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app Glitch Kernel Updater RC logo

Glitch Kernel Updater RC


***Only for use on the Galaxy S Series of phones on AOSP ROMs***This is the kernel updater for the Glitch kernel. It allows you to download and flash the latest kernel, allows you to back up voltage s...

app GlitchTech Checkbook logo

GlitchTech Checkbook


GlitchTech Checkbook, a financial management application, allows you to efficiently track your finances on your webOS-enabled device. Checkbook allows you to create many different accounts, and each a...

app GlitchScreen – Live Wallpaper logo

GlitchScreen – Live W...


NOW FREE! No ads.Tired of all those super-duper awesome looking live wallpapers out there? Sick of your phone looking brand-new? Done with cute animals and falling snowflakes? Well, your prayers have ...

app glitchtweet logo



make glitch text and update twitter.

app Glitch logo



An experimental live wallpaper.It might work (or not) in your phone. Tested on: Nexus One, HTC Evo 4G....


Uh-oh: Looks Like The Nexus One Has Glitchy Multi-touch (Video) – Washington Post Looks Like The Nexus One Has Glitchy Multi-touch (Video)Washington PostOn at least a few occasions, Android developers have mentioned to me that the multi-touch sensors on certain Android handsets ¿ especially the Nexus One ...Google's Device Seeding Program to Boost Android (blog)Android Mail mi...

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Here’s what you should know before downloading Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

Jay-Z Magna Carta for Samsung Galaxy Before downloading your limited free copy of Jay-Z’s latest album (if your device is eligible), you may want to know a few important details. As announced earlier, fans of the American rapper can now get a free copy of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, if they own a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or Note 2. The album will be made available ...

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Say Hello to My Little Friend : Huawei Ascend P6 Goes Live

Huawei Ascend P6 Well, the Huawei Ascend P6 is not so little after all, don't be fooled by the title, it's actually a high end device from a company whose name I stopped trying to pronounce some years ago. The Ascend P6 sparked people's imagination for some time now, because it promised high tech specs at a very affordable price. Full specs were released by the ...

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Is this the new Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 If you don't know what Antutu is, well, it's a very popular benchmark and sometimes, if you check its data base, a wild snorlax may appear now and then, this time, maybe, I said maybe, a possible prototype of the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Yes, this is a wild guess, but recently in Antutu's database appeared a device named Samsung Galaxy GT-I9600, w...

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Pebble ready to ship out more pre-ordered smartwatches soon

pebble-watchIt’s been four months since Pebble first started shipping out smartwatches to its Kickstarter backers, and after some technical glitches and a few delays, Pebble is finally just about ready to start shipping watches to those who pre-ordered after the initial Kickstarter campaign.In a forum post, Pebble announced that customers who ordered Jet Bla...

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G5 Entertainment releases Righteous Kill for Android

righteous.kill-androidRighteous Kill is their latest Android game from the folks at G5 Entertainment, and it seems to be “loosely” based on the 2008 film of the same name. The movie starred Pacino & DeNiro, and wasn’t very well received. The game doesn’t have the same star power, but it is much better than the movie. Righteous Kill is a hidden object game t...

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Google Wallet Credit Card a No-Show for Google I/O was fast. It’s no big secret that Google was planning to launch a Google Wallet Credit Card, and a lot of folks expected to see it released at Google I/O next week. Today we’ve learned that Larry Page has abruptly cancelled plans to launch to card although Google Wallet will be receiving a bit of an update. According to AllThingsD, Google...

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Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit

Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit Art Mogul is a game that’s all about Art, and you get to play a globetrotting Art dealer that’s out to take over the Art world one painting at a time. We briefly talked about his one last week, and as promised we're back with our Art Mogul Review. When you first fire up Art Mogul you’ll be taken through a nice tutorial that takes you through...

