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Computer Desktop Encycloped...


FREE INTRODUCTORY SPECIALFor the past 30 years, the most comprehensive and easiest-to-understand technical dictionary. There is nothing like CDE. FUNDAMENTALS for BEGINNERS. REINFORCEMENT for EXPERT...


Garminfone runs Android 1.6 and more interface pictures – ZDNet (blog)

UberGizmo (blog)Garminfone runs Android 1.6 and more interface picturesZDNet (blog)Garminfone may not be running the latest Android OS, but early reports are that the GPS works so well that it has ...Secure Your Android PhoneWashington PostAndroid 101: A Guide to Using Your Android PhonePC WorldAndroid Dual-Boot for iPhone ImprovedIntoMobile (blog)...

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Android Dual-Boot for iPhone Improved – IntoMobile (blog)

Android Dual-Boot for iPhone ImprovedIntoMobile (blog)OpeniBoot for the iPhone 3G, which allows you to launch into Android after a reboot, has been updated with SMS message and Wi-Fi support improved over the ...Secure Your Android PhoneWashington PostAndroid 101: A Guide to Using Your Android PhonePC WorldAndroid Apps that put the PHONE back in Sm...

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Understanding the Basics of Application Performance Management

Maintaining and improving the performance of applications is crucial for any developer, but it is a complex and time-consuming process. Because of this, an entire industry of application performance management has developed over the last few years, and this plays a vital role in nearly every modern advancement. While the overall goal and function o...

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Live Betting simply adds to the fun factor!

Betting on sporting events is a popular pastime that adds to the excitement when watching sporting events live. For most, sports betting is a hobby but there are bettors that regularly turn a tidy profit. The rapid development of the internet has made betting quick and easy. Whatever sport you wish to bet on, no matter how obscure it may be will b...

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The NSA & Comp Can Remotely Access Your PC Even When Turned Off or Offline

nsa I bet you did not know that, but the NSA and/or any other Government agency can get remote access over your computer, even when turned off. How about that? By remote access I mean that your privacy is zero, even if you're not connected to the internet or you have your hard drive encrypted. It doesn't matter. The Intel Core vPro CPU comes ...

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Can we really trust Google?

google When I'm asked if I trust Google, I have to say that trust doesn't come by default, it has to be earned first. In the beginning, we all trusted the good ol' Google with our private data, because they promised they will keep it secure. Fair warning, it's not only Google in this position, but they are THE tech company, the giant, the alpha and om...

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One More Reason to Choose Android vs iOS

android If you're not a big fan of Big Brother and the NSA surveillance, you will be shocked to know that Apple sold out completely : a report from The Social Media reveals that Apple just created a new technology which will be used to switch off the smartphone's camera, the Wi-Fi and whatever else necessary when its user will enter in a "sensible" are...

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iOcean Interactive


iOCEAN is a 3D educational app developed to supplement high school oceanography. It is intended as a resource for students and provides a fun way to learn through interactive visualization. GAMEPLAY i...


Android Trojan Found by Kaspersky, Bad like Jesse James

Android Trojan Kaspersky Labs, the well known antivirus software maker, recently announced the discovery of a very tricky Android Trojan, a malware codenamed Obama Obad. Obad stands for Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad and it is the most sophisticated, complex and tricksy bastard we have ever seen yet. With the advancements in mobile technology, now the smart phones ha...

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Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft attending anti device theft conference

Stolen phonesImage Credit: Photo West Midlands Police (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Cult of MacStealing smartphones may be a way of life for some people, and with the advance of technology, cashing in on a stolen device sold at half its listed price could be quite a deal. As recent reports show, cellphone theft in New York and various other cities from the United States h...

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Google reportedly working to build wireless network, aimed at emerging markets in Africa and Southeast Asia

Google logo aaThe Internet is a powerful tool. Used in the right hands it can oust corrupt governments, allow better collaboration and communication, and inspire us in ways that were impossible just a few decades ago. Those of us that have easy access to the web often take this gift for granted. We forget that out of roughly 7 billion people, only around 2 ½ bi...

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app Parques Naturales de Galicia logo

Parques Naturales de Galici...


Parques Naturais e Nacionais de Galicia es una guía creada por la Xunta de Galicia sobre el Parque Nacional y los 6 parques naturales existentes en la Comunidad Autónoma de Galicia, elab...

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Map Trivandrum


Map Trivandrum Application is a local search portal for everything you are looking for, in Trivandrum. Each and every establishment in Trivandrum will be displayed in Map Trivandrum, making it the mos...

app Maritime Professional logo

Maritime Professional


Maritime Professional is a unique global business resource, specifically tailored for the growing global network of marine researchers, professionals and executives. Take advantage of both online info...

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Active RSS –

0(0) - RSS ?????? ??? Active lockscreen, ??????????? ??????????? ?????????? ???????? ? ??????? RSS ?????. ????????? ?????????? RSS, ???? ?????? ?????????? ????????? ???????? ?? ?????????????????? ??...

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Cyclone Frenzy! Gold


Welcome to Cyclone Frenzy! Gold The secret Government facility known as F.I.M.A. has been experimenting with weather control for years. One fateful day, they were able to generate a man-made tornado. ...

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3(3) is South Africa and Africa's leading industry news website with daily news from 24 industry sectors including Marketing & Media, Recruitment, Finance, Technology and Government. G...

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Soil Survey Map


The Soil Survey Map App was developed by GCS Research, an award winning geospatial technology company based in Missoula, Montana. The map features the Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) by the United St...

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Spaces and places accessible to people with reduced mobility, located using augmented reality and real-time geolocation to provide information about where and how far away the selected accessible and ...

app Active Wildland Fires Map logo

Active Wildland Fires Map


The Active Wildland Fires App was developed by GCS Research, an award winning geospatial technology company based in Missoula, Montana. In order to give fire managers near real-time information, fire...

app TechBeat Winter 2012 – Tablet logo

TechBeat Winter 2012 –...


<div id="doc-original-text" >NLECTC announces the launch of TechBeat for the Android Market. Tech Beat<p>The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) a...

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GameTech 12


GameTech is an unique user-focused conference dealing with gaming technologies that enhance warfighter training. Gaming experts will discuss the current state of game technologies. Government, industr...

app Revista Negócios Públicos logo

Revista Negócios P&u...


O panorama nacional das compras públicas em informações completas e atuaisExclusivo veículo de comunicação especializa­do no setor de compras públi...

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The New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) connects companies, capital, and government. NJTC provides business support, networking opportunities, information, advocacy and recognition of technology comp...

app Senado de Puerto Rico logo

Senado de Puerto Rico


The Puerto Rico Senate (SenadoPR.US) has created Puerto Rico’s first local state government mobile apps for Android. The apps provide quick access to the most recent news, calendars, legislation, s...

app Rapid Rote Mobile logo

Rapid Rote Mobile


Rapid Rote Mobile is specifically designed for users of the CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages, which supports language and culture learning for specialized government purposes. As a lice...

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VeloCT:Text Safely on the R...


Texting while driving has become a very important issue in the world. It is one of the leading causes in injury and VeloCT is here to help change that. It will help protect both you and other driver...

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