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app GameShow Pro Button Pack logo

GameShow Pro Button Pack


Are you the host of a quiz show? or just a smart alec who likes to annoy people??? Gameshow Pro includes 4 popular annoying sound effects apps in one cheap app with no ads! Now with Fullscreen Mode an...

app Trivia Lite(Gameshow, Endless) logo

Trivia Lite(Gameshow, Endle...


FairWare Trivia(Lite)Are you ready for the best trivia experience on Android? Get quizzed in the game-show style trivia game with computer players Chumley, Melanie, and Bub. Play Trivia by yourself in...

app Ai Là Triệu Phú Online HD logo

Ai Là Triệu Phú Online ...


Ai Là Triệu Phú là một Game show hay và lâu đời nhất trên truyền hình với người dẫn chương trình nổi tiếng Lại Văn Sâm và những câu hỏi trí tuệ rất rất...

app Trò chơi Âm nhạc 2013 logo

Trò chơi Âm nhạc 2013


Ngày 13 tháng 5, 2013: Phiên bản mới được cập nhật - vẫn thoải mái chơi OFFLINE và hoàn toàn MIỄN PHÍ như thường.Dung lượng khoảng 41Mb, hơi nặng nhưng như v...

app Tux Words (Lingo) logo

Tux Words (Lingo)


Play with WordsThis is a guess-the-word game inspired by the Dutch gameshow 'Lingo' (as in: Letter-Bingo)If you like wordfeud, you might also like this game.It supports 5 languages:DutchEnglishFrenchG...

app CashPlayTV logo



* Live Quiz TV Channel* Different Question Every Hour* Enter via Multiple Choice for a chance to win big CASH prizes* Entry via Free / In-App Purchase / SMS / PhonePlease Note - we are experiencing di...

app Drunk Or Sober logo

Drunk Or Sober


Are you and your friends drunk or sober? Find out by answering only 5 very exciting questions! Do you ever question whether you are drunk or sober? Do you ever need to prove to someone that you have...

app Buzz Button! logo

Buzz Button!


★ Want everyone to know that you've got the right answer! ★Then Buzz in with "Gameshow Buzz Button" AKA "Buzz Button"Now you can play along with your favorite game show or have...

app SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer logo

SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzze...


SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer Plus is an application designed to turn your iphone, ipod touch or Android phone into a SpeedQuizzing quiz buzzer / response device for use at a SpeedQuizzing quiz event. ...

app Knight Rider Quiz logo

Knight Rider Quiz


Remember the TV series 80's, Knight Rider? Now you can test your knowledge! Answer all our question about Kitt, Michael Knight and the Tv Series, and you´ll be the new Knight Rider Wise! Just how go...

app Do They Love You? logo

Do They Love You?


<div id="doc-original-text">If you have a crush on someone, lets find out if they like you back! Answer the questions about you and your crush and find out if you two are meant to be!&...

app Linux Pop Quiz logo

Linux Pop Quiz


Linux Quiz. Test your Linux knowledge Play this trivia game with your geeky friends today and see who knows more. Can you get all the answers correct? geek trivia, games, game, free games, android f...

app Qr Code Quiz logo

Qr Code Quiz


Test your knowledge. Learn all about QR codes. See how much you know about mobile tagging. Challenge your friends too. For example, do you know if QR codes can be as big as a house? How about where ...

app Don’t Touch My Droid! logo

Don’t Touch My Droid!


NEW Upgrade: Scare the living daylights out of anyone moving your Android without permission! Get notified by alarm whenever someone touches your Android device.Live YouTube video shows you how it wor...

app Ask Me The Impossible logo

Ask Me The Impossible


Will you complete the entire quiz? Ask Me the Impossible is an app which asks you easy to harder questions! Can you make it all the way to the end without failing once? Test yourself and your friends ...

app Soccer Quizzes logo

Soccer Quizzes


Get to know a lot about soccer players, balls and a lot more! For example, which league is the most famous league in the world? And who is the most famous soccer player in the world? So why not down...

app Impossible Quiz free logo

Impossible Quiz free


Are you tough enough to complete this awesome quiz?It consists of 84 level with questions, brain-teasers, puzzles and more.This quiz is similar to a hard marathon, every time you have Game Over, you h...

app Crazy Truth Or Dare logo

Crazy Truth Or Dare


Crazy truth or dare gameshow questions for stupid and crazy fun. Test your wits with your friends in a fun game of truth or dare on your android device. games, free, truths, dares...

app BigRedBuzzer logo



Are you hosting a trivia party and need a way to determine who buzzes in first? Turn your phone/tablet into a wireless big red buzzer controller to create a gameshow buzzing environment that operates...