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app File Extensions logo

File Extensions


File Extension can be defined as last characters appear after a period ["."] in any file name. Basic use of this utility is to search the program associated with the particular file extensio...

app FilePro logo



FilePro is an useful application for file related tasks, its features include: - Search for the files on sdcard using keywords & extensions - Open & run the files - Share the files, for ex: t...

app Free File Browser logo

Free File Browser


This is a cool application which lets you to browse the SD Card files as list.It displays the files in a selected directory and allows you to navigate to the various directories with the touch of your...

app Pen File Upload logo

Pen File Upload


Need to send signature data from a digital pen directly to a remote server over the internet? Pen File Upload automates the process of receiving files from a bluetooth enabled digital pen and uploadin...

app OI File Manager logo

OI File Manager


OI File Manager allows you to browse your SD card, create directories, rename, copy, move, and delete files. It also acts as an extension to other applications to display "Open" and "Save" dialogs. Th...

app Blackmoon File Browser logo

Blackmoon File Browser


Browse, open, rename, manage, copy, move, delete or even email files found on your phone. Aware of 100+ registered file extensions.Multiple file support.View thumbnails of image files.Create music pla...

app DicePlayer logo



* If you have problems , please uninstall and re-install diceplayer.* If you have no speed control bar , change "Settings->Select Player" for your file extensions to "Default".H...

app BKS Dictionary of Acronyms logo

BKS Dictionary of Acronyms


The free English acronyms dictionary for Google's Android contains more than 12,000 English acronyms, providing their explanations in English. Covers virtually all fields, from physics through politic...

app Encryption Manager logo

Encryption Manager


Encryption Manager is a file manager, that offers a comfortable and secure way to keep files with confidential data encrypted using AES encryption on the SD card.A master password is both used to acce...

app Encryption Manager Lite logo

Encryption Manager Lite


Encryption Manager is a file manager, that offers a comfortable and secure way to keep files with confidential data encrypted using AES encryption on the SD card.A master password is both used to acce...


Manually Install Android 2.2 on your Google Nexus One

For Android enthusiasts, being able to run Android 2.2 on the Google Nexus One is a must.  Those who received review units of the Google Nexus One back in January already received the 2.2 update, but the majority of Nexus One owners still did not receive the OTA update. Someone managed to find the update file located on Google servers, but it w...

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app Draft logo



Draft is a versatile text editor for your Android smartphone and tablet. With Draft you can easily organise, edit and share all your notes.You can create regular plain text files as well as Markdown a...


Make Push Notifications useful with PushBullet for Android

Android Games that use Push Notifications are generally disliked and with good reason. PushBullet is a new Android App that’s looking to change the way you feel about those annoying notifications as it allows you to push important info to your phone in just a few simple steps. I transfer a slew of things from my PC to my phone on a daily basis, ...

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app Mobile BASIC Language logo

Mobile BASIC Language


Mobile BASIC for Android allows you to easily develop your own program directly on your Phone or Tablet. The latest version is even easier to use with a new Tab Based interfaceFEATURES- Structured dia...

app GDrive Downloader logo

GDrive Downloader


GDrive Downloader allows you to easily download large files from Google Drive faster than any other app. You can now access all your large files: movies, zip files, iso, etc on the go! Powered by Turb...

app Firefox Developer Cheatsheet logo

Firefox Developer Cheatshee...


This is NOT Firefox browser. ESPECIALLY and STRICTLY for Mozilla Firefox Developers who develop extension, add-on, themes or apps for Firefox web browser.A reference guide to Mozilla Firefox developer...

app Android Info logo

Android Info


Android Info (version 1.0) is a free app that is capable of polling for the following system information from the android device:____________________________________________________> Hardware relat...

app CobaltBlue3 logo



CobaltBlue is an application which allows your PC or your car navigation system to connect mobile networks with using DUN profile of Bluetooth.Because it emulates DUN-GW in Java, root is not required....

app IEdit Text Editor Free Trail logo

IEdit Text Editor Free Trai...


IEditTextEditor is a Text Editor similar to WordPad/NotePad which allow you to open/create, and edit any regular text files. Support up to 1MB file size, open up to 4 files at a time, copy/paste from/...

app Xabber VIP logo

Xabber VIP


VIP version of Xabber — great open source Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support and clean and simple interface. Xabber is designed to be the best Jabber client for Android.This VIP version...

app PBX Control logo

PBX Control


Requires Android 2.1 or higher.** Description **With PBX Control you can retrieve information of your PBX and access important functions quickly and simply as well at home as underway.** Needs **– A...

app SyncMe Wireless logo

SyncMe Wireless


Copy, move, sync and backup your mp3, pictures and documents over WiFi, USB tethering, cellular VPN or wired network to your computer or NAS device. Nothing to be installed on your computer. Sync auto...

app Vocalocity logo



Vocalocity Mobile for Android is a powerful app that gives you the tools you need to manage your Vocalocity extension from anywhere. Do you need to be able to access the full functionality of your bus...

app Mini vMac logo

Mini vMac


NOTICE: YOU MUST HAVE A VALID 128KB MAC PLUS ROM FILE IN ORDER TO USE THIS APPLICATION!This is a port of the Mini vMac emulator for the Android platform. It supports almost any Android device, startin...

app Browser to Phone logo

Browser to Phone


This app is entirely based on Chrome to Phone! It has the same features (and bugs, lol) as the original with some additional cool features! The original app is awesome and it deserves all the credits,...

app RawDroid logo



Android's first and best app to decode and view camera raw files.Features:-Fullscreen image viewer.-Pan and Zoom-Metadata (EXIF & XMP)-Save/Delete (with recycle bin) -Batch Rename-Batch Export-Bat...

app Chrome Developer Cheatsheet logo

Chrome Developer Cheatsheet


This is NOT Chrome browser. Especially for Chrome extension,add-on or apps Developers.A reference guide to passionate Google Chrome extensions/themes/Apps developers. This guide lists all the attribut...

app VectorEditor logo



VectorEditor is an easy-to-use vector editing program, allowing you to design shapes for your own programs.Data is saved as a text file, allowing for easy processing.Features include multiple action t...

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