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Hackers Stole 160 Million Credit Cards in 7 Years from US Banks

hackers A group of computer hackers, four of them Russian nationals and an Ukrainian, were charged today in Newark by the US Attorney Paul Fishman for running a sophisticated scheme which allowed them to break into various computer networks and steal an impressive amount of credit cards numbers.Actually, this seems to be the worst case of credit card f...

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Jay-Z Android App Cloned By Hackers

jay zHackers have managed to clone the app for the collaboration between electronics giant Samsung and rapper Jay-Z. The app which was intended to promote the rapper's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail and also provide exclusive content for the Samsung Galaxy range of mobile phones was released on June 24th. The music on the app was delivered to...

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Android Vulnerability Discovered Allows Hackers to Modify Apps

Android Vulnerability     Once again, it looks like nothing is safe anymore on the Internet, as yet another Android Vulnerability was discovered, revealing that all our Android running devices are vulnerable to a flaw in the Matrix. This Android Vulnerability may allow a hacker to gain full access over your device, i.e. making calls,sending SMS ...

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Cryptographic bug in Android lets hackers create malicious apps with system access

cryptographic binary codeSecurity researchers have found a bug in Android which allows them to create malicious Android apps which appear to be genuine with the correct digital signatures. In computing, digital signatures allow any piece of data, including an app, to be checked to see that it is genuine and actually comes from the author. Now, due to a bug in Android, it i...

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app My Hackerspace logo

My Hackerspace


Open/Close statuses of the hackerspaces included in the SpaceAPI, show information included in the API and provides a widget to show the status and open the space information faster./! Please Report b...

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This site provides the latest news and updates from the site is the latest site for latest news from invisiblehackers....

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This site provides the latest news and updates from the site is the latest site for latest news from hackersgang....

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This application retrieves RSS feeds from

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Canon Camera Hackers Manual


The Canon Camera Hackers Manual, published by Rocky Nook Buy this DRM-free ebook today! Powered by Aldiko.The ultimate resource for the geeky photographer, exploring and unleashing the real...

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syn2cat Hackerspace


syn2cat Hackerspace application, allows for members to open the hackerspace and will feature some more content in the future.Lightbulb © 2003–2005 Novell, IncWarning icon © KDE-Artists...


Windows Mobile Hackers Turn Microsoft OS Into Android – I4U

TrustedReviewsWindows Mobile Hackers Turn Microsoft OS Into AndroidI4UHmm...well, how about if you turned it into an Android handset instead? It's the newest thing out there; all the "cool" kids are doing it. ...DIYers Hack Windows Mobile Phones to Run AndroidWired NewsMicrosoft won't be pretty in PinkComputerworld (blog)TMo - Tra...

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You Should Avoid the Fake Grand Theft Auto 5 Android App as It May Contain Malware

grand theft auto 5 If you're an Android user, fair warning : you should avoid downloading and installing the Grand Theft Auto 5 app as it may be very dangerous for your device. That, of course, if you're not 100% absolutely sure that this is the "real thing", so pay extra attention folks. You must be aware that there may be thousands of Rockstar's iFruit app i...

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In the Future, Nymi Will Use Your Own Pulse as a Password

nymi A little known company named Bionym just invented a new way to secure your personal data using a wristband called Nymi, a method which could make passwords, credit cards or pin numbers obsolete. The new identification method is called "pulse passwords" and it uses your heartbeat in order to create a unique bio-password for all your needs. Ev...

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Hesperbot, The New Banking Trojan Infects Android Smartphones

hesperbot ESET, the company behind the well known NOD32 anti-virus software, just announced their latest discovery : Hesperbot, a new and very effective banking trojan, that targets people who use online banking in order to gain access to their accounts. The nasty part about this new malware is its design, which is able to circumvent the mobile multi ...

