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Google to Shut Down Games Section on Android Market in South Korea – Erictric

Brisbane TimesGoogle to Shut Down Games Section on Android Market in South KoreaErictricGoogle is reportedly removing all games from the South Korean version of the Android Market. Before you make any assumptions and pass negative judgment on ...Android gains US smartphone OS marketshare as Apple's share plateausMobile BurnWill Android dominate...

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8 Exciting android games in 2017

8 Exciting android games in 2017 Since the word holiday was invented, humans created getting cozy and playing all possible games. After creating this sword, Android phones came into the picture to keep your holiday more exciting with its gaming apps. It has been years, and the year 2017 is a month old now, producing some promising games on Android version mobiles for us. Here a...

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Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones

Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones Gambling must be one of the oldest "professions" in the world, if I may use that word, but with the advents of modern technology, gambling is facing a new era. Since the dawn of the internet,  which changed almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from how we do business  to how we're interacting with others socially speaking (read dating...

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Crescent Moon Games releases Dig! for Android

dig android Dig! is the tale of Douglas Chase, a bumbling archaeologist who’s been hired by a rich tycoon to spruce up an old museum. Your job is to dig, and you’ll do that by drawing lines to section of pieces of ground. It’s not as easy as it sounds though as you’ll have to deal with Nigel the Mummy, Pickaxe wielding Gnomes, and little Fez wearin...

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2K Games releases an NBA2K13 companion app in MyNBA2K for Android

If you’re a basketball fan there’s a good chance you’ve already played the greatness known as NBA2k13. 2K Games released MYNBA2K last week, and it’s a companion app you’ll definitely want to snag if you’re into NBA2k13. The MyNBA2K app works alongside the console version of NBA2K13 as a way to extend gameplay and offer up some bonuse...

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Quick Review – Logo Quiz by Bubble Quiz Games

Quick Review – Logo Quiz by Bubble Quiz Games Quiz games are always good fun, and there has been a big trend of created Logo Quiz games for Android lately. I just noticed one or two a few months ago, and now there’s seem to be dozens of copycat games. With that in mind I decided it was high time I check one out so I decided to go with one of the fist called Logo Quiz by Bubble Quiz Games....

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Trigger Games releases Warlock Defense for Android

They eyes of the enemy are over your lands, you must defend it! That’s the opening line in the description for Warlock Defense, a new Tower Defense game from Trigger Games. We know there is Magic involved and it’s a Tower Defense game, but is it a good one? Warlock Defense is a TD game set in olden times where you’ll have to use towers and...

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Over 60 Android Games on Sale with the Because We May Developers Sale

You may have already heard of the massive gaming sale going on right now called the “Because We May sale, but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. The Because We may sale was put together by a group of developers in celebration of online stores that let developers price their own games however they like. This awesome sale covers a whole...

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app Live Football Games logo

Live Football Games


Live Football GamesStream Live Football, Live Tennis, Live Hockey, Live Basketball, Live Volleyball, Live Golf, Live Snooker, Live Boxing, Live Darts, Live Skiing, Live Motorsports all with LIVE!sport...

app The Moron Test: Section 2 logo

The Moron Test: Section 2


Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap and twist your way through Section 2 of the hit game, The Moron Test! Master the game, then laugh as your friends and family struggle with these seemingly simp...

app Ultimate Drinking Games logo

Ultimate Drinking Games


*** REDESIGN LAUNCH SPECIAL! ***Ultimate Drinking Games only $0.99 for a limited time!!!Start the night out right with one of our 200+ drinking games. Perfect for parties or pre-gaming before heading ...


Android online Casinos

Now that you have decided to try your luck at some cool online casino games on your Android devices, it is obvious that your mind will be flooded with questions. You will be curious to know about the gaming process, the different features of online casino games, the financial transactions involved, the authenticity of the online casino sites and so...

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app Shell, Estaciones de Servicio. logo

Shell, Estaciones de Servic...


Estaciones de Servicio SHELL en tu bolsillo.Para viajar, asegúrate de llevar siempre contigo la app oficial de las estaciones de servicio Shell en España. Encontrarás todo lo que ...

app ChipSpain logo



The best Video Games Online Store!Thanks to our app, you can now immerse yourself inside our online store! You can find the latest game consoles and computer accessories, toys, collectibles and so man...


