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Evolution Mobile Live Gaming

cards-766106_640Evolution has covered all aspects of gaming with their gaming solutions and players not only have the ability to enjoy live casino games at online casinos, but can also access these live games through an array of mobile devices. Whenever Evolution Gaming launches a new live dealer game, they do so across all mobile platforms so all players can expe...

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Does an Android Tablet Stack Up Better than a Handheld Console for Casual Gaming?

gaming-console-254691_1280If you are someone who likes to game on the go, then you may have considered the possibilities of owning a touch screen Android tablet versus a specifically designed handheld gaming machine like the Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita. Both are a lot of fun and can make things like your daily commute or any other boring downtime fly by in a blitz of addict...

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Amazon Preparing His Own Android Gaming Console?

amazon According to anonymous sources (I just love this kind) cited by the Game Informer magazine, the retail giant Amazon is preparing for entering combat in the increasingly competitive market of Android gaming consoles with its own brand. So, those mysterious sources told Game Informer that Amazon Inc is working hard in developing its own Androi...

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MOGA Pro Controller Revolutionizes Mobile Gaming on Android

MOGAThe new Moga Pro controller from Moga Anywhere has generated quite a lot of buzz in the tech and gaming community recently. Many have hailed the new controller to be perhaps the best Android controller out right now and rightly so. The controller has a clip that folds out of the actual pad and can clasp onto any type of Android phone, creating a so...

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Mad Catz gaming console will support Google Play out of the box

mad catzWhen the Ouya was first announced, the idea was met with quite a few mixed opinions. Some felt the idea of an Android gaming micro-console was an odd proposition, others felt it was genius. Since then, we’ve seen quite a few companies rise up with their own Android gaming system offerings, such as the Gamestick or Bluestacks Gamepop. Now well...

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Mad Catz CEO announces new Android gaming console dubbed “Project M.O.J.O.” coming at E3

OuyaOuya gaming consoleE3 is nearly upon us, and of course, a lot of gaming news is expected. We’ll be hearing more about PlayJam’s Android-powered plug-and-play GameStick, but they aren’t going to be the only guys at the expo showing off the Android gaming experience, as Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson announced Project M.O.J.O., anot...

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GamePop Android gaming console by BlueStacks to cost $129 after free promo offer

BlueStacks GamePop Remember the newest Android-based gaming console that we told you about earlier this month called Gamepop from BlueStacks? It’s still being sold in a pre-order basis, and as mentioned in our earlier report, it is still free as long as you purchase a year-long monthly subscription. Now, BlueStacks has revealed how much it plans to charge for ...

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Google Play Games could change Android gaming drastically

Google Play Now Google intends to launch a new game platform that intends to make games more accessible for android devices. This new platform is rumored to be called Google Play Games and will be a gaming platform similar to the Game Center for iOS. What Google plans to bring to the table with Google Play Games includes cloud game saves, multiplayer functionalit...

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app F.T.G (Fatal Talent Gaming) logo

F.T.G (Fatal Talent Gaming)


This is the native app for the Fatal Talent Gaming community members. FTG is a community of XBOX, PS3, and Pc gamers who unite to perform at their absolute best. If interested in joining the community...


PlayJam and Android Try to Take the Console Out of Gaming

playjam-androidPlayJam has introduced its new Android based game system that boasts a great deal of what we take for granted in console gaming without the bulk of an actual console. This lightweight gaming system runs an Android OS, is the size of a large cell phone, and can plug into any TV with a HDMI port. The package includes a wireless game controller and th...

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Escape to Fun in The Jump:Escape the City by Gone Gaming

Escape to Fun in The Jump:Escape the City by Gone Gaming In the futuristic city of Monopolis fun is outlawed and your party just got busted by the fuzz. So hop in your hover car, pump the jams, and get out of the city in the wildly fun game Jump: Escape the City for Android, by Gone Gaming. Jump is an awesome mix of an action and driving game that uses the 3D graphics abilities of the Android OS to its f...

