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Got Some Free Time? Check Out These Games

Got Some Free Time? Check Out These Games If you’re like millions of Android users, you use your phone for a variety of everyday things from an alarm in the morning to counting calories throughout the day and answering important work emails while on the go. Although your Android is an essential tool to help you get through a busy day, don’t forget to give yourself a little down time a...

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The 1st SWIFT Compliant Ad Network – StartApp

Swift Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference unveiled a new C-based programming language known as Swift. This application will be able to restructure the Mac OS and iOS app development process. Swift takes high level coding language, combines it with C and provides the flexibility of Python and Node.js to create a world of applications to the developer...

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Fallen Tree Games releases Quell Memento for Android

quell.memento-androidFallen Tree Games first caught our attention with their puzzler Quell, and then they blew us away with Quell Reflect. Now they’re back with Quell Memento, and if you’re into puzzlers your free time is about to take a big hit. Quell Memento follows the other two games in the series as you set out to work a series of puzzles in an old house. The ...

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Moto X Phone launch set for late summer, but no actual release date given

X Phone conceptX Phone conceptAfter unexpectedly confirming the Moto X Phone during a D11 interview, Motorola has issued a brief press release for the handset, mentioning a launch window for the device.During the interview, Motorola’s Dennis Woodside told the audience that the handset will be manufactured in the USA in a former Nokia-owned facility that will em...

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Factory Balls Review

Factory Balls Review A few weeks ago we told you about an awesome game called Sugar, Sugar by Bart Bonte. Now we are back to tell you about another great game from Mr. Bonte called Factory Balls. Factory Balls is a puzzle game about balls and boxes. Each level presents you with an open box, a white ball, and some tools. You’ll have to make the white ball look like t...

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Android Authority On Air – Episode 65 – The HTC One Stock Android ‘Senseless’ Rumor Is True

Android Authority on AirThis week on Android Authority On Air we covered the latest and great Android ecosystem rumors to hit the web since Google IO last week. Will we see Android 4.3 announced and a few new devices come June 10th? We’re not sure but, a white Nexus 4 has been spotted again and a new, Google branded media player pass through the FCC.During IO13, a f...

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Frighten Folks into a Frenzy in The Spookening for Android

The Spookening for AndroidThere are several spooky Android Games floating about on Google Play, but a new one by the name of The Spookening has quickly become a personal favorite. It gives you a taste of what life might be like as a ghost, and it’s pretty Spooktacular…The Spookening is a 3D puzzler that lets you play a ghost with a penchant for scaring people. The ghoul...

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app 뉴빵카페 빠른 접속 어플 즐겨찾기 logo

뉴빵카페 빠른 접속 ...


본앱은 비공색앱으로 뉴빵카페를 매일 이용하는 소수의 매니아 사용자들의 요청에 의해 제작되었습니다.단축메뉴를 통해 몇가지 편리 기능을 제공합...

app Ultra Stocks PRO Free logo

Ultra Stocks PRO Free


Ultra Stocks Market application is built with the idea, that stock and trade monitoring, could be simple, efficient, intuitive and productive. It has every quintessential features you will need, with ...


Go for the Gold in Potshot Pirates 3D for Android

potshot.pirates-androidThere’s a new trend going on with physics flingers where games let you pan around the objects you’re trying to hit. Potshot Pirates 3D is the latest game to try the new firing formula and I’m happy to say they’ve pulled it off quite well. Once upon a time there was a pirate named Joe Elusive and he liked to hid his gold just like all paran...

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Games to Get Excited For: EightyEight Games 10,000,000 for Android

10,000,000 may not be the best name for a game, but it’s a name you’ll never forget and it’s one of the most addicting games we’ve ever played. iOS users got a taste of the madness last year, and we’re happy to report that 10,000,000 for Android is heading to an Android device near you sooner than later. If you’re unfamiliar with 10,00...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – February 25, 2013

The Mobile World Congress may be in full swing, but we’re still here to bring you the Top New Android Games from the past week. This week’s list is full of awesome games from retro platformers to colorful sheep that spit light at wolves. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks this week… 1. MANOS: T...

