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app April Fools Pranks logo

April Fools Pranks


Looking for a fun way to prank your friends? This app is full of neat and fun ideas for you to use on April Fools Day! (Almost 70 different suggestions!)Happy Pranking!Send us an email at daleappstudi...

app iPhone Fools logo

iPhone Fools


Trick your friends and show them your latest iPhone, then make them broke it! Funny way to prank your friends!iPhone Fools display the latest iPhone Screen theme, one touch on the iPhone screen will c...

app Faith in the Fool-Book logo

Faith in the Fool-Book


A leading Christian writer helps you find creative ways of swimming aginst the tide of convention for the sake of what is generous, joyful and true. Angela Ashwin shows how wise and holy fools encoura...

app Foolsbane Fans logo

Foolsbane Fans


Foolsbane FansThis is an app designed to keep Foolsbane Fans updated with show schedules, pictures, videos, and social chatter."Foolsbane" is a postmodern progressive melodic rock band from ...

app The Motley Fool logo

The Motley Fool


Stock information and investing advice from The Motley Fool.App features include:* Top stories in financial news* Sector coverage on Financials, Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Consumer Services, Medi...

app Russian Fool Card Game HD logo

Russian Fool Card Game HD


A card game that is popular throughout most of the post-Soviet states. The object of the game is to get rid of all one's cards. At the end of the game, the last player with cards in their hand is refe...

app uFool:  April Fool’s Day logo

uFool: April Fool’s ...


Here's a little camera-based game for April Fool's Day. Just load the application and take someone's picture. µFool will tell you how much (or what kind) of a fool they are.Incorporating the astonish...

app A Fool’s Knot logo

A Fool’s Knot


John Mwangangi is an idealist. He turns his back on a successful legal career in London to return to his home in Migwani, a small, poor town in eastern Kenya. His ambition is to assist his country...

app Fool’s Bells (? ebook ?) logo

Fool’s Bells (? ebook...


ISBN?E978189741598#?Limited offer?normally 1280?640yen (50%OFF) only for one yearThe Fool is the eternal child beginning the journey to enlightenment. The Fool is an empty canvas waiting for a painter...

app Fool’s Bells (本 ebook 书) logo

Fool’s Bells (本 ebo...


ISBN:E978189741598#【Limited offer】normally 1280⇒640yen (50%OFF) only for one yearThe Fool is the eternal child beginning the journey to enlightenment. The Fool is an empty canvas waiting for a...

app Foolish Dictionary logo

Foolish Dictionary


A dictionary with a twist!Foolish Dictionary has witty, sarcastic and unusual definitions for common words like "love", "wedding" and many others. It's the dictionary implementatio...

app My Gallery – fooling album logo

My Gallery – fooling ...


support 2.2My Gallery is a FOOLING APP which has nothing to do with gallery.It's set up for ur friends who'd borrow your fancy phone.Once launching this APP, a bunch of errors pop up to scare'em out.W...


Android's Numbers Keep Pointing Up – Motley Fool

UberGizmo (blog)Android's Numbers Keep Pointing UpMotley FoolA quick trip to your local Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Sprint or T-Mobile store is all it takes to find evidence that Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Android ...Can Android Overtake the iPhone?PC MagazineCould 2010 be the year Android unlocks your phone contract?VentureBeatGoogle Suggest Arrives ...

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In Hindsight: Apple iPad anticipation and Google's April foolery – San Jose Mercury News

The Next WebIn Hindsight: Apple iPad anticipation and Google's April foolerySan Jose Mercury NewsThe BlackBerry once dominated its market, but now it competes with Apple's iPhone and handsets running Google's Android operating system, ...Google updates Android Market guidelines and policiesinnocreativesHow Android Can Compete with Apple...

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The OLED Invasion Is Android-Powered – Motley Fool

The OLED Invasion Is Android-PoweredMotley FoolThis would be a great time to jump aboard the OLED bandwagon. Wait too long and you might miss the launch of a real rocket stock. ...and more »...

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Google's Next Billion-Dollar Business? – Motley Fool's Next Billion-Dollar Business?Motley FoolGoogle (Nasdaq: GOOG) is evaluating Android-based set-top boxes for TV watching, according to The Wall Street Journal. ...Report: Google Working On Android-Based Set-Top BoxPC WorldGooglers Testing TV Search Android Enabled Devices With Dish NetworkSearch Engine Roundtable (blog)Go...

