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Forgotten Phone


Have Missed Calls, Texts Forwarded to Your Email InBoxHave you ever missed an important call or SMS because your phone was inaccessible or silent? Perhaps you forgot to put it in your pocket as you we...


Toddler Lock – Protection and Fun in One App

Toddler Lock – Protection and Fun in One App You have no idea (unless you have kids) how much children want cell phones. I'm not talking about the tweens and teenagers who beg their parents for phones. I'm talking about the toddlers and other little ones who take one look at your phone and think it's the most amazing thing in the world. Perhaps they take your phone when you look away or may...

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SoundHound App Review

SoundHound App Review How many times has a song or music track come to your mind and you were without any solution to find what song it was? This occurs to almost everyone. SoundHound is a powerful app designed for use on your phone or tablet. How it works? SoundHound is an app that works as a music recognition system. You could have any music and it is going to help ...

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app Antitheft : Investigator logo

Antitheft : Investigator


Antitheft for android. Investigator is an anti-theft and phone locator service that allows you to protect yourself from theft or any loss of your mobile.A full Anti-theft app, find the best protection...

app My Emergency Alarm Pro logo

My Emergency Alarm Pro


Your Personal Emergency and Safety Alarm.SPECIAL OFFER: 75% OFF FOR A LIMITED PERIOD.Extremely EASY to use. Just press the App's launch SOS Icon to activate the alarm. Then a phone call will automatic...

app Lock Hero Free-to-Try logo

Lock Hero Free-to-Try


This is the free-to-try version. It allows you to make sure your lock can be opened with Lock Hero before purchasing. If your lock is supported, you can unlock the full version directly from within ...

app HAP ID Card logo



Have you ever arrived for a doctor’s appointment and realized you don’t have your ID card? Maybe you have been traveling and forgot to pack your card? You will never have to worry about a forgot...

app ContactCzar logo



ContactCzar allows you to search for phone numbers stored on your cell phone REMOTELY with the help of a simple Text message. This app is small, simple and very easy to use.ContactCzar is a life saver...

app ParkingBot HD logo

ParkingBot HD


ParkingBot HD provides a complete tablet optimised solution for automatic detection of parking zones via GPS, payment via SMS and locating a forgotten parked car. It supports GPS based SMS payment for...

app ADAC Pannenhilfe logo

ADAC Pannenhilfe


Sparen Sie Zeit und Nerven im Pannenfall! Die ADAC Pannenhilfe App stellt auf Wunsch einen Telefonkontakt zum ADAC her, um bei Panne oder Unfall einfach und schnell Hilfe anzufordern. Auf Wunsch wird ...

app aCobrar – a cobrar mais fácil logo

aCobrar – a cobrar ma...


Se você gostou do aCobrar, por favor classifique o aplicativo, pois é assim que vem a motivação pra continuar programando.Você também concorda que memorizar o n...

app Smart Cactus (SMS Control) logo

Smart Cactus (SMS Control)


Smart Cactus is an application offering useful features in case your phone is lost, stolen or forgotten. Smart Cactus allows you:1) To remotely control your phone with SMS. For example in case it just...

app Earth’s Greatest Mysteries logo

Earth’s Greatest Myst...


Myths from the depths of time that hint of other, far more Ancient civilizations. Bizarre accounts of strange and unknown technologies. Tales of ancient gods, flying craft and ancient foes waging grea...

app Memorial Day Memo logo

Memorial Day Memo


Anniversaries, birthdays, appointments, have you ever forgotten these important days? With?Memorial Day Memo? app, you will never miss any important days.? Establishment of memoWhen establishing memo,...

app UBS Mobile Banking logo

UBS Mobile Banking


UBS AGAs a user of UBS e-banking (Switzerland), you can now conveniently access your UBS accounts, custody accounts, portfolios as well as credit cards and prepaid cards at any time. The UBS Mobile Ba...

app Karmic Pocket logo

Karmic Pocket


How many times have you helped someone or done someone a favor that is forgotten? * Never forget any favors done or received * Notifications sent for redeemable favors on redeem date. * Purple hear...

app TwenteMilieu logo



Deze App van Twente Milieu is bedoeld voor inwoners van de gemeente: Enschede, Hengelo, Almelo, Losser, Oldenzaal en Hof van Twente. U voert eenmalig uw postcode, huisnummer en e-mailadres in, zodat d...

app Note(Phone book) logo

Note(Phone book)


Note widget looksThe phone book application.Widgets can also be used as a reminder.Viewed from the terminal application name,"Call Notes widgets" We have to.Widget name, "Notes" is...

app Timewaive Zero logo

Timewaive Zero


As envisioned by Terence McKenna, the timewave is made by using the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, the divination symbols used in China for thousands of years. Converted into a list of numbers, the...

app Note(Phone book) logo

Note(Phone book)


Secret phone book applicationThe display name of the widget list of the terminal, "Notes" is.On the surface, visible only to note the widgetWhat is the phone book (contacts) applications.Wid...




Everything you get from a traditional test prep book PLUS one-on-one instruction covering all the math on the ACCUPLACER.******“It’s like a private math classroom, but you are the only student.”...

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Everything you get from a traditional test prep book PLUS one-on-one instruction covering all the math on the GMAT.YourTeacher – GMAT Math Prep Course******“It’s like a private math classroom, b...

app Code Peeker logo

Code Peeker


*Note* If you have any questions or feedback, email me. I can't reply to your app ratings in the app store. I don't know what you mean by by "support dropbox"?---If you want your hard-earned...

app Moving Target Password Shifter logo

Moving Target Password Shif...


Don’t keep the same lockscreen password! Moving Target automatically updates your lockscreen password, greatly increasing your phone’s security.Set up a password pattern - for example, the letters...

app Memory and its development. logo

Memory and its development.


A vast storehouse of human memory stores a lot of impressions received through the five senses. Each seemingly forgotten fact may be recovered under appropriate circumstances. The book by American wri...

app Android Find Cell Lite logo

Android Find Cell Lite


Tested on:LG P990 dualSansung S - S2Android Find Cell is an alarm that allows you to intercept your mobile device 'lost or stolen.'***To activate the application must deactivate and reactivate the dis...

app ココマネ家計簿 logo




app Novagalicia Banca m logo

Novagalicia Banca m


Make your usual financial operations without visiting your branch!Download the Novagalicia Banco Mobile Banking application and operate with your accounts, cards, deposits and securities.Besides, you...

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