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app Omnialex 4Codici FREE logo

Omnialex 4Codici FREE


Omnialex 4Codici permette di consultare i 4 Codici della Legislazione Italiana:- Codice Civile - Codice Penale - Codice di Procedura Civile- Codice di Procedura Penalecon estrema semplicità e rapidit...

app µTV Free – TV Torrents Grabber logo

µTV Free – TV Torren...


µTV simply works in 3 steps*:1. Add a TV show you wish to download.2. "Refresh" to search for new episodes' torrents.3. "Download All" to send them remotely to µTorrent.* It's th...

app Watch Tamil Movies Free logo

Watch Tamil Movies Free


***Officially the No.1 Tamil Movies app on Google Play******Thanks for your tremendous response 1720+ 5* ratings and 3,15,000+ downloads and going strong!***The SUPERHIT No.1 Tamil Movies App is back ...

app SpeedCam Detector FREE logo

SpeedCam Detector FREE


Turn your Android phone or tablet into Speed Camera Detector! No more speeding tickets! You will be warned when you approach a speed camera with alarm sound and you will be able to see what is speedca...

app Gluten Free Restaurant Items logo

Gluten Free Restaurant Item...


NUMBER ONE app on Android Market (and now avail. on iPhone and Amazon) that provides you with gluten free food items for over 125 most popular restaurants and fast food chains.Plain and simple: food i...

app CNC Force Calculator Free logo

CNC Force Calculator Free


CNC Force Calculator is a tool that can help any CNC machinist or CNC designer by calculating cutting forces, speeds, feeds and power requirements for end milling operations. Calculates the following:...

app Vehicle Tax GB Free logo

Vehicle Tax GB Free


Vehicle Tax GB uses the DVLA database to automatically check any GB vehicle Tax status. Also lets you check your vehicles insurance status and report unlicensed (no road tax) vehicles.*** If you think...

app MyStatus: Free logo

MyStatus: Free


From the people that brought you the biggest and best "Insult Generator" as well as the first and only "Mood Generator" in the Android Marketplace comes another text generation app...

app Photo Editor Ultimate Free logo

Photo Editor Ultimate Free


Photo Editor Ultimate Free is the ultimate photo editor for your Android® device! You can edit your images easily and send them to all your friends.**Note, our app does not edit/delete existing pictu...

app PKWallet Free logo

PKWallet Free


PKWallet Free is a simple solution to hold your personal passwords. It is freely available in the Android Market. The software allows you to insert new data in its database, to revise your entrie...

app Gift Helper Free logo

Gift Helper Free


**Update 2.0 is finally Here!!****IF YOUR DEVICE IS WITHOUT A DESIGNATED MENU BUTTON THIS APP WILL NOT WORK! Working on a fix**This is a new app to keep track of pertinent details for those we purchas...

app GuidaTv 2 Free logo

GuidaTv 2 Free


GuidaTv è un'applicazione per dispositivi mobili per la gestione del palinsesto televisivo giornaliero. **** NOTA: leggere gli aggiornamenti a fine articolo ******* Si consiglia di disinstallar...

app Athletics Stats (Free) logo

Athletics Stats (Free)


WARNING: ONLY WORKING FOR ANDROID 2.3.x AND BELOW! (Not enough support to sustain the program :()Check the best athlete marks for the World Championships, Olympic games, youth best performances..., ...

app Anime Database v3.1 logo

Anime Database v3.1


THIS APP DOES NOT FEATURE FULL LENGTH EPISODES.To watch free legal full length episodes visit: OtakuElite Online's anime and character database using...

app MediaScanner FREE logo

MediaScanner FREE


<div id="doc-original-text">Get FAST pricing on dvds and video games. Turn your mobile phone's camera into a barcode scanner. Use this app at library sales and garage sales to quickly...


CoPilot – Android’s Complete GPS system

CoPilot – Android’s Complete GPS system There have been many other GPS Android apps that offer various features aside from Copilot. Apps such as the obvious Google Maps app and the TeleNav app come to mind, each offering their own twist on GPS navigation. The problem with these other apps? They don't offer a dedicated all-in-one GPS app that just works out-of-the-box with no need for 3...

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app 1 Tap Cache Cleaner Lite logo

1 Tap Cache Cleaner Lite


Clean cache in your Android devices in one tap!<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>><<< 1. In order to keep developing more free updates in the future, this...


Quick Review: DayZ Central from Skunkfu

Quick Review: DayZ Central from Skunkfu If you’re a gamer, and you love zombies you’ve no doubt heard of DayZ. If not, you’re seriously missing out. The DayZ Central app gives you all the information you’ll ever need on the zombie filled land of Chernarus, and in a game like DayZ information is key to staying alive. DayZ is an awesome mod for ARMA 2, and it really gives you a re...

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app Dream Host web hosting logo

Dream Host web hosting


Why Choose DreamHostDreamHost has been recommended by and a WordPress partner since 2005.DreamHost provides one of the most knowledgeable technical support teams for hosting WordPress ac...

app ViewPics Pro logo

ViewPics Pro


Facebook page : is high performance Android Photo Gallery with main focus on quick browsing, usability and integration with photo sharing networks. ...

app Corsica Offline mappa Map logo

Corsica Offline mappa Map


The offline mappa map helps you make the most of Corsica in France with a POI database and search built in.This is the mappa map for Corsica (French: Corse) which is an island and region of France in ...

app Malta Offline mappa Map logo

Malta Offline mappa Map


The offline mappa map helps you make the most of Malta with a POI database and search built in.This is the mappa map for The Republic of Malta which is a nation comprising an island group in the Medit...

app Rome Offline mappa Map logo

Rome Offline mappa Map


The offline mappa map helps you make the most of Rome, Italy with a POI database and search built in.This is the mappa map for Rome (Roma), the capital and largest city of Italy and of the Lazio (Lati...

app Crunch AFL 2011 logo

Crunch AFL 2011


Free trial version of Crunch AFL. A searchable database of game results 2000-2011. You can search by a number of parameters or use quick team or next round tipping searches.Ever wondered how many time...

app Giudice di Pace logo

Giudice di Pace


Grazie all’applicazione “Giudice di Pace”, potrai accedere direttamente alla Banca dati del Giudice di Pace tramite il tuo cellulare, smartphone, netbook, etc. Il servizio consente a tutti, cit...

app Tropical Fish Widget logo

Tropical Fish Widget


★★★★★★★★★★ A simple set of no fuss widgets that display beautiful freshwater tropical fish images (in daily and/or hourly modes). Every fish includes highly detailed facts, biolog...

app VIRUSfighter Antivirus PRO logo

VIRUSfighter Antivirus PRO


★ Fast Real-Time Antivirus Protection ★ Security Advisor - Automatically detects Security Holes ★ Reliable Scan - Detects more than 30,000+ known threats Adding real-time antivirus protection f...

app Hanping Chinese Camera logo

Hanping Chinese Camera


Details on how to get this paid app (living in China?): time doing dictionary lookups! Simply point your camera at some Chinese text to get all the English definitions.Within j...

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