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How to manage your music career from your smartphone

If there ever was a time to get in the music business - it’s now. The internet, and social media in particular, have transformed the way people find and consume music, and made it possible for more people than ever to get their voice heard. So, whether you’re thinking of going solo or want to take your local band to the next level, we’ve ...

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How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh for a Meeting While on the Go

tie-690084_640And you thought you had this whole working remotely thingnailed down. There are some tips and tricks to looking good for meeting, when you have put it been putting down the miles. Whether you’re hopping on a jet plane or piloting your minivan at warp speed, looking fresh and professional takes some tips and tricks that aren’t going to appear on...

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How To: Make Your Phone Work Overseas

Traveling with your smartphone is possible, but most of us don’t know the first thing about how to do it. It requires monkeying with the SIM cards, contacting the manufacturer who made your phone, and more. With all that monkeying about, many people aren’t willing to put in the time (especially when there’s no 100% guarantee that your attempt...

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How to Turn Your Android Smartphone Into a Microscope With The Microphone Lens

microphone lens I don't know about you, but I think that turning your Android running smartphone into a microscope is the coolest idea ever and now it can become reality, thanks to the Microphone Lens. I love to take macro pictures of insects and stuff, especially with a nice auto-focus camera (I always use my smartphone, I never owned a dedicated camera), ...

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app How To Trim Belly Fat logo

How To Trim Belly Fat


Have you ever looked down at your midsection and felt that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach where you know it's not how you want to look and you so desperately on the inside wish to shed all t...


Android for Beginners: How to Avoid Trojans on your Smartphone

cyberhacker keyboardA few days ago came the news of a new vulnerability in Android - the Master Key - one of the greatest threats so far, affecting 99% of devices. The information came through a laboratory study by Bluebox Security, who also has an application that tells you whether your smartphone is affected. In light of this study's findings, we have compiled ...

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Google+ +1 activity may clutter streams, spam friends – here’s how to turn it off

Google Plus logoA Google+ update has enabled a feature that puts the service on par with other social networks when it comes to +1 behavior, as Google will now show “+1 activity updates in the stream.”In other words, +1 activity works more or less like Facebook Likes, which may not be such a good thing for everyone on Google+, as it could lead to cluttered str...

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Don’t be a victim: How to spot a fake Samsung Galaxy S4 (or any other name brand smartphone)

Fake Samsung Galaxy S4 With Samsung still holding on to its place at the very top of the world smartphone market, there is no shortage of China-made clones of its most popular handsets — namely, the Galaxy S3 and its current flaship, the Galaxy S4. Unlike the imitation phones of many years ago, the ones that you can purchase now look very similar to the models tha...

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Tech Startups: Where They Thrive, Who They Are and How to Start One

CommunityIn keeping with our Fourth of July celebrations, we thought we'd write a short piece about tech startups, and in particular tech startups that connect people and create communities. So as you sit around with your family today, take a moment to think about some of the ways these innovative companies have helped bring you together, even when you...

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How To Fix Galaxy S3 Email Notification Count Problems

galaxy s3Anyone who is a couple of years old can be forgiven if they are unable to count properly, for us humans at least. When it comes to smartphones, however, you could more or less say that it is anathema for a smartphone like the older flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S3, to botch up its email count in the notification area. So far, there have been re...

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How to get T-Mobile’s $30/month unlimited data smartphone plan

t-mobile-logo-hugeIf you don’t talk on your mobile phone much, but like to use apps, navigation, or any other kind of data-absorbing functions, you know how important a good data plan is. What if we told you that you could pay about $30/month for unlimited data, with the first 5MB at top speeds? Now we’re talking!The Consumerist recently highlighted the low-cost...

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Want Google Fiber? The Fiber team tells us how to get it!

Google FiberOne gigabit of download speed. It’s easy to talk about, but not easily conceived. We can read all the stats and data we like, but until it’s experienced, none of it really makes sense.So, how can we actually experience Fiber? Building a fiber optic network is a huge task, so how does Google accomplish it all? More importantly, we want to know h...

