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app Earth Celestial Mechanics LWP logo

Earth Celestial Mechanics L...


Earth Celestial Mechanics Live Wallpaper.Do you want to hold the world at the palm of your hand? If so, try the Earth Celestial Mechanics Live Wallpaper app. This visually-appealing app runs smoothly ...

app Mechanics Clock Inside LWP logo

Mechanics Clock Inside LWP


Mechanics Clock Inside Live Wallpaper.Jazz up your standard wallpaper clock with moving gadgets and gears of a clock's inner workings. This app only works on devices that support Live Wallpaper. Launc...


HTC Incredible HD Surfaces, Confirmed To Have Android 2.2, LTE, and Sense 2.0

One of the hottest phones rumored to launch shortly after Verizon debuts its 4G LTE network is the HTC Incredible HD/HTC Mecha. Several rumors about the device -- pinning it as an EVO-esque device on Verizon Wireless -- has been floating around for some time now, but we have never seen an image of the device up and running. Apparently someone spi...

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app Talking Caller ID & SMS logo

Talking Caller ID & SMS


TalkingPlus is a Talking SMS & Talking CallerID App.Very useful when driving your car.One convenient App for reading your SMS and also reading you Called Id's. This App is loaded with features. ...

app Talking Caller ID free logo

Talking Caller ID free


TalkingCallerID reads incoming calls callerID.Very useful when driving your car.Fully featured Caller ID , loaded with features. PHONES KNOWN NOT TO WORK- LGE Optimus ( some versions)- HTC Mecha (Incr...

app Kids Preschool Games ABC Paid logo

Kids Preschool Games ABC Pa...


★★★★★Phone Paid Version★★★★★✔ The BEST kids learning app available on Android Phone and Tablet! – “KID Zone”✔ Featured in to 50 Best Android Apps and Games for Kids in 20...

app App Review Latest Apps Free logo

App Review Latest Apps Free


This app contains video reviews for latest and top mobile apps. The videos have been hand-picked by us. The videos include:iOS 7 App Switcher Concept: Multitasking RedesignReview of Rotago for iPhone,...


Facebook is Makes a Move Towards Deeper Android Integration

facebookFacebook is a brand name that we all know and in some ways has become part of our lives whether we use the service or not. The social networking entity is making a move to become an even bigger part of our lives by pressing to integrate itself directly into our Android OS. This is a huge move by Facebook because it essentially will embed itself wi...

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Lenovo K900 – A 5.5’’ FHD smartphone

These are some really exciting times for smartphone fans; manufacturers are starting to compete and are pushing the limits. Lenovo is looking to leave its very own make on the smartphone industry with its Lenovo K900 smartphone. And from what we are seeing, