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app Good Times GO LauncherEX Theme logo

Good Times GO LauncherEX Th...


If you like this theme, Please give us the score in the market?check out our other themes. Click on "More from the developer"or search for Freedom Design here in the market. Notice:GO launch...


Raft Pirates Review: A Swashbuckling Good Time

Raft Pirates Review: A Swashbuckling Good Time Pirate games come in many shapes and forms. Some games let you play as a pirate while others let you control the pirates’ ship. 6waves Raft Pirates does the latter, and it’s a soul sucking game that will whittle away at your free time and pull you in with its fun turn-based battles. Raft Pirates is a turn-based strategy game set on the open se...

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app 3D good times logo

3D good times


3D wallpapers...

app Good Time Music logo

Good Time Music


* Share The currently playing song (title, artist) in HTC Default Music Player* Share to Twitter and Facebook, Gmail, etc. (maybe you can tweet and more actions...)* Can edit message template* Can sha...

app GoodTimes SoundBoard logo

GoodTimes SoundBoard


Sound clips from the hit 70's show GoodTimes. Includes the infamous GoodTimes theme song also JJ's "DynoMite!"v2.2Added $1500 in free giftcards. Click on Menu....


SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy!

SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy! This Android app comes with an improbable name and it is delivered by SJ Software, but Hell, this is one of the best things  I put my hands on since sliced bread was invented back in the day. With SJ im (im stands for instant messaging I guess) you'll be able to encrypt all your online  mobile communications in a blink of an eye, sort of spea...

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SmartPhones Outsell Feature Phones for the First Time in History, Thanks to Android

android According to the latest data released by Gartner in Q2 of 2013, we are living historical times : for the first time ever, smartphones outsold "dumb phones", courtesy of Android Mobile. What can I say, achievement unlocked for Android, what's next? World Peace, obviously. Let's get serious and take a look at the graph: The worldwide sales ...

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Let's Break Stuff! A good stress reliever!

Life can sometimes be very stressful and there is more than one cure to beat stress. One of these is the app called Let's Break Stuff! To see whether it really works will be explained in today's app test review.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) more Via: Android Pit...

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Nighty Night! – Bedtime Story – Get your kids to go to sleep!

The arrival of tablets and smartphones has not only changed the lives of adults, but also that of younger children. Nighty Night! - Bedtime Story is an app for good nights which adults and children can use to fall asleep and play together. To find out if this app will really rock you to sleep, read today's review app test review.(This is a ...

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Spinpod: take panoramic pictures and record motion time-lapse videos like a pro [Kickstarter]

SpinpodA new Kickstarter project aims to help amateur photographers take better panoramic pictures and record great motion time-lapse videos with the use of a simple and highly portable accessory that fits a variety of smartphones and cameras.Spinpod is the name of this particular creation that needs to raise $75,000 by July 1 to enter mass-production. As...

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Today Only: Get a free lifetime license for security app, Cerberus

CerberusFor those of you that don’t have any type of mobile security app on your Android device, you should probably think about getting some kind of protection. After all, it’s nice to a little bit of recourse if your phone gets stolen, such as being able to SIM-lock your device, remote wipe it or even possibly track it.Of course many of these apps a...

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NewsBlur – A good Google Reader alternative

Google announced some time ago that it will get rid of Google Reader as of July 1st. That why I already started looking for alternatives. I've been happy with NewsBlur up to now, however this Android app has often been criticized. A few days ago, the app received an update which really improved it. Whether the app can now meet expectations wil...

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Study shows Android users spend larger percentage of time browsing than their iOS counterparts

Android vs iOSAre you reading this on your smartphone? If so, you’ve got about 14 minutes to finish up.A new study by Simmons Connect finds that smartphone users spend about 14 minutes a day looking at websites. They also compared Android to iOS users, and found some interesting statistics which may cast doubt on previous claims of iOS usage over Android. Inte...

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app Afternoon Tea Time Wallpaper logo

Afternoon Tea Time Wallpape...


Tea time and the fresh soft blowing wind! Just by looking this wallpaper, illustrations of animals, sweets, cute goods can make you HAPPY♪If you trace with your finger or touch any part of the scree...

app Good Ride logo

Good Ride


Good Ride is a cool FREE real-time app that helps you manage your ride sharing and carpooling with your friends, co-workers and people you know. It is safe and secure, because you invite only people y...

app Meagan Good widgets logo

Meagan Good widgets


Customize you home screen with Meagan Good Widget.About Meagan GoodGood was born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, worked as Good's manager into her teens, and...

app Good Health Tricks Pro logo

Good Health Tricks Pro


Good Health Tricks-Improve Your Health With Good Health Tricks app!Good Health Tricks will help your health in a number of ways!If you are looking for some simple and easy health tips and tricks to ke...

app Good Friday Luke 9:22 3D LWP logo

Good Friday Luke 9:22 3D LW...


"The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life."- Luke 9:2...

app Look Good Naked! logo

Look Good Naked!


How do YOU look with your clothes off???If you're like most people, then you probably feel self-conscience or even embarrassed when you need to take your clothes of at the beach, doctor's office, or ...

app Free WiFi Timer logo

Free WiFi Timer


Most of us use mobile phone search internet and the WiFi/Wlan hot spot support connect internet easily! But if you open WiFi when you do not need search internet, it will waste phone battery power and...


A Good Day To Die Hard gets an Android Game

Fox Digital surprised us a lot of us last night when they released an official Die Hard game to promote the new movie A Good Day To Die Hard. Yup, we now have a Die Hard Android game and the world is a much better place for it. Die Hard for Android is an Endless Runner game from the folks at Godroid that lets you play as Jack McClane the son of ...

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Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time

Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time Last week we had a game called Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes listed in our Top Games of the Week list and this week we’re back with a full review of this finger busting little game from Blizny Studios. Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes is a game all about Orcs and your job is to kill every one you see in order to save your Kingdom. Sounds like a simple ...

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app Time Economy logo

Time Economy


Time Economy is the first in a new series of Economy games based on buying and selling buildings and resources by doing this well you could easily become the first Time Economy millionaires and create...

app Good Sleep logo

Good Sleep


Life changes a lot according to the quality of sleep. This App was made for people who pursue the quality of sleep. Feature-A red filter is covered over the screen of your smart phone as a bedtime hou...


Keep Up with Dexter with the Official Dexter App from Showtime

Everyone’s favorite serial killer returned last week as Dexter aired it’s season premier. An update to Showtime’s Dexter Android app got an update a few days before season 7’s premier and it contains a nifty new feature that Dexter fans should enjoy. The official Dexter app is a good way to keep up to date on the show and it has several ...

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Catch up on your Favorite Showtime Shows with the Showtime Anytime App for Android

HBO has pretty much set the standard for streaming Premium Channel apps, and last week Showtime entered the fray with the Showtime Anytime Android app. Nowadays all the premium channels are putting out their own apps, but some are better than others. The real question is how does the Showtime Anytime app stack up against the competition? The Sho...

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app Bedtime Story logo

Bedtime Story


A collection of 30 classic kids bedtime stories. Careful some stories are a bit scary.RECORD AUDIO PERMISSION: Ability to record audio reading for playback in media player (appears in recently added t...

app Satellite Time Reader (Free) logo

Satellite Time Reader (Free...


Satellite Time Reader uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver in your device to get exact real time information directly from the satellites. It is similar to a radio controlled clock – al...

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