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Apt for Catastrophe: How Mobile Apps Are Killing Your Cybersecurity

More and more companies are embracing ‘work from anywhere’ and ‘bring your own device’ policies to reduce operating costs, boost productivity and give employees the opportunity to work in a way that makes sense to them. But while mobile devices are a great for working on the go, they could be putting your business at risk of cyberattack....

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QWOP is now available for Android, still making us look silly.

QWOP for Android If you’ve got nothing going on today, and feel the need to be humbled, give QWOP a try. A track and field game that looks like something out of Archer, the Android version made its debut on the Play Store yesterday. A long standing iOS and PC favorite, QWOP is an acquired taste. If you like really difficult games that make you want to break your...

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Quick Review: Treasure Tower Sprint from Sava Transmedia

Quick Review: Treasure Tower Sprint from Sava Transmedia We’ve seen Runner games galore, and we even got an Endless Driving game of sorts earlier in the week. Ready for an adventure-based running game? Treasure Tower Sprint touts itself as the first adventure-runner, and you’ll take control of the coin collecting Prince who searches towers for piles of gold. The game has an Arabian Nights kind of vib...

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app Fake Me Out of Here 2 logo

Fake Me Out of Here 2


Free yourself from ANY annoying / awkward situation easily.Fake an incoming call with the most advanced call faking app on Google Play. The beloved Fake Me Out of Here app just get MUCH betterFeatures...


Say Hello to My Little Friend : Huawei Ascend P6 Goes Live

Huawei Ascend P6 Well, the Huawei Ascend P6 is not so little after all, don't be fooled by the title, it's actually a high end device from a company whose name I stopped trying to pronounce some years ago. The Ascend P6 sparked people's imagination for some time now, because it promised high tech specs at a very affordable price. Full specs were released by the ...

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Is this the Xperia Z Ultra (Togari), or is it fake?

Sony LogoA purported image of the upcoming Xperia Z Ultra has leaked showing a turned on device featuring a large display. But is it real?We’ve seen a variety of leaks allegedly showing the upcoming 6.44-inch Sony smartphone, but this is the first one that’s apparently showing a working handset. The image seems to clearly suggest that we’re looking at...

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Google Sees Funny Faces As Future Passwords

funny face passwordThe Three Stooges would've had foolproof funny faces. Remember the good old days when all you needed to remember was a single password? That's because in the early days of the Internet, you had at most a couple of e-mail accounts to look after. There was no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to sign in to, and neither do you have accounts for ...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – June 2, 2013 you want to train your dog, listen to a thunderstorm, or just print from the cloud this week’s list of the Best New Android Apps has you covered. Without further ado, we proudly present our top picks... 1. TapNotes – Meeting Recorder TapNotes Meeting Recorder lets you take down notes and record audio at the same time. The app lets y...

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In what world is the Lumia 521 comparable to the Galaxy S4? In Microsoft’s world, of course!

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 drop test aa (18)You think your new Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty hot stuff, right? After all, it has mind-blowing processing power, plenty of great Samsung customizations, an amazing 1080p display and Google’s latest and greatest Android Jelly Bean 4.2.My friend, Samsung and Google are fooling you! You’re being double-Scroogled! Instead, you should ditch...

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app Pantun Gombal logo

Pantun Gombal


Pantun Gombal adalah aplikasi Android yang berisi 100 kumpulan Pantun-Pantun Gombal yang telah kami rangkum sebagai hiburan untuk anda yang ingin memberikan pantun kepada kekasih atau calon pasangan ...

app Summer Holiday Greeting Cards logo

Summer Holiday Greeting Car...


Are you looking for the right greeting card – something that’s equal parts personal and beautiful? Summer Holiday Greeting Cards is here: Greet your friends and family with a custom designed digit...

app App Review Latest Apps Free logo

App Review Latest Apps Free


This app contains video reviews for latest and top mobile apps. The videos have been hand-picked by us. The videos include:iOS 7 App Switcher Concept: Multitasking RedesignReview of Rotago for iPhone,...

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