome looking version of our own f...

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Fieldrunners HD coming to Android this Thursday

There’s a new Tower Defense coming to the Market, and it’s called Fieldrunners HD. You may have heard of Fieldrunners before, as it was previously released for the iPhone, iPad, DSI, and PSP. This Thursday Subatomic Studios is bringing an exclusive updated HD version of the popular game to Android, and they’re going to have it priced at ...

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