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Video Conferencing: Open Source Online Chat Software

Remember the days when a business person had to travel if they wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with their partner or client? Thanks to the incredible innovation that is video conferencing, those days are over. Professional software like BlueJeans Video Conferencing App, as well as more casual ones like MyGreenPC, are making it easier to have ...

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SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy!

SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy! This Android app comes with an improbable name and it is delivered by SJ Software, but Hell, this is one of the best things  I put my hands on since sliced bread was invented back in the day. With SJ im (im stands for instant messaging I guess) you'll be able to encrypt all your online  mobile communications in a blink of an eye, sort of spea...

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Let's Break Stuff! A good stress reliever!

Life can sometimes be very stressful and there is more than one cure to beat stress. One of these is the app called Let's Break Stuff! To see whether it really works will be explained in today's app test review.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) more Via: Android Pit...

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app Goodtoknow Sex Advice logo

Goodtoknow Sex Advice


***For users with crashing problems please upgrade to the stable v1.0.46 version***Get all of the most recent Sex Advice articles. New articles added daily.Thanks for using this software. If you think...

app Joel on Software – Android App logo

Joel on Software – An...


Joel Spolsky needs no introduction in technology startup world. His blog "Joel on Software" is an excellent collection of articles for Programmers, Managers, Startups and CEOs!Joel on Softwa...

app Goodreads Droid logo

Goodreads Droid


Goodreads Droid by Hactar Software is a fully featured Android client for the social book website can browse your bookshelves, get updates from friends, search for new books, or find...

app Good for Enterprise™ logo

Good for Enterprise™


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact your IT administrator before installing Good for Enterprise™. The Good for Enterprise™ application will not operate without the necessary back-end software. Good fo...


Source: HTC Droid Incredible To Receive OTA Software Update

With all the negative press the HTC Droid Incredible has been receiving as of late, mainly because of ridiculous shipping delays, it's nice to finally report some good news about the flagship Android phone on Verizon (until the Droid X launches, anyway). Hung Truong, a lucky HTC Droid Incredible user, happened to receive an interesting OTA updat...

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app Báo M?i – Tin t?c c?p nh?t 24h logo

Báo M?i – Tin ...


Báo M?i là ?ng d?ng chính th?c trên Android c?a - site t?ng h?p tin t?c s? 1 Vi?t Nam. S? d?ng công ngh? máy tính thông minh ??c quy?n c...

app Báo Mới – Tin tức cập nhật 24h logo

Báo Mới – Tin tứ...


Báo Mới là ứng dụng chính thức trên Android của - site tổng hợp tin tức số 1 Việt Nam. Sử dụng công nghệ máy tính thông minh độc quyền của

app Alternative To App logo

Alternative To App


AlternativeToApp is a new approach to search for good software. You name the application you want to replace and we give the great alternatives, based on user recommendations. We are helping you find ...

app 兜兜友 logo



兜兜友-非诚勿扰全城热恋(不是微博、微信、QQ,也不是世纪佳缘、百合,更不是陌陌,这里只是兜兜友)★★★★★ 兜兜友 ★★★★★★独家打造的...

app Lý thuyết sát hạch lái xe oto logo

Lý thuyết sát hạch l...


Hiện tại tác giả đang tiến hành cập nhật phiên bản mới năm 2013 với 450 câu. Trong thời gian chờ đợi, mong các bạn kiên nhẫn và tiếp tục sử dụng phiên b...

app touchPTT(Donate) logo



This article from the GOOGLE translation?This is the donation versionAnd touchPTT program is exactly the same functionWant to try search touchPTTIf you like Welcome!IntroductiontouchPTT is designed fo...

app touchPTT logo



This article from the GOOGLE translation?IntroductiontouchPTT is designed for Android mobile browser BBS/Telnet, to connect to other hosts or site does not guarantee the proper functioning...


