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Types of Free Reading Apps from Nook

ereader-369011_1920For a while, the only way you could enjoy e-books from Barnes and Noble, one of the largest book chains in America, was to purchase and use a NOOK e-reading tablet. That has recently changed, however. The company now offers a variety of free reading apps including the native Nook that can be used with a variety of mobile devices. The new applicatio...

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app Talking AERI [Free] logo

Talking AERI [Free]


Talking AERI !!AERI is a cute baby chicken.Make your best friend~ Take good care of AERI !!AERI is a your cute chicken. AERI repeats everything you say with cute voice.You can play with her at the spa...

app Sunny Seeds 2 Free logo

Sunny Seeds 2 Free


"Sunny Seeds 2" is a very simple, but truly thrilling game. Does it look simple? Just try! You will forget everything else for a few hours! Now more than one million people enjoy the first v...

app Free Sound Effects logo

Free Sound Effects


The best sound effects on your device! choose any of this superb selection, you can use them as a ringtone, or set to a specific contact, to sound when a message or a notice arrives, even as alarm sou...

app myCBfree logo



myCBfree lets you control your C-Bus lighting system from the comfort of your Android device.myCBfree has been thoroughly wife, mother-in-law and child tested with no harm done to humans, walls, Andro...

app Serious Paint Free logo

Serious Paint Free


A painting app focusing on natural brusheffects and smooth, pleasant workflow. The key unique features: -- Unique natural media brushes that simulate proper bristles and blending, the way your workst...


Tunein Radio Pro free Amazon app of the day

For those unfamiliar with the Amazon Appstore, it can be used on Android devices as another way of downloading apps. Sometimes apps are released exclusively on the Amazon App store before arriving on the Google Play Store, Jetpack Joyride being one example of an Amazon Appstore exclusive. Some apps are also reduced for a limited time, making them ...

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app RamHUD – Display Free Ram logo

RamHUD – Display Free...


%100 FREE as of February 8th 2012. Enjoy!RamHUD allows you to overlay a Heads Up Display over your android device that displays the amount of free RAM(Memory). This can be useful for seeing how much m...

app Red Pot Leaf Keyboard Free logo

Red Pot Leaf Keyboard Free


Red Pot Leaf Keyboard FREE for better keyboard and Smart Keyboard.NOTE: This is only a skin not an APP. You need better keyboard or smart keyboard to use this skin.To get better keyboard go to http://...

app Blue Pot Leaf Keyboard Free logo

Blue Pot Leaf Keyboard Free


Blue Pot Leaf Keyboard FREE for better keyboard and Smart Keyboard.NOTE: This is only a skin not an APP. You need better keyboard or smart keyboard to use this skin.To get better keyboard go to http:/...

app ThinkFree Mobile Print logo

ThinkFree Mobile Print


** ThinkFree Mobile Print is available to use when you download ThinkFree Office Viewer for free, or buy ThinkFree Mobile Office or ThinkFree Mobile Pro.ThinkFree Mobile Print is a powerful mobile pri...

app iWood Shelf Theme (FREE!) logo

iWood Shelf Theme (FREE!)


iWood Shelf is a Theme for GO Launcher EX.This a theme for GO Launcher EX is inspired by the famous iPhone's iBooks. iWood Shelf was carefully created to simulate and improve the GUI interface of the ...

app PackSMS Free logo

PackSMS Free


PackSMS is an app for sending and receiving compressed SMS messages allowing you to save your money.It brakes 160 characters barrier for single SMS.You can send even 250 characters for the same price ...

app SMS Assistant Free logo

SMS Assistant Free


SMS Assistant Pro is a full suite of Advanced Text Messaging Tools.Current Toolset includes Automatic Reply, Scheduled SMS, Automatic Forward, SMS Alerting, SMS Blocking, and Mass SMS Form Letter (Mas...

app Advanced Task Killer(Ads Free) logo

Advanced Task Killer(Ads Fr...


This free application enables you kill/auto-kill running applications or tasks in a single click, free up memory, and save battery.Simple and easy to use.Please send your suggestions/comments to innom...

app µTV Free – TV Torrents Grabber logo

µTV Free – TV Torren...


µTV simply works in 3 steps*:1. Add a TV show you wish to download.2. "Refresh" to search for new episodes' torrents.3. "Download All" to send them remotely to µTorrent.* It's th...

app Stargate Universe Clock Free logo

Stargate Universe Clock Fre...


Homage to the Stargate Universe ClockWhat: This widget adds a 4x1 clock to a home screen. It can count down in Ancient, or show the current time. It turns red for the last 3 minutes of an hour or the ...

app Armored Defense 2 Free: Tower logo

Armored Defense 2 Free: Tow...


FREE!! Now you can unlock all the missions and maps of the game without paying a penny!LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% OFF + 2 additional free maps in FULL version! ** FEATURED ON GOOGLE PLAY'S FIRST PAGE **R...


Splashtop 2 HD free for limited time for Android tablets

While tablets and phones have replaced desktop and computers for most tasks, there are just some things which only run on a PC, not to mention that multi-tasking is usually also much easier on a Windows or Mac powered computer than your Android tablet. Or sometimes, there are just documents that are only on your computer and haven't been uploa...

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app JAMT Black – CM7 Theme – Free logo

JAMT Black – CM7 Them...


Just Another Minimal ThemeFlat BlackThis is a very minimal black mod of the statusbar and notification drawer. It is based on my initial JAMT theme with icons updated for a more unified look. This fre...

app Checkers Free with Mobage logo

Checkers Free with Mobage


Checkers (also known as Draughts) has been around for centuries, but it has never looked this good in a package this small. Take a great-looking game of checkers with you wherever you go with Checkers...

app Pink Glass Keyboard FREE logo

Pink Glass Keyboard FREE


Pink Glass Keyboard Skin for better keyboard and Smart Keyboard.Matching Go SMS Theme at This is only a skin not an AP...

app SpeedWatch Free logo

SpeedWatch Free


Leave a comment if you would like more features !!SpeedWatch is a stopwatch for recording lap times and average speed with ease and simplicity! NASCAR and Indycar record and present driver lap informa...

app Heater Demo – Freedom logo

Heater Demo – Freedom


The Wanderport APP (WAPP) is an innovative and feature rich interface intended to be used to provide a convenient means to control and operate the upcoming suite of Wanderport microwave water heater p...

app ARTS Free logo



This widget gives you the rise, transit and set times for the major objects in our solar system.You can calculate their rise, transit and set times for any position on earth.(you can choose among the ...

app Anytouch Clock Free Theme logo

Anytouch Clock Free Theme


How about showing a clock on your Lockscreen? You can go to SMS, Phone App and Browser, etc. directly from it, what's more, ten kinds of customization options are available, including clock style, clo...

app Pot Leaf Keyboard FREE! logo

Pot Leaf Keyboard FREE!


Pot Leaf Keyboard FREE for better keyboard and Smart Keyboard.Matching GOSMSTHEME at This is only a skin not an APP. You...

app Hide My Root Adfree logo

Hide My Root Adfree


This is the adfree version of Hide My Root.Want to limit who has root access on your phone/tablet?Want to make it look as though your phone is not rooted?Then Hide my Root is the app for you!Hide my R...

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