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Fine Volume Control V2 (Tri...


This is a 7-day time-limited but fully featured trial. The app is not fully compatible with all phones, please verify that all desired functions work correctly before purchasing.Fine Volume Control 2....


Fine Volume Control v2 now available in the Android Market

Volume control is one of the few gripes I’ve experienced with any cell phone I’ve owned. You either can’t get it loud enough, it’s too loud or it’s difficult to adjust the volume of certain things separately. Fine Volume Control 2.0 by Opotech is set to help folks out in a few of those areas by allowing you to change the volume in 1%...

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TeeChart Java Demo


Demo of the TeeChart charting and graphing Java library for Android. Supports Android v2.1 and greater.TeeChart is a developer tool for Android developers that adds charts to your Android application....