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app Milk for Dead Hamsters logo

Milk for Dead Hamsters


Read Milk for Dead Hamsters webcomics, star your favourites, search by title, browse the archives, and share with your friends.The M4DH comics are owned by Pat Mallon, licensed Creative Commons (by-nc...

app Animals : Hamsters logo

Animals : Hamsters


When Mother Nature wants to create something really cute, she sure is able to get the perfect balance between tenderness, loveliness, furriness, lickiness and heart-melting big expressive loving eyes....

app Panoramic Screen logo

Panoramic Screen


Panoramic Screen is a Live Wallpaper which creates 3D panoramas from ANY regular wallpapers and 2D images. No battery drain!Based on an original idea, Panoramic Screen featured many cool settings and ...

app Funny Hamster Pilot Widget logo

Funny Hamster Pilot Widget


In essence Syrian hamsters - animals single. In one cage hamsters are only if they grew up together. Hamster love to seed, grain, root crops, vegetables and fruits. Very often creatures do stocks, tr...

app Funny Hamster Widget logo

Funny Hamster Widget


Very often popular type of young lovers tvarynok are Syrian hamsters and golden hamsters. In the wild they lead an active life at dusk, preferring to rest during the day that basically affects childre...

app Hamster Power! Live Wallpaper logo

Hamster Power! Live Wallpap...


If any problems arise with your purchase, please contact us for assistance at before adding a negative comment . We are more than happy to refund a purchase if we can't...

app Metaballs Liquid HD logo

Metaballs Liquid HD


Mysterious liquid metaballs arrived from an unknown part of the universe. We dont know who they are. Discover new form of life!Fantastic interactive 3D live wallpaper with 15 completely different pred...

app Brick Spider Solitaire HD logo

Brick Spider Solitaire HD


"An original and challenging way of playing solitaire. High recommendable" - androidzoom.comBrick Spider Solitaire combines classic spider solitaire with a new level of challenge. Play spide...

app Hamster Life logo

Hamster Life


This is a fun pet training game! A free breeding game application with a lovely hamster! Feed and train your cute Hamster at your leisure period. Raise the Ham by boiled rice or stroke, or the belly i...

app Hamster Doodle Free logo

Hamster Doodle Free


Help the Hamsters Float to Freedom!Use your finger to blow your Hamsters with their balloons up to freedom! Pick up sunflower seeds to score points. You have 4 hamsters per level -- Get all of the g...

app Pet Rescue Motel (Free) logo

Pet Rescue Motel (Free)


*** Find out more about SOFTGAMES on our Facebook page (we love it when you "like" us)! [LINK:] ***Come and build your very own amazing Pet Motel for hundred...

app Hamster Cannon logo

Hamster Cannon


Hamster Cannon is a physics-based puzzle game, in which the user combines and launches various hamsters out of cannons to collect Golden Noms. Each hamster is armed with their own special skills so it...

app 김구라맞고 시즌2 logo

김구라맞고 시즌2


김구라맞고시즌2 최고에요!!김구라맞고시즌2! 다운 받을까 말까 애매~할 때는 그냥 다운 받아서 즐기세요^^무료게임이라는게 신기할정도로 재밌어요~...

app 신봉선맞고 시즌2 logo

신봉선맞고 시즌2


* 만능 엔터테이너 신봉선양의 최강 버라이어티 맞고 게임~ 신봉선맞고시즌2!!!(구글인앱 결제)- 구글 플레이 300만건/T스토어 시리즈 누적 80만건 돌파 ...


A Review of Big Blue Bubbles Hamster Cannon for Android

A Review of Big Blue Bubbles Hamster Cannon for Android Overview There have been quite a few cannon related games come out over the past year and gamers have shot everything from clowns to aliens from the big guns. This time around you’ll shoot Hamsters out of cannons thanks to the team at Big Blue Bubble. Hamster Cannon is the latest from the people behind the hit game Burn the Rope, and while t...

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Top 10 Android Games of the Week – January 8th, 2012

The first week of 2012 is in the books, and while it was a pretty slow week for games we did get a few good ones. This week gamers were able to fire hamsters from cannons, control robots, crush diamonds, and take on tanks with wizards among other crazy tasks.  Without further ado, here are our Top picks for the week of January 8th, 2012... ...

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app lovely pet Wallpaper logo

lovely pet Wallpaper


Get your lovely pet Wallpaper.A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and a person's enjoyment, as opposed to wild animals or to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or sport ani...

app ADB Wireless Pro logo

ADB Wireless Pro


Root required!The most automated, easy-to-use and stable ADB management tool with a great support.+ Easy control of ADB via widget and/or notification bar+ Always screen on in Wireless adb mode+ Auto ...


Princess Punt – Android Game Review

Princess Punt – Android Game Review Overview Princess Punt is a quirky little Android game from GungHo Games that involves punting Heroes and bombs at your enemies. It’s an odd premise to say the least, but one that works as it sucks you in with its gameplay & graphics. This is definitely one of those cases of “Don’t let the name fool ya” as a lot of people might see...

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app Hamster Doodle logo

Hamster Doodle


Help the Hamsters Float to Freedom!Use your finger to blow your Hamsters with their balloons up to freedom! Pick up sunflower seeds to score points. You have 4 hamsters per level -- Get all of the g...

app Crazy Hamster Fight logo

Crazy Hamster Fight


Crazy Hamster Fight.Help the farmers to destroy the hamsters....

app Super Whistle logo

Super Whistle


Super Whistle is a fast and effective whistle app for the Android. Culminating the lessons learned from my mega popular "easy whistle" series of Android apps, Super Whistle is a customizabl...

app Stom3D logo



<div id="doc-original-text">Stom3D<p><p>Keywords:<br>Flash Game Box gives you FREE access to thousands of the best flash games across genres like Strategy, Tower Defe...

app Cuddly Pet Pals! logo

Cuddly Pet Pals!


An amazingly addictive game where you match pictures of cute animals! Over 100 wallpaper pictures of puppies, kittens, chicks, ducklings, panda bears, hamsters, etc to choose from, this is the cutest ...

app Ninja Hamster Rescue logo

Ninja Hamster Rescue


Ninja Hamster Rescue is an addictive side scrolling action game brought to you by NAKAI Entertainment. Simple game controls allow this game to be played by users of any age, but to master it you must ...

app Hörcsögolimpia logo



Nyári hőségfutamVálaszd ki, hogy Jinnek vagy Jangnak segítesz-e abban, hogy a nyári hőségben beszerezzék az elszórt elemózsiát!A feladat: a lehető legrövidebb idő alatt elérni a pálya...

app Beatrix Potter Wallpapers logo

Beatrix Potter Wallpapers


Delightful images from English author Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s books to browse and set as your Android home screen. Includes illustrations from the tales of Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten, Sq...

app Hamster Care logo

Hamster Care


Discover how to care for you hamster!Here is what you will learn inside...? Considering a Hamster as a Pet? Housing for your Hamster? Hamsters and Knawing (biting)? Exercise for your hamster? Feeding ...

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