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ARM launches new Cortex-A12 processor with new Mali-T622 GPU and Mali-V500 video processing

Cortex-A12-645pxARM has released details of its new Cortex-A12 processor which is designed to be a successor to the very popular Cortex-A9. Aimed at the mid-range smartphone and tablet markets, the A12 is 40 percent faster than the A9 and can be used in a big.LITTLE implementation. The new Mali-T622 GPU is OpenGL ES 3.0 compliant but yet has a 50 percent greater e...

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app Mobile GPU SpeedTestApp logo

Mobile GPU SpeedTestApp


GP2Mark is the demonstration software for Mobile GPU which uses Ray-Tracing Drawing Technology. You can compare the performance in GPU or many times per second that can be drawn. I think because it us...

app Amulet Prapidtaluangpusuk logo

Amulet Prapidtaluangpusuk


A 1x1 and 2x2 Prapidtaluangpusuk amulet for your home screen....

app GPUBench logo



GPUBench is a tool used to benchmark the GPU of your phone by showing OpenGL ES 2.0 effects.GPUBench uses old school demomakers 2D effects to analyze vertex and fragment shaders performance: - tunnel ...

app GO SMS THEME|AppealingPurple logo

GO SMS THEME|AppealingPurpl...



app SlideingPuzzle15 logo



The 24-piece sliding puzzle.Touch and slide the pieces and move.It can simultaneously run up to three pieces.From the Settings menu, the pictures capture the puzzle of your choice.You can choose the m...

app SlideingPuzzle24 logo



The 24-piece sliding puzzle.Touch and slide the pieces and move.It can simultaneously run up to four pieces.From the Settings menu, the pictures capture the puzzle of your choice.You can choose the mu...

app Overclocking  (GPU + CPU ) logo

Overclocking (GPU + CPU )


This is the easiest app to overclock CPU and GPU .- Overclock 150%.- More safe than another- Need more time operation (Security Design)We have appoozle support

app Real-Time GPU Raytracing logo

Real-Time GPU Raytracing


"Real-time Raytracing" operates with the Android device or it challenges. My HTC Desire HD is 5~6 fps. On your device work?----New Apps!!----+ CPU Real-time Raytracing -> MP2MarkSearch [M...

app GPU-T logo



With GPU-T (GPU-Test) you can test how much performance can achieve the GPU (Graphic Accelerator) of your Android device.In the next update we will include the benchmark mode....

app Reciprocity Desire ALPHA-GPU logo

Reciprocity Desire ALPHA-GP...


A game that simulates the theory of relationships between human beings.This game is in ALPHA, and is uploaded only because some test devices do not have direct contact with the development environment...

app SENGOKU OTOKOMAE SlidingPuzzl logo



This is the Sliding 24 puzzles.The Sengoku period or Warring States period in Japanese history was a time of social upheaval, political intrigue, and nearly constant military conflict that lasted rou...

app SlidingPuzzle logo



A simple sliding puzzle.Rearrange the shuffled tiles (1..15) to solve the puzzle.supports app2sd (android 2.2 and 2.3)Tags: slide puzzle, sliding puzzle, Schiebepuzzle, 15-puzzle...

app Air Ball! GPU logo

Air Ball! GPU


Enjoy the simple art of shooting a basketball. Uses the Box2D for Flash physics engine. Requires Adobe AIR.This version uses GPU rendering mode which is faster on certain devices. If you experience sl...

app PictureSlidingPuzzle logo



Sliding Picture Puzzle is a puzzle game,slide the sliding pieces and make the original image!It is also know as Slider Puzzles.This game has 24 levels, from 3*3 to 5*5 pieces, the pictures are very be...


Samsung Galaxy S Sports The Fastest GPU In Android Phones – UberGizmo (blog)

Times LIVESamsung Galaxy S Sports The Fastest GPU In Android PhonesUberGizmo (blog)... Samsung Galaxy S was officially unveiled, but as it is, the Samsung Galaxy S is probably the device with the fastest GPU in an Android phone to date. ...Samsung Galaxy SPC WorldAn Explanation of Samsung Galaxy S' Excellent Graphic CapabilityTopNews United Sta...