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app Indigo (Siri Alternative) logo

Indigo (Siri Alternative)


Indigo is a stunning multi-platform Siri alternative. It's the newest and cleverest voice-enabled personal assistant available. Indigo is the only personal assistant who can seamlessly carry on a conv...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 22, 2013 This week’s edition of the Best New Android Games of the Week brings some great new Android Games to the table. Last week saw two popular games get sequels, and we got a third game featuring the hungry little alien known as Om Nom. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks… 1. They Need to Be Fed 2 They...

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app HTC.Sense5 CM10/10.1/AOKP logo

HTC.Sense5 CM10/10.1/AOKP




The Best New Android Apps of the Week – April 14, 2013

Best New Android Apps It’s Sunday which means we’re back with another edition of the Best New Android Apps of the Week. From Facebook Home to a new photo sharing app by the name of Rango, there are several slick new apps to choose from this week. 1. Serious Paint Free If you enjoy creating on your favorite Android device you may want to check out Creative S...

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app Off road racing 3d logo

Off road racing 3d


Madness impassable offroad is now available to anyone!Go to truly hard-challenging levels and try to complete them.Earn money and try to set up the necessary combination of upgrades for each level.Rea...

app Tummy The Kitten logo

Tummy The Kitten


Tummy The Kitten is animated and interactive kitten on your home screen!.Tummy The Kitten live wallpaper features a whole new kitten with his own personality and with new options and features to play ...

app ViewPics Pro logo

ViewPics Pro


Facebook page : is high performance Android Photo Gallery with main focus on quick browsing, usability and integration with photo sharing networks. ...


Galaxy S IV Smart Scroll confirmed in leaked shots

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to be announced officially in less than 10 days’ time and we are still getting a ton of rumors regarding the much awaited device. The latest leak from SamMobile is in regards to the Galaxy S IV Smart Scroll feature. This will let Samsung Galaxy S IV users to scroll down articles just with the power of their sigh...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – February 18, 2013

Last week saw lots of slick releases from creatures that fling themselves through blocks to shotgun wielding rednecks and giant battle turtles. There's a little something for everyone so and we hope you enjoy our picks for the Top New Android Games of the Week... 1. Yumby Smash Yumby Smash is a smashing new game that lets you blast through...

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Wikipad, Satisfying the gamer in You

It has been almost three months when the original Wikipad was supposed to release on GameStop. The Wikipad went almost off the grid due to a terrible manufacturing fault which was encountered in the manufacturing process. The flaw was so extreme that the whole production was canceled. It was a sad day for many of the mobile gamers who were waitin...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – January 28, 2013

This weeks edition of Top New Android games of the Week includes a little something for everyone. From a slick new hack n' slash game to jungle running, we've got you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the best new Android games of the past week. 1. Bounce Magma Mobile's Bounce bounced onto Google Play last week and it quickly b...

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Galaxy S3 – new firmware will fix Exynos exploit and sudden death

Probably during mid-December we reported about an exploit which was found in the devices which used Exynos processors. Popular devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 were among the list. And a few days back we did a piece on Samsung’s knowledge about the exploits and the Sudden Death Issue. Today we are happy to see that Samsung was true to...

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Galaxy S3 sudden death – Samsung knows

A little while back we reported the issue many of the Samsung Galaxy owners were facing. The regarding issue was a horrifying one to say the least, users were finding their beloved Samsung Galaxy S3’ dead for no apparent reason. Many were reporting the issue over at the XDA forums and even had dedicated threads. The threads read like a horror s...

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The Square Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012 brings 5 New Games to Android

Every gamer knows the name Square Enix, but not everyone knows about the 2012 Square Enix Latin America Game Contest. Well now you do, and you can thank me later as the contest has brought 5 great new Android games to Google Play and you get to help pick the winner of the contest. First up we have Poltergeist: 16 bit horror from Glitchy Pixel. Thi...

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app Royal Dubstep logo

Royal Dubstep


Royal Dubstep gives you the ability to create your own dubstep mixes In celebration of the Queen's 60th anniversary. There is no denying the meteoric rise of Dubstep in the world of music. Royal Dubst...

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