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Use the unique powers of the...


Grab some Fun with graBLOX for Android

Overview I’ve been on a big puzzle game kick lately and found a great new one last week called graBLOX from Blind Cat Studios. As the name implies, the game involves grabbing blocks and I for one never knew just how much fun grabbing blocks could be. Playing graBLOX is easy, but mastering the game is not. When a level starts you’ll see se...

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The Best Android Puzzle Games of 2012

best android puzzle games 2012 Whether you’re twisting or tapping, puzzle games are always a joy to play. The puzzle category was one of the more difficult ones to nail down , but after going through hundreds of games we managed to narrow it down to 15. Without further ado, we proudly present our picks for the Best Android Puzzle Games of 2012… Zen Bound 2 If you’...

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