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app The Hat Game free trial logo

The Hat Game free trial


Break the ice at a party, enjoy an evening with friends, or liven up a family night with The Hat Game: the frantic team game of guessing names that's fun for groups all ages.Shout and mime your way to...

app Drinking Game Free logo

Drinking Game Free


Get this cool drinking game. Roll the dice, drink, and pass the dice on.Are you at a bar and don't know what to drink? Let the dice decide!Longdrinks and shots are also available.Shake your phone or s...

app View a Clue Kids Game Free logo

View a Clue Kids Game Free


View a Clue engages toddlers in an interactive and stimulating game of “hide & seek.” Featuring a cadre of adorable characters and playful graphics, “View a Clue” challenges and inspires t...

app OCD Game Free logo

OCD Game Free


There is a little OCD in everyone, allow yours to roam free in this peaceful game. Play infinite levels, level size gets larger every time you complete a level. Please Remember to Rate if you Enjoy!1...

app Science Trivia Game Free logo

Science Trivia Game Free


Science Trivia Game is a fun science quiz game.Test your knowledge of science with hundreds of trivia questions and try to win by answering 15 questions in a row.The topics are from all areas of scien...

app Wheel Game Free logo

Wheel Game Free


Do you like puzzle games ? Well you will love WHEEL GAME ! UNLIMITED AND WITH 3 MORE FUN GAME MODES THAT EACH OTHER ! ! !Start a new puzzle, and be ready ! Find the combinations by turning the multico...

app GridGame Free logo

GridGame Free


It has been described as "a grid on which you play a game" and "a game which is played on a grid". If I were to describe GridGame in two words, those words would be "grid&quo...

app Smileys Kids Math Game Free logo

Smileys Kids Math Game Free


Smileys Kids Math Game Free, enjoy this fun and funny, animated, interactive and highly intuitive math game! Create and chase bouncing smileys across the screen, catch them by tapping on them. Enable ...

app Spit !  Speed ! Card Game Free logo

Spit ! Speed ! Card Game F...


Spit! is an implementation of the popular card game Spit or Speed or Slam: a fast paced games for two players in which the aim is to get rid of your cards as fast possible. The players do not take tur...

app Kids Peg Puzzle Game Free logo

Kids Peg Puzzle Game Free


The App Family is proud to introduce "Peg Puzzle", a great pre-school shape puzzle game for kids. Get set for lots of laughter and fun with beautiful HD graphics, high-quality sounds, 8 wild...

app Halloween Pumpkin Game Free logo

Halloween Pumpkin Game Free


This is a free Andriod phone game for Halloween. You have to move fast to win each level. There are 10 levels each one getting harder and harder. It is fun! Enjoy your Halloween!...

app Memory Memory Match Game FREE logo

Memory Memory Match Game FR...


Memory Memory Match Game FREE is a tile based memory game that is ideal for playing with your kids, for them to play on their own or together.This is the free version of the Memory Memory Match Game P...

app Hearts Card Game FREE logo

Hearts Card Game FREE


This is a great family card game for kids to adults.Hearts is a tricking taking game involving 4 players, where the object of the game is have the lowest score when one person gets more than 100 point...

app Match Game Free logo

Match Game Free


Word match game for kids. It includes hundreds of common used words, corresponding pictures and pronunciation. It is a fun way for kids to learn spelling and pronunciation of the words. Kids can use t...

app Car Model Match Game Free logo

Car Model Match Game Free


Match the car makes to models. Answer 15 questions in a row to win the game!Test your knowledge of hundreds of cars made around the world and try to reach the maximum points.Car quiz types include:Acu...

app WordyGame Free logo

WordyGame Free


Wordy is a fun and addictive word puzzle game to find as many English words as possible in the board. Each board is randomly created. You can play it anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.You can play n...

app Educational Puzzle Game Free logo

Educational Puzzle Game Fre...


Slice your favorites photos and images into bits and pieces, and then try to put them back together, but hurry the clock is ticking! Use any image or photo on your device's storage (SD) card as a puzz...

app Memory Game FREE logo

Memory Game FREE


How much memory do YOU have? Are you really better than your grandma? Test yourself with this unique MEMORY GAME! This "Memory Game" is not just another pair matching or sequence memorizing ...

app Utsumi’sConcentrationGame Free logo



This is the Concentration game of comic [Utsumi's Yellow glasses].Utsumi,Grandfather and many spirits appears.The rule is very easy. If two cards become complete, it is OK.When a card different by two...

app Snake Apple Game Free logo

Snake Apple Game Free


Classic version of the snake game with good and simple graphics....

app Most Addicting Game FREE logo

Most Addicting Game FREE


The most addicting game on Andorid!You have have played it online and now it is here on Android, the most addicting game ever! See how long you can survive as your hands-eye coordination is...

app 3 Man Drinking Game Free logo

3 Man Drinking Game Free


This is the ad supported version of the popular drinking game 3 man, with the set of rules that my friends always play. It is a dice game that can be played with any of your favorite beverages. Take o...

app The Awesome Game FREE logo

The Awesome Game FREE


We're back with a clean and simple arcade game that you just might find yourself addicted to! Give The Awesome Game: Stack the Weights Edition a try!Play The Awesome Game today!...

app Box Drop Puzzle Game Free logo

Box Drop Puzzle Game Free


This version is ad-supported. To get the ad free version search for BoxDrop. It's only $0.99!The objective is simple: Drop the box marked "Fragile" unto the platform by removing all the unma...

app Sheep and Wolf Game Free logo

Sheep and Wolf Game Free


Save sheep from wolves~!Throw a boomerang to wolves, and throw a heart to sheep.Touch down in the boomerang or heart, then moved up as many as a wolves or sheep you can. More hits, more score. Now, ju...

app Word capture game free logo

Word capture game free


This application recognizes whatever you say to the phone and show the results back to you....

app Driveway Basketball Game FREE logo

Driveway Basketball Game FR...


Basketball game for your phone.This simple, yet fun and addictive basketball game lets you play the following games:- HORSE vs Computer- PIG vs Computer- Around the World vs Computer- Hot Shot 3- Hot ...

app Kids Coloring Book Game FREE logo

Kids Coloring Book Game FRE...


** THIS FREE VERSION IS AD SUPPORTED **Visit the farm, go to the beach, ride in a hot air balloon, or swim in the sea; these are just a few of the 16 scenes that you and your child will experience whi...

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