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app FireJumpers – Boot Camp logo

FireJumpers – Boot Ca...


Please keep wildfires where they belong - on your phone!This is the FREE version of Fire Jumpers with limited levels.In this real-time strategy game, you command a team of elite firefighting helicopte...

app Safety Talks – Fire Safety ME logo

Safety Talks – Fire S...


Safety Talks - Fire Safety/Coshh (ME Edition) Welcome to Safety Talks - Fire Safety/Coshh (ME Edition) for Android. Safety Talks is an illustrated training aid, covering all the main safety related to...




BASIC RELATIVE HUMIDITY CALCULATORDeveloped for you by SpotFire to make life a bit easier for wildland firefighters.To use this app, you need Fahrenheit and Feet for your units. Input your Air Temp, ...

app LogFire Mobile logo

LogFire Mobile


LogFire Mobile is the SD (Standard Definition) version of the popular LogFire Tablet HD Android App.This version is for most smartphones, if you have an Android Tablet, or a high powered smartphone su...


Moto X event denied by Motorola, apparently nothing scheduled for July 11

Motorola X Phone Ad Rumored to be officially unveiled on July 11, the Moto X will not be the star of that particular event, as Motorola apparently denied the meeting with the press. A few days ago we heard that a Moto X announcement could arrive on July 10-11, which is when select media members will attend some sort of special gathering. Then, we heard that the Moto ...

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app Wezwij Pomoc SOS-24h logo

Wezwij Pomoc SOS-24h


Wezwij pomoc SOS-24h to innowacyjna, bezpieczna i bardzo intuicyjna aplikacja, która stanie si? dla Ciebie tak samo wa?na jak ko?o zapasowe, ga?nica czy trójk?t ostrzegawczy w Twoim samo...


The Square Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012 brings 5 New Games to Android

Every gamer knows the name Square Enix, but not everyone knows about the 2012 Square Enix Latin America Game Contest. Well now you do, and you can thank me later as the contest has brought 5 great new Android games to Google Play and you get to help pick the winner of the contest. First up we have Poltergeist: 16 bit horror from Glitchy Pixel. Thi...

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app Camp & RV – Just Campgrounds logo

Camp & RV – Just ...


The best pure camping app that lets you find Campgrounds and RV Parks with or without internet. Extensive map filters let you view only what you want to see. This smaller app has all the pure camping ...

app Work Shift Calendar logo

Work Shift Calendar


The ultimate tool for shift workers!Easily display busy and free days by browsing through your calendar - even years ahead in time! Are you free for your daughters birthday? Your sons ball game? Easte...

app Jumble logo



In this fast-action retro shoot-em-up game, you have to manoeuvre your spaceship between rockets, flares, UFOs, comets and a challenging cave system, while shooting down as many as possible of the ene...

app Dino Picker logo

Dino Picker


This game will be more enjoyable for children with special needs like autism This game is evolved from a fantasy story of alien world. There is a planet called 'Drakota" which is far from earth a...

app Volvo On Call logo

Volvo On Call


Starting from model year 2012, Volvo now brings you the ability to access your vehicle from your Android phone. This requires that your vehicle is equipped with a Volvo On Call Telematics unit. If you...

app TonePrint logo



Get musical inspiration in a new and totally cool way! Simply ‘beam’ a bit of magic through the speaker of your Android device and directly into the pickup of your guitar. Add fuel to your creativ...

app Armour Helicopter logo

Armour Helicopter


NOTE- Developed & tested on a Samsung S2. So I don't know how it performs on other phones.New layout and action features.Plus be top of world list.Upload your scores to world wide web site and co...

app Free Weapons Photos Wallpapers logo

Free Weapons Photos Wallpap...


Get the awesome military wallpapers and images for free.Images which you can save and use as background.★★★Pics of:★★★TanksWar planesAdrenalineExecuteGiantsSeekDestroyAttackWarHammerGunMac...

app Marine: Carib&S.America logo

Marine: Carib&S.America


*****“The world’s top selling Marine apps!” *******For boaters, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. IMPORTANT: This app is optimized for handset. If you have a tablet, please s...

app Armour BattleTank 3 logo

Armour BattleTank 3


NOTE- Developed & tested on a Samsung S2. So I don't know how it performs on other phones.NEW for this version. New layout and action features.Plus be top of world list.Upload your scoresto world...

app Truck Stops Pro logo

Truck Stops Pro


This is the highest Rated paid Truck Stop Application on Google Play, and there is a reason, you need only read our reviews to see why! Long Haul Trucking is a hard enough job, not being able to find...

app Endless Flight logo

Endless Flight


Try to fly as far as you can!Avoid dangerous threats like turbulent clouds and fire spitting volcanoes!Grab fuel and additional points to get further and furter.This game is OpenFeint enabled, with on...

app Viper Strike – OSD logo

Viper Strike – OSD


You (and you alone) have been called upon to defend your nation from the onslaught of an enemy attack. Battling squadrons of air-to-air missile wielding fighters, avoiding surface-to-air missiles, y...

app R2D2 Space Resque logo

R2D2 Space Resque


The aim of each level is to rescue the Yoda who is held at the end, simply by walking into them. However, actually getting to the Yoda is easier said than done. You can move left and right by tap the...

app Drive with Zombies 3D logo

Drive with Zombies 3D


Drive your car down a desert highway as zombies leap at your vehicle and attempt to flip you over! How long can you survive the mutant attack?You have a few weapons at your disposal. Obstacles in the ...


Andy Rubin: 3.7 Million Android Devices Were Activated During Christmas Weekend

A little bit before Christmas, Andy Rubin informed the Android community that 700,000 Android devices were being activated daily.  Earlier today, he issued another Tweet claiming that over 3.7 million Android devices were activated over Christmas. Based on the given rate, only 1.4 million devices should have been activated, but the fact that 3.7...

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app OBD-2 Repair Strategies logo

OBD-2 Repair Strategies


OBD-2 Repair Strategies (Book-APP)(Note: This Book-APP runs fine on tablet screens. This is a Book-APP. The entire book contents are inside the APP, so you get the whole book.)In the early part of the...

app Moon Pilot Lite logo

Moon Pilot Lite


Thank you for choosing Moon Pilot Lite! This free version allows you to experience the game with a limit on the maximum score you can achieve. Please support further application development by buying ...

app Proteggo Free logo

Proteggo Free


Mission: Protect and recover the lost eggs at all cost! Kill all anti-egg missiles before an incubator goes ka-BOOM! Touch and drag the lateral sliders to fire the laser cannons Laser beams kill missi...


Zixxby – Android Game Review

Zixxby – Android Game Review Overview Zixxby is a new Arcade shooter from Honey Badger Studios that will WOW you with its graphics, and suck you in with its gameplay. You’ll play a little alien named Zixxby that’s out to save his home planets moons from the nefarious Ningrom Empire. Zixxby has a cute little alien, plenty of levels, killer graphics and most importantly...

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app Rescue Team logo

Rescue Team


Be a rescuer in this new and amazing helicopter game!Use your flying skills to find missing people, put out fires and save citizens in distress.Patrol 10 different scenarios with their own, unique cha...

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