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FBI is Using the Dark Side of the Force for Turning Your Android Smartphone Into a Surveillance Device

android If you're a frequent visitor of it's a logical conclusion that you're using some sort of a smart device running on Android OS. But what you probably don't know is the fact that the FBI (and probably other Government agencies) is using your Android precious against you, without your knowledge and consent. This is not a conspirac...

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Chinese IT Giant Lenovo Banned by US State Department

Lenovo You got that right, the US State Department just announced that all Lenovo-made personal computers/laptops/Android running devices, well, you name it, are not allowed anymore inside the secure US networks. Basically, Lenovo cannot supply anymore IT equipment for intelligence agencies in US and worldwide due to very serious concerns regarding...

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Famous Japanese Poker Player Arrested for Distributing Android Malware

android malware If you're a poker aficionado, you probably heard about Masaaki Kagawa, a celebrity poker player from Japan who won over $1.5 million in poker tournaments all around the world and apparently made himself a new career in distributing Android malware. Just a few days ago, Mr. Masaaki was arrested by the Japanese police under the suspicion that ...

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Android Trojan Found by Kaspersky, Bad like Jesse James

Android Trojan Kaspersky Labs, the well known antivirus software maker, recently announced the discovery of a very tricky Android Trojan, a malware codenamed Obama Obad. Obad stands for Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad and it is the most sophisticated, complex and tricksy bastard we have ever seen yet. With the advancements in mobile technology, now the smart phones ha...

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Kovboy Düello


Kovboy oyunu oynamak için en büyük sebep...Bir anda çıkan yüzlercesini hızlı bir sekilde vurmaya çalısın.Kendi içerisinde kovboy oyunları arasında en keyifli oyun.razinin sert koşullar...

app Angelina Jolie Live Wallpaper logo

Angelina Jolie Live Wallpap...


Get the best Angelina Jolie wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!Angelina Jolie (pron.: /dʒoʊˈliː/...


Behind the Cube: Day 78 with 22cans Curiosity

A few weeks have passed which means it’s time to check back in on that curious little thing known as 22cans Curiosity. We are now on Day 78 and seventeen layers have been removed since our last update. So what’s gone on around the Cube in the past few weeks? More or the same; there are still a lot of folks tapping and there still seems to be a...

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Galaxy S3 – new firmware will fix Exynos exploit and sudden death

Probably during mid-December we reported about an exploit which was found in the devices which used Exynos processors. Popular devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 were among the list. And a few days back we did a piece on Samsung’s knowledge about the exploits and the Sudden Death Issue. Today we are happy to see that Samsung was true to...

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app 해커스 텝스 보카 어드밴스드 logo

해커스 텝스 보카 어...


* 출시기념 할인 4900원 --> 3900원!텝스 베스트셀러 1위 "해커스 텝스 보카" 고급자용 학습 어플 출시!! 지루한 단어 암기에서 벗어나 단어 음성...

app Hacker’s Quest logo

Hacker’s Quest


Hacker's Quest is a stunning text adventure that needs a great hacker to reveal dark secrets!Inspired by the Linux shell your smartphone turns into a hacking terminal. You'll get to know many people a...


Slam your way through Summer with the Official WWE Android App

Ohhh yeahhhh… sorry that was my inner Macho Man Randy Savage snapping into a Slim Jim. Your inner wrestler is probably just as happy as mine how that the WWE Android App has finally arrived. WWE or WWF as I still call it is a massive entity and while they’re a little late getting to the Android party wrestling fans young and old are defini...

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HiddenPad PRO Password Mana...


Hidden Pad PRO will allow you to manage personal passwords, private Phone Number and notes storing in a crypted file protected with a strong password. HiddenPad manages scribble note for each item dra...

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Private Calls


Private SMS and CALLS will allow you to manage personal Phone Numbers storing in a crypted file protected with a strong password.Private SMS and CALLS protects your personal data from unauthorized use...

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Make Money Online – B...


Ever wondered how people like Hackers/BlackHats actually make money online?!? Well this will explain in DETAIL how to make money online just like they do. One of the methods is how to make $17,000 in ...

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