Things to Consider while Choosing an Online Bingo Site

Bingo is one of the most famous gambling games which has a lot of fans who are loyal since a long time. After the introduction of the online bingo games, many online bingo sites are arising because of the big potential market for the bingo games. Online bingo sites have a lot of games when compared to the bingo halls. Only a top online bingo sites ...

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Best Real Money Game Apps

Best Real Money Game Apps Did you know that you can make real money by using certain apps? You heard it right, it’s possible to earn rewards and cash with real money apps. As you might expect, there’s a catch to it. For instance, you'll have to do tasks like go grocery shopping, take pictures, and more before you earn a penny. If you headed to 7 sultans Online Casino...

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Magnetic balls puzzle game Review

Magnetic balls puzzle game Review If you're into droids and video games today is the day when good news are just around the corner! Enter Magnetic Balls Puzzle, the game designed to chase the boredom out of you! Now,if you've ever played puzzle bobble and similar stuff, you're already well familiarized with this type of arcade-game. What makes Magnetic balls puzzle different...

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app Super Sphere logo

Super Sphere


The exciting new game from Highbrow Interactive. Use your sphere and dodge pillars to collect coins. Jump over obstacles while avoiding suddenly appearing pits.As you go up the levels, staying alive b...


Purported Moto X shown in new images; phone reportedly not coming on July 10-11

Motorola X Phone Ad Images showing alleged Moto X phone components (specifically the front and back panels of the handset) have hit the web, ahead of the phone’s announcement. At the same time, a new report is now claiming that the phone won’t be introduced later this week, as previously rumored. While the images can’t be confirmed at this time – so ...

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Weird Game of the Week: ForbiddenEgg for Android

forbidden.egg-androidIt’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at an insane game from the Far East, but we found one that may just be the nuttiest game of all. ForbiddenEgg is the name of the game, and if you’ve ever dreamed of being a sexy egg man, it’s just the thing for you… ForbiddenEgg is a game about eggs. There are no ordinary eggs though, they’re ...

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app Fetch™ Dog Training logo

Fetch™ Dog Training


★9 Behaviour issues and METHODS ★9 Training guides and SOLUTIONS ★9 Tricks topics and step-by-step GUIDES★Gold, silver and bronze TEST★Audio book optionFetch isn't your ordinary and boring d...


Punch Quest Review: Pummel Monsters until you’re Punch Drunk

Punch Quest Review: Pummel Monsters until you’re Punch Drunk Last week we told you about a new Android game by the name of Punch Quest, and as promised we’re back this week with a full review of the game. It’s one of the vaguer reviews you’ll see me do as there are some surprises I don’t want to spoil, but I will say you’re in for one strange trip when you enter the wonderful world of Punch Quest.T...

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Google makes a clarification for Facebook

Facebook-Android Google made a very stark statement to Facebook recently after Facebook was found to be sending updates to their app without using the Google Play store's update system. The terms and conditions that Facebook had agreed to had to be reiterated to Facebook as they seemed to have somehow “misunderstood” the fairly straight forward agreement. Wit...

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app Striker Live Wallpaper Special logo

Striker Live Wallpaper Spec...


Watch the tiny Striker's soccer games players passing the ball and running over all your screen in a training session.----== This is not regular program, it is a Live Wallpaper, active it in the wallp...

app ♬ Truyen Ma Nguyen Ngoc Ngan ♬ logo

♬ Truyen Ma Nguyen Ngoc N...


+Bạn là một fan hâm mộ của Mc Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn ?+Bạn yêu thích những giới thiệu cuốn hút do Mc Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn này trình bày?+Hoặc chỉ đơn giản là bạn...

app Unofficial MLB Scores MLB News logo

Unofficial MLB Scores MLB N...


*This applications is an unofficial fan based application*Do you love baseball? Are you an MLB fanatic? If you want to get the latest news, schedules, standings, transactions, live scores and anything...

app Play Vocab on gridTutor logo

Play Vocab on gridTutor


Play vocabulary game on the gridTutor. The gridTutor is a unique game/learning tool where player has to match up the questions and answers in a grid by clicking/tapping them in pair. The gridTutor Voc...

app Мафия Free logo

Мафия Free


«Мафия» — салонная командная психологическая пошаговая ролевая игра с детективным сюжетом, моделирующая бо...

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