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Test your Gaming Aptitude with Taptitude for Android

taptitude-android Mini-games are a great way to pass the time, but they usually don’t have much depth. Taptitude is a new Android Game that aims to prove mini-games can offer deep gameplay as it wraps more than 75 mini-games into an interesting package. Taptitude is setup a lot different than other mini-games as the game are spread out across 10 different tiers...

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Click Fun Social Gaming App for Android

If you’re looking to download an action packed strategy game, from your android device a good place to start would be the brand new Click Fun social gaming app. The game is available from Google Play and is available to download or play online today! The android app is a new style of game which works in conjunction with your facebook account. D...

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How will 4G affect Casino gaming?

There has been considerable excitement about the arrival of 4G, which stands for ‘fourth generation’ in terms of mobile phone communications, particularly amongst the developers of casino games for mobile devices. At first when the first 4G Smartphones were unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, these developers and the major online ...

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app ProGaming Magazine logo

ProGaming Magazine


ProGaming Magazine is a digital magazine containing all update news and interesting information from ProGaming....

app DEW Gaming Exchange logo

DEW Gaming Exchange


Want to add to your list of gaming contacts? DEW Gaming Exchange provides a quick and easy exchange of gaming information using Bump™ technology.* Create customized profiles for your preferred gamin...

app CsCgaming Launcher logo

CsCgaming Launcher


CsCgaming Launcher designed to make life easier for CsC's clan members.This BETA includes -Youtube channel link-New posts launcher-Forum home launcher-Team forum launcher-MW33 Elite csc group-Register...

app Ironhammers PC Gaming logo

Ironhammers PC Gaming


Ironhammers PC Gaming AppIndependent PC gaming coverage from -- news, reviews and even the occasional piece of hardware thrown in for good measure. Download our Android app to stay up ...

app BeGaming logo



Welcome to the app for which is the home of awesome articles written by a variety of BeGaming staffers as well as the talk show "Showmongous", video tutorials and a to...

app Kainy (Remote Gaming/Desktop) logo

Kainy (Remote Gaming/Deskto...


Special price $2.99 instead of $4.99.Kainy is a remote desktop oriented for Gaming and Performance.Stream your games from your PC into your Phone/Tablet.Play your PC Games Everywhere (Wifi/3G/4G).- HD...


Viaden Gaming releases Winner Poker for Android

Overview Poker is a game that involves a lot of skill and luck, and it’s also a game most of us have played at some point and time. It got a huge resurgence when the WSOP starting airing on TV several years back, and now there are a slew of poker apps in the Android market as well. One of the newest Poker apps is called Winner Poker and it was j...

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app All Inclusive Gaming Forums logo

All Inclusive Gaming Forums


A mobile version of

app Filtr Gaming Pro logo

Filtr Gaming Pro


Custom video game news monitoring app.Using keywords that you set, Filtr Gaming Pro will "filter" video game news sites for your keywords, making it easier to find articles you are intereste...

app Filtr Gaming logo

Filtr Gaming


Custom video game news monitoring app.Using keywords that you set, Filtr Gaming will "filter" video game news sites for your keywords, making it easier to find articles you are interested in...

app Gaming App Construction Kit logo

Gaming App Construction Kit


G.A.C.K. (gaming app construction kit - also gack) is an App where you create games without any programming knowledge. Ranging from shoot-em up games to jump&run games - it's all possible. And all...

app Gaming logo



<div id="doc-original-text">This application will help you get up to date with the game that will come out</div>...

app Fresheez Tracking & Gaming logo

Fresheez Tracking & Gam...


Use your phone's GPS to track your runs when you ski or snowboard. Find your friends while you're on the mountain and playback your day seeing the run names and their difficulty. Our charts show your ...

app )s) Gaming Numbers Generator logo

)s) Gaming Numbers Generato...


Instantly generate pseudo-random numbers for games of chance such as lotteries. Randomness is an advantage in certain games, but is difficult to achieve without computer assistance. By using advanced ...

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