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Google finally decided to integrate Market searches within Google Search on mobile phones. For instance, if you happen to search for an Android app on Google on your Android phone, the top choice should lead you to the Android Market. Granted, you could just easily search for the app within the Marketplace itself, but if you didn't know an app ...

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Google's search results redo plays out on iPhone, Android, too – CNET

Siliconrepublic.comGoogle's search results redo plays out on iPhone, Android, tooCNETGoogle's sidebar-filter modifications don't manifest exactly the same on iPhone and Android, however, as they do on the desktop--and that's a good thing. ...Google updates homepage for iPhone, Android smartphonesMobile BurnNew Google Search Page Com...

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Google Does Read Your Emails, According to Its Updated ToS

google   Google Admits to Reading Your Emails The tech giant Google just admitted that it's actually reading your emails. In case you did not know, after the privacy terms and conditions were updated on Monday, it became very clear the fact that all the information submitted via its email system is analyzed. The announcement is part of Google's...

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app Google Search logo

Google Search


Google Search app for Android: The fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device.* Quickly search the web and your phone or tablet* Use your voice to search and more* Get pe...


Google+ +1 activity may clutter streams, spam friends – here’s how to turn it off

Google Plus logoA Google+ update has enabled a feature that puts the service on par with other social networks when it comes to +1 behavior, as Google will now show “+1 activity updates in the stream.”In other words, +1 activity works more or less like Facebook Likes, which may not be such a good thing for everyone on Google+, as it could lead to cluttered str...

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Apple drops Google for Siri searches, switches to Bing

siri plus bingDuring the keynote presentation at its developers conference, Apple has revealed that Google is to be dropped as the Internet search engine for Siri in the next release iOS 7. Bing will now be used instead of Google for all Internet searches requested via iOS’ build-in voice assistant. According to comScore, Bing is only used for around 17 ...

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Nutrition information added to Google Search, helps you with your diet

nutrition informationNutrition information is the latest feature to be added to Google Search, making it easier for you to watch what you eat, even when on the go.According to an article on the official Google Search blog, the feature has already launched in the English version of search and will start rolling out in the U.S. in the next ten days. Presumably, it will b...

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Google Blimp To Deliver Wi-Fi Connectivity To The Heart Of Africa

google blimp When you mention Google, what comes into your mind? Chances are, we will think about Google being the first and foremost search engine authority in the world, and that is absolutely correct. The thing is, Google's foray into making humankind live better surpasses more than delivering accurate as well as relevant search results. Without Goo...

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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!, and the Google effect

Marissa MayerWhen Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo!, it was a catalyst for change. Having lost their way long ago, the former champions of search were in desperate need of transformation. With Meyers at the helm, the Yahoo! ship is now changing direction, but to what end? If all their recent moves (and rumored acquisitions) are any indication, Yahoo! may...

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Android 4.3 appears on Google Developers Website

android 4.3 Just hours before the Google's keynote presentation at the I/O Conference 2013, the latest version of Android 4.3 was released into the wild, as it appeared when searched in Google Developers website. Since Google's main event for 2013 is about to begin shortly, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep quiet about all the news which are to be...

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app Spot Search logo

Spot Search


Spot Search is a unique app that lets you keep track of all your favorite spots at home or when you're traveling. It doesn't store precise locations, so you can find the spots closest to you wherever ...

app FastSearch logo



Fast Search is used to simultaneously search the user keywords in popular search engines and display the resultsin different tabs. This will help user to easily view/compare results from different sea...

app Chrome Browser – Google logo

Chrome Browser – Goog...


Browse fast with the Chrome web browser on your Android phone and tablet. Sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience from your computer to bring it with you anywhere you go.Search fast• Search a...

app Yellow Search for Google™ logo

Yellow Search for Google™


Yellow Search for Google™ app - Creating a fun and colorful way to search the web from your android device. Get mobile optimized search results powered by the Google custom search engine. Includes s...

app Orange Search for Google™ logo

Orange Search for Google™


Orange Search for Google™ app - Creating a fun and colorful way to search the web from your android device. Get mobile optimized search results powered by the Google custom search engine. Includes s...

app Purple Search for Google™ logo

Purple Search for Google™


Purple Search for Google™ app - Creating a fun and colorful way to search the web from your android device. Get mobile optimized search results powered by the Google custom search engine. Includes s...

app Pink Search for Google™ logo

Pink Search for Google™


Pink Search for Google™ app - Creating a fun and colorful way to search the web from your android device. Get mobile optimized search results powered by the Google custom search engine. Includes sea...

app JS Image Finder (Image Search) logo

JS Image Finder (Image Sear...


JS Image Finder let you search images from the Internet using popular search engines. Ideal to e.g. find and save wallpapers for your Android device. JS Image Finder has a fast, smooth and easy to use...

app Easy Searcher logo

Easy Searcher


Search 25 sites from just one app. Enter a search term, click the appropriate button, and your search is on its way. With Easy Searcher, you no longer have to navigate to your favorite site, locate it...

app Search device logo

Search device


search device, offers so much more than other search applications. Search makes finding items on your device easy, Search your entire phone or tablet and SD card by typing a single letter or by drawin...

app 123people people search engine logo

123people people search eng...


<div id="doc-original-text" >123people empowers anyone to find information on themselves and others.<p>Find all online information about people with the new 123people app. Also, ...

app Voice Search​ logo

Voice Search​


Sometimes you need information fast but typing on your phone is inconvenient. This app lets you speak your query instead of typing into Google search. Tap the microphone icon by the search box, wait f...

app Google Search Music Extension logo

Google Search Music Extensi...


Google Search Music Extension (Music Infinite Extension for Google search) lets you search for artist and track information with Google from Music player, without entering keywords. You can instantly ...

app Metacritic Searcher logo

Metacritic Searcher


Metacritic Search allows for searching the entertainment review site ** Searching may be slow ** This is because it needs to make a query against and then parse the...

app QVC for GoogleTV (US) logo

QVC for GoogleTV (US)


Interact with your TV like never before with the QVC app for Google TV platform. Search products and order items right through your TV with this easy-to-use app you can download for free. QVC is maki...

app Safe Search logo

Safe Search


Worried about what you or your kids might see on the web? Safe Search is an app that leverages Google's "safe search" feature that filters out inappropriate content from search results.Note,...

app Black Google Search logo

Black Google Search


Black Google Search - the fastest way to save battery life and search the web and your phone with the help of an HD 3D widget!Text and voice (iphone Siri like) Google Black Search and 3D widgets for ...

app Area Measurement on google Map logo

Area Measurement on google ...


Area Calculator is a tool to calculate area and distances from google map. Pan and Zoom to move map to desired location, then repeatedly press "Add Point" and touch a location on map to dro...

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