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Samsung Galaxy S contains most powerful GPU in any Android phone to date – Androinica (blog)

TrustedReviewsSamsung Galaxy S contains most powerful GPU in any Android phone to dateAndroinica (blog)So, you think that the Nexus One and the up and coming HTC EVO will be the 1Ghz powered Android phones to beat? Not entirely true. ...Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S Has 3x Faster GPU Than (blog)Samsung?s New AndroidPC WorldSa...

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Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S Has 3x Faster GPU Than Snapdragon – (blog)

Times LIVEAndroid Phone Samsung Galaxy S Has 3x Faster GPU Than (blog)AndroidAndMe has rewatched the Samsung Galaxy S keynote from earlier in the week (barrel of laughs 'round their way!) and realized that the 1GHz chip they ...Samsung?s New AndroidPC WorldSamsung's Latest Android: the Galaxy SMoby1 (blog)Samsung smart...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Is Here

galaxy gear The world of gadgets has welcomed a lot of intriguing devices lately, some of them being the smartwatches, some little tech-fellows that hope and promise to make your life easier. And they do a pretty good job, actually. As an example, see what the Samsung Galaxy Gear has to offer and find out if it’s capable of improving your life and deserv...

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Nexus 5 Specs Leaked

nexus 5 I’m sure that all you techies out there are clued up about the apparition of a new Nexus version, to be more specific, the LG made Nexus 5. Well, the fellows from just revealed that they have spotted a 10 MB log file of Android KitKat running on a Nexus 5. Searching through its 133,000 lines was fruitful, as some internal specificati...

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Oppo N1 Launched Officially in Beijing, China

Oppo N1 Yesterday, in Beijing, Oppo has made an official announcement about the release of their latest high-end smartphone, the Oppo N1, which comes as the result of the collaboration between the Chinese manufacturer and Cyanogen, a company known for designing Android-based software. The N1 flagship stands at 170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm and has a reasonable ...

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The New LG Vu 3 is Finally Here, Sports a 4:3 Screen and Snapdragon 800 SoC

LG Vu 3 LG has just made an official announcement regarding its latest and greatest phablet, and if some of you have been expecting a successor for the Optimus Vu series, you’ll be a little surprised, as the new member of the Vu family isn’t an “Optimus” anymore, being simply the LG Vu 3. The new smartphone made by the Koreans doesn’t really...

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The Nexus 5 Spotted in a Bar, Launching Date Rumored to be October 14

nexus A few days ago, in a bar, an employee from Google left unattended a device which hasn’t been announced yet and appears to be the heir to the Nexus throne, the 5th one from the series, to be more precise. A barkeeper took advantage of those moments and, besides taking a peek, he took some pictures and recorded a few clips of it, revealing that...

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Motorola DROID 5 Photos Leaked, Featuring Hardware QWERTY Keyboard

motorola droid 5 Motorola Droid 5 Photos and specs were leaked today, revealing its full QWERTY keyboard and the 4.3 inches wide 720p screen. Good news for those of you who still enjoy the benefits of using a physical QWERTY in these times, when touchscreens and virtual keyboards are ruling the smartphone world. Remember the Motorola DROID 4, that was releas...

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Here Comes a Prototype Picture of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

galaxy gear Samsung is preparing to reveal its Galaxy Gear smartwatch these days, on Wednedsay, September 4, to be more precise, at the pre-IFA media event that takes place in Berlin. Ever since the word got out about such a device coming from Samsung, everybody’s been speculating about how is it going to look and about its list of specificatio...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumored to Use the Snapdragon 800 SoC

galaxy note 3 Rumor has is that the soon to be announced phablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3, will run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 instead of their in-house made Exynos 5 Octa system on chip. The story was leaked by ETNews, which claims it has sources inside the company that revealed Samsung still has problems manufacturing its Exynos 5 Octa processo...

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Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Specs Leaked

samsung The latest and the greatest in wearable technology is expected to come from Samsung Mobile at IFA 2013 on September 4th (probably simultaneously with  the official launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3), in the shape and form of a "Galaxy Gear Smartwatch". Basically, the smartwatch will be a tiny, wearable smartphone and today we have rumors ...

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Bloomberg Confirms the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Will Be Unveiled on September 4

samsung-logoYesterday news hit the web on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and today Bloomberg chimed in to confirm those rumors surrounding Samsung’s mysterious smartwatch. Little is known so far about the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (SM-V700), but according to Bloomberg’s sources, the Galaxy Gear won’t have the long-rumored flexible display. Do...

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