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Google Maps for Android 5.8 Brings Photo Uploads, My Places and Other Features

Time to fire up your Android Market app again folks as you will find an update prompt for the Google Maps Android app. The new version of this Google owned Android app is now available at 5.8 with several new features that will improve your experience particularly Google Places. The new features added to Google Maps for Android 5.8 include - the ...

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Best Ways to Find Places to Eat Pancakes Nearby

Best Ways to Find Places to Eat Pancakes Nearby If you find yourself in an unfamiliar territory in the morning craving pancakes or any other breakfast treat, what do you do? You turn to Google for help, of course. Just type in ‘pancakes near me’ or ‘breakfast near me’ and the search engine will come up with a number of solutions. However, in order to save you time and energy, we have com...

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The Latest Google Android OS Android M to be Released Later in May

android m Say hello to Android M, the latest and the greatest Google Android Operating system that is to be revealed later this month. While most of the droid heads out there are expecting the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for their smartphones like the second coming, Google is set to launch the next generation Android OS which will be detailed at the 2...

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Google Maps For Android Updated With New Design

google maps androidIf you are a huge fan of Google Maps on your Android device, as it has helped you in the past to find places in unfamiliar territory with ease, then you would be pleased to hear that a freshly baked version of Google Maps for Android has appeared over at the Google Play store, although it seems to be prepped for a gradual rollout over the next few ...

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Want Google Fiber? The Fiber team tells us how to get it!

Google FiberOne gigabit of download speed. It’s easy to talk about, but not easily conceived. We can read all the stats and data we like, but until it’s experienced, none of it really makes sense.So, how can we actually experience Fiber? Building a fiber optic network is a huge task, so how does Google accomplish it all? More importantly, we want to know h...

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Google Glass Forbids Apps Using Facial Recognition Sofware Until Further Notice

google glass Google said no to Facial Recognition Apps for its Google Glass gadget today, in an official company posting on Google+ social network. Well, at least until they will have protection in their device, in order to prevent its user to abuse someone else's privacy. I am not sure how they will manage to sort that thing out, but we will see soon enough...

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Hangouts (replaces Talk)

Google Talk is one of Google's services that I've used a lot in the past. On the one hand, I appreciated it because it integrated well with Gmail, G+ and Android. On the other hand, it had several limitations, like the inability to send pictures and simple chat. Today, Hangouts (replaces Talk) has taken the place of Google Talk and has br...

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Total Recoil Explodes onto Google Play

total recoil for androidThumbstar Games has quickly become a fan favorite with popular recent releases like Talisman Prologue and Anthill. Total Recoil is their latest game, and it’s a dual-stick shooter that lets you shoot and destroy almost anything in your path. Ready to blow up some bad guys and beat down big bosses? Total Recoil takes places in a world consumed by ...

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Evernote Food 2.0 update is now available on Google Play Food 2.0 update is now available on Google Play Evernote Food 2.0 update is now available on Google Play Evernote can help you remember important tasks, and Evernote Food helps you remember the foods you love the most. Evernote Food 2.0 just hit Google Play this afternoon, and if you thought the app was great before you’ll definitely be ...

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app Near By Places logo

Near By Places


Near By Places app is best for Looking the best nearby places and important places. Find nearby restaurants, banks, ATM's,bars, stores and more with just a few taps. What's Nearby locates your phone w...


Google releases and update to Google Maps

Google have just released their latest update to the Google Maps Android app, which comes as standard on any Google certified Android device these days. One of the main new features of this particular update is the ability to sync your map searches with the browser that you use on your PC which makes searching for previously typed addresses even ...

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Google Earth for Android app updated, now with 3D cities

Google Earth for Android is probably not the most popular among Google's Android apps. But that's not saying that the Android app is nothing good. In fact it is a pretty good app with advanced mapping features. And with the update, the app becomes even more advanced with the addition of 3D imagery of cities. According to Google, the 3D rendition...

