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Guerrilla Bob Lite for Android has arrived!

If you haven't played the hit game Guerrilla Bob yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Well, developers Angry Mob Games have released a limited “Lite” version of the game, so now you’ll get to find out just how awesome it is. Guerrilla Bob is an action packed shooter with lots of weapons, power-ups, and some great bosses. It has some...

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Guerilla Bob Released for Android

Guerilla Bob Released for Android Overview One of the most popular iOS games recently, Guerrilla Bob just landed on the Android Market. For those who have not played this game before on the iPhone or iPad, now is you chance to play this game on your Android phone or better yet on your Android tablets, specifically the Motorola XOOM. Guerrilla Bob features a not too hard and yet no...

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