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LittleBobby Games releases Bobbing for Android

We’ve played musical games, and we’ve played games that let you be the DJ. We haven’t however played a game quite like Bobbing from LittleBobby Games… Bobbing is a fast-paced game involving gravity, balls, and a record of sorts. When you fire up the game you’re hit with a funky beat, a ball, and a turntable. The ball rolls while the turn...

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Free Falling Fun with Captain Clumsy for Android

Google Play is flooded with endless runners, jumping games, and even a few falling games. Pirates: Captain Clumsy falls into the latter category as you’ll take control of a clumsy captain with an extreme dislike of seagulls. Captain Clumsy is the tale of a pirate that was set for retirement until he loses his booty. Needless to say the captain...

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Fabrik ebook reader released onto Google Play, with Dropbox support

While there may already be numerous ebook reader Android applications available on the Google Play Store, a new one has been released and according to the creator of the app - XDA Developer member eirikrwu - he created the app because of all the other ebook reader apps already available, none suited him. I can relate as I have several different eb...

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app Control Chart Selection logo

Control Chart Selection


When dealing with vast amounts of data types and measurements, it can be daunting to find the right tool for the task. Control Charts aid the Six Sigma professional in the process of determining if a ...

app RPG Covenant of Solitude logo

RPG Covenant of Solitude


LIMITED PRICE! ($7.99 -> $2.99, 63% OFF)----------An unforgettable RPG over the blood of the genies!※ Please contact if you discover any bugs or problems in the app. We cannot re...

app Android Updates, News & Apps logo

Android Updates, News &...


????? Drippler is "A must-have for Android owners" (TheNextWeb). Make your Android even more awesome! Download Drippler to get the latest Android updates, Android news and new Android apps, specific t...


SkyBB releases the Sky sports app for Android

The Sky Sports app has been available on iTunes for a while and is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models and SkyBB have now released the sports app on to the Android platform. The Sky Sports Android app lets you watch Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports F1, Sky News, At the Race...

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Survive the Apocalypse with Rebuild for Android

Rebuild is a turn-based strategy game that takes place in a post –apocalyptic world filled with zombies, and as the title implies your job is to rebuild society. You’ll quickly find out that this is no easy task as you’ll need to manage your personal, kill zombies, and scavenge for supplies before taking you’re your territory. Rebuild...

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app Unofficial RSWX logo

Unofficial RSWX


Welcome to the Unofficial RSWX application. I make no claim over any of the content, that is all Dave and Steph's work, I simply made it available to the many thousands of Android fans, in an app tha...

app Baby First Aid Lite logo

Baby First Aid Lite


We'd all like to think that we'll never be put in the position of having to save our baby's life, but it could happen. Babies choke on food and toys, slip under the water in the tub or a pool, and get...

app Tao te Ching – Free logo

Tao te Ching – Free


The Tao te Ching of Lao Tzu is among the wisest books ever written and one of the greatest gifts ever given to humankind. In the handful of pages that make up the Tao te Ching, there is an answer to e...

app Transmeet.Tv MusicMap logo

Transmeet.Tv MusicMap


MusicMap gives you a comprehensive review of interesting and attractive musical events with a handful of information and services, and easy-to-use navigation....

app Mafia Game logo

Mafia Game


????? Mafioso from the entire land are moving to Vegas. Eliminate your competition and assert yourself as Don of Sin City!BECOME A GANGSTER AND FIGHT WITH YOUR FRIENDS FOR SUPREMACY IN LAS VEGASIn Maf...

app Radiosoulwax logo



Hello and welcome to RADIO SOULWAXWHAT is Radio Soulwax?Ok, so it's a radio station, but not as you know it. For now, it's a growing collection of 24 one hour-long mixes with visuals that we are shari...

app 94/7 FM Alternative Portland logo

94/7 FM Alternative Portlan...


94/7 FM… home of Alternative Mornings, The 8@8, 90’s at Noon, Passport Approved, New Music Heaven, The Perfect Playlist and more!94/7 too… Northwest Bands Only, one of just a handful of stations...

app Weegie Board logo

Weegie Board


All the convenience of having a weegie in your pocket, a pocket rocket, a bampot or burberry toppped ned.Glasgow patter, phrases, chatup lines for the sengas and a handful of insults with the option t...

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