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app Load Places Pro logo

Load Places Pro


Load Places Pro Version with Dropbox integracion and Ad-Free.An application that helps you use your POI file type KML, GPX and CSV Garmin with Google Navigator, Google Maps, Waze and StreetView.List o...

app Load Places Lite logo

Load Places Lite


Load Places Lite An application that helps you use your POI file type KML, GPX and CSV Garmin with Google Navigator, Google Maps, Waze and StreetView.Location with gps and network and you can see plac...

app Yaris Cool Places logo

Yaris Cool Places


Descubre los sitios más cool de tu ciudad y el nuevo Toyota Yaris con esta aplicación.Cool places:Vayas donde vayas, descubre los sitios más de moda que hay cerca de ti: restauran...

app Google Japanese Input logo

Google Japanese Input


Google Japanese Input, optimized for Android devices. Featuring a rich and relevant vocabulary set and convenient conversion capability to increase the efficiency of Japanese Input.* Features- Rich an...

app LatifyLite for Google Latitude logo

LatifyLite for Google Latit...


Latify Lite For Google Latitude is a free ad-supported version of Latify for Google Latitude. For more information on the Premium version, check

app Mojostreet – Friends & Places logo

Mojostreet – Friends ...


Mojostreet is a popular location based mobile app for discovering nearby friends and amazing places. This app helps you know where your Mojostreet and Facebook friends are and what they are up to in ...

app My Checkin Places Pro logo

My Checkin Places Pro


My Check-in Places for Facebook helps you easily find out the places where you have been. Keep checking your friends' latest location by watching in the map easily. Finally, you can share your locatio...

app My Checkin Places for Facebook logo

My Checkin Places for Faceb...


My Check-in Places for Facebook helps you easily find out the places where you have been. Keep checking your friends' latest location by watching in the map easily. Finally, you can share your locatio...

app KOREA TRAVEL MAP with Google logo

KOREA TRAVEL MAP with Googl...


? ? recommend a Korea trip travel with Google Map ? ? essential items for people who like to travel, to travel around with one of the essential items, including GPS functionality, as well as restauran...

app Smart Places Checkin Key logo

Smart Places Checkin Key


Unlock the full potential of Smart Places, the highest-rated Android check-in app for Facebook, with this premium key. IMPORTANT: The free version of Smart Places is required, so get it first if you h...


Google Intros Transit Navigation to Maps for Android 5.7

Google has just rolled out the updated Google Maps 5.7  for Android bringing in transit navigation in beta, as well as some new features that enhance the capabilities of the said Android app. The update is available now for Android phones and tablets. I was able to update my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but unfortunately not my Samsung Galaxy S II. I...

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app TapIn Places logo

TapIn Places


TapIn Places, its all about your daily check-in places by tap. - Take your camera & gallery photo, get place photo & share it.- View nearby places around your location. - Shared Facebook wall ...

app Earth Zoom : Famous Places logo

Earth Zoom : Famous Places


Earth Zoom! Now Get Earth Zoom Pro it has it All!! Zoom in from Space onto The Worlds Most Famous Places! Have you ever seen Pompeii, Karnak, Borobudur, Cappadocia, See where they are and how far fro...


Google Maps 5.5 for Android Adds Check-in and Rating Feature

Google has updated its Maps for Android to version 5.5 with some nifty features that will hopefully make you use the app more and more as an alternative to Foursquare or other location-based app. Specifically, the new version adds "check in" and "rate and review" buttons to Places pages, option for editing your home/work address for Latitude, and a...

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Google Earth Android App Updated, Now Optimized for Android Tablets

It was just a matter of time. Google Earth for the iPad was a pleasure to use, with great, high-quality graphics so it is just about proper for Google to make this app available for Android tablets as well. And so they did, Google Earth for Android has just been updated, or to be specific - optimized for Android Tablets. Google has added support...

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Location History Dashboard added to Google Maps Android App

If you're using Google Latitude on your desktop browser, you're probably familiar with the Location History dashboard . This is enabled via the Location History for Google Latitude. And once enabled, the dashboard lets you see a visualization of interesting trends in your location history. Now, that same Location History Dashboard has been enabled ...

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