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How to Hack Your Google Glass and Void Warranty in the Process

hack your google glass As soon as the controversial Google Glass gizmo was released into the wild for a few thousand pre-selected developers, the question of how to hack your Google Glass was obvious for every techie who put his filthy little hands on Google's finest. The story becomes very interesting now, as Google appears to slowly encourage the Google Glass develo...

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app How to Harlem Shake logo

How to Harlem Shake


Forget Gangnam Style! Do you want to know how to Harlem Shake? Or simply just want to have fun? Which one is better? Harlem or Gangnam Style? This app will inspired you to create Harlem Shake viral da...

app How To Play The Piano & Chords logo

How To Play The Piano &...


Do you love music? Do you want to play a PIANO or a KEYBOARD? Do you need tips and guide on how to play a piano or a keyboard.....This *How To Play The Piano & Chords* APP has a lot of helpful tip...

app How to Buy a Used Car logo

How to Buy a Used Car


A collection of videos concerning how to buy a used car. There are many videos about finding a used car, buying and selling a used car, how to buy a cheap used car, used car buying guides and tips, et...

app How To Draw Dog Video logo

How To Draw Dog Video


How To Draw Dog Video ApplicationThe dog has been the first animal to be domesticated and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and pet animal in human history. The word "dog" may ...

app How To Draw Cartoons People logo

How To Draw Cartoons People


How To Draw Cartoons People Video ApplicationA cartoon is a form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art. While the specific definition has changed over time, modern usage refers to a typically non-...

app How To Do Stuff logo

How To Do Stuff


This app contains over 100 videos about how to do stuff. We have carefully hand-picked videos to match your needs perfectly. The videos include25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 45 MinutesBad Breath Test How ...

app How To Draw Skull Wizard Video logo

How To Draw Skull Wizard Vi...


How To Draw Skull By Wizard Video ApplicationSkull the bony part of the head in vertebrates, bone skeleton head, protecting it from damage and it serves the attachment of soft tissue.This app will add...

app How To Play Nirana Video logo

How To Play Nirana Video


How to Play Nirana Video ApplicationAs the nineties came and went, the trio known as Nirvana burst out of the Seattle scene to become front-runners, and thousands of young fans started copying their t...

app How To Draw Cartoon Beginners logo

How To Draw Cartoon Beginne...


How To Draw Cartoon Beginners Video ApplicationA cartoon is a form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art. While the specific definition has changed over time, modern usage refers to a typically no...

app How to Play Bongos Salsa Video logo

How to Play Bongos Salsa Vi...


How to Play Bongos Salsa Video ApplicationAnyone can play the bongos with a bit of practice and rhythm. Bongo music adds a lot of swing to salsa and similar Latin American music. Bongo music can be th...

app How To Eliminate Stress logo

How To Eliminate Stress


How To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety In Your Life explains in simple terms how to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life. Learn how to determine whether you suffer from stress or anxiety. Discover...

app How To Credit Score Calculator logo

How To Credit Score Calcula...


How To Use A Credit Score CalculatorDiscover easy ways to learn these complex calculationsThere was a time when complicated math problems had to be figured out with nothing more than a paper and penci...

app How to Get Over a Guy logo

How to Get Over a Guy


“Pay attention to the way your boyfriend treats others, because one day he will treat you that way as well.”Either way you are no doubt dealing with a lot of pain and conflicting and confusing fee...

app How To Train A Dog logo

How To Train A Dog


Want to know tips on How To Train A Dog ? We have gathered many dog training tips here. Now you can train anything to your dog such as how to sit, fetch , lie and many more without hiring any professi...

app How To Train A Horse Easily logo

How To Train A Horse Easily


Want to train a horse ? You can master the tips on horse training now !! You are either looking to buy a horse or maybe you have already acquired a horse. Either way the will need to be trained. Whe...

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