Swype – Draw, don’t Type your Words

Swype – Draw, don’t Type your Words The days of the physical keyboard are over. No more archaic clucking about on a keypad trying to find the right button, hitting the number 1 three times to get the letter c, or dealing with stuck keys. The new Android app Swype is here to save the day with it's new ingenious input system. On my G1 the keyboard is real handy when using the boot s...

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The 1st SWIFT Compliant Ad Network – StartApp

Swift Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference unveiled a new C-based programming language known as Swift. This application will be able to restructure the Mac OS and iOS app development process. Swift takes high level coding language, combines it with C and provides the flexibility of Python and Node.js to create a world of applications to the developer...

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Monitoring Instant Messengers Is Now Possible!

Instant Messenger Monitoring App When looking for a good way to monitor someone or find out if a person is lying to you, chances are that the most of the information you need will be in that person’s mobile phone. By reading their text messages, going through call logs, seeing which web pages they visit, and who they communicate with on their social profiles you could find out...

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Beware of Virus Shield, the Paid but Fake Anti Virus Android App on Google Play

virus shield Virus Shield, the First Paid But Fake Antivirus Android App on Google Play Store   Virus Shield is one beautiful, cool sounding and paid for Android app, available on Google Play,which comes with great promises : it will save you from those pesky viruses from the Internets, it will speed up your droid, it will bring sunshine on your stre...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Is Here

galaxy gear The world of gadgets has welcomed a lot of intriguing devices lately, some of them being the smartwatches, some little tech-fellows that hope and promise to make your life easier. And they do a pretty good job, actually. As an example, see what the Samsung Galaxy Gear has to offer and find out if it’s capable of improving your life and deserv...

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Oppo N1 Launched Officially in Beijing, China

Oppo N1 Yesterday, in Beijing, Oppo has made an official announcement about the release of their latest high-end smartphone, the Oppo N1, which comes as the result of the collaboration between the Chinese manufacturer and Cyanogen, a company known for designing Android-based software. The N1 flagship stands at 170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm and has a reasonable ...

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Hesperbot, The New Banking Trojan Infects Android Smartphones

hesperbot ESET, the company behind the well known NOD32 anti-virus software, just announced their latest discovery : Hesperbot, a new and very effective banking trojan, that targets people who use online banking in order to gain access to their accounts. The nasty part about this new malware is its design, which is able to circumvent the mobile multi ...

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Google Glass Gets Police and Firefighters App

google glass   The Google Glass just got cooler, with a Police/Firefighters/First Responders App, courtesy of Mutualink. This proves the fact that Google Glass has lots of beneficial applications in real life scenarios, besides making your Facebook available when driving. Mutualink presented its Police app for Google Glass at APCO yesterday. APCO...

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Unholy Alliance : Microsoft Released Office Mobile 365 Android App

Android App After last month's launching of the Office Mobile for iOS, now Microsoft released their Office Mobile Android App for Office 365, just in case you got bored with your free Office Suite provided by Google. If you choose to give Microsoft Office Mobile a try, you will be able to edit documents on your smartphone and also to synchronize them v...

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app Scores Widget 3.0 logo

Scores Widget 3.0


Scores Widget was designed to be a non-intrusive way to get real time score updates for your favorite teams. Just turn on your phone and the latest scores will be waiting on your home screen, no clic...

app MB Storage Widget logo

MB Storage Widget


This widget is able to display the amount of MB used up on internal memory SD card.Also, it displays the free storage space available on card icon.The information of memory storage offered will~~~upda...

app Leading Volume Widget logo

Leading Volume Widget


This leading volume widget can be used to control or manage volume level of alarm, music player, notification, calling and android sound.You can adjust many volume type from your home screen convenien...

app Best Battery Widget 2013 logo

Best Battery Widget 2013


Whenever open your phone, you can get the battery information in the first time if you download and install Best Battery Widget 2013 on android mobile phone.This is a small widget used on home screen....

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