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C64 Classic Giana Sisters out now for Android

A lot of people have probably never heard of the Giana Sisters, and I was in that group myself until my memory was refreshed by the new game. The original Giana Sisters came out in 1987 on several of the older systems including the Commodore 64, and briefly reappeared in 2005 on mobiles. Well, the sisters are back again and this time it’s on...

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Giana Sisters


Attention: We are are aware that there currently are issues with the game not starting on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and are working on it."It draws its strength from unashamed inspiration, offering a...

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Amazing Land Free


Amazing Land is an arcade adventure game.This is a clone of the famous games released on 1986-1990,like Super mario Bros Snes ,The great giana sisters Amiga .This game is also a game where you must re...

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Naoki Tales Free


Naoki Tales is an arcade adventure game.This game is similar of The Great Giana Gisters or Mario bros .This version is free,Play only 3 levels.Full version contains no Admob,Pub..Over 35 levels..Teste...

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Spheric Eric


Spheric Eric is an innovative platformer with cute graphics and endless fun, dynamic levels and fresih Ideas! Probably the most challenging Jump & Run in the market, designed by people, who really...

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Super Androix


Jump and Run game with a touch of Super Mario Bros, Giana Sisters, Jumpman and similar games. Simple gameplay - challenging tasks. All worlds are generated randomly, you won't get the same one twice.-...