Google Play Books


Choose from millions of titles on Google Play including new releases, New York Times best sellers, up-and-coming authors, and free books. Easily personalize your reading experience, pick up where [...]

6 Reasons Why EBooks are a Game-Changer

It wasn’t all that long ago when the world thought eBooks would have zero chances of succeeding in the market. According to a report from Statistics Portal, revenue eBook sales in 2008 hit 274 [...]

Google Admin


Google Enterprise Mobile Admin lets you take care of the most common tasks from anywhere you are. Add users, reset passwords, manage groups, contact support, and view domain setting [...]

comixTV for Google TV


comixTV allows you to enjoy your favorite graphic novels and comic books on your Google TV. Three zoom levels are available. The supported file formats are .cbr and .cbz archives.

E-bookstore Ranking


E-bookstore ranking information.Video content from your smartphone or tablet PC a lot of one book a lot to see, there are many cases whereAll college majors books you can buy the e-book if the [...]

eCarrel Nexus tech books


The Nexus ebook reader & bookstore for developers:– official O’Reilly distributor see– FREE book preview (20%) Attention: the [...]

Using eML for Dynamic eBooks 2


This free book is also a powerful eBook creator and reader. Its 12 chapters take you through all the simple tags it provides, which enable you to make professional looking publications. Written [...]



*ご注意*エルパカBOOKS(パソコン)にて電子書籍(雑誌)をご購入いただいたお客様へAndroidアプリから購入済書籍を閲覧する場合、Googleアカウントでログインし「エルパカBOOKS」アプリのダウンロードが必要です。ローソンWEB会員IDではgoogle [...]

Blio eBooks


Don’t just read books. Experience them.Blio doesn’t just put pages on a screen, it offers new possibilities.In Blioa textbook becomes a classroom…a cookbook becomes a kitchen…and a [...]



"Bookshelf" is a book management application.You can manage the books that you have interest or you read.It can be used ISBN, barcode, QR code (*1) and searching results to register the [...]

Google I/O Day Two Rundown…

By In

Day two of Google I/O is now officially over and in the books. The first day was all about our favorite phone OS Android, but day two was mainly about Google Chrome. There were also two more very [...]



Digibooks4all is a document reading application compatible with PDF and ePub Free or Adobe DRM’ed documents , including a Multi Bookstore application A user can choose from a list of [...]

Forgotten Books of the Bible


NEW CUSTOMERS: For the new Forgotten Books of the Bible 2.0 version, please visit the below link. The 2.0 version contains more functionality, easier to use, and the Continuous Updating Content [...]



Myebooks is a document reading application compatible with PDF and ePub Free or Adobe DRM’ed documents , including Myebooks Bookstore complete Greek e-books collection From within the app a [...]

AACC Bookstore for Android™


The Anne Arundel Community College Bookstore is now in the palm of your hand! The AACC Bookstore for Android™ App is here to help you make all of your purchasing decisions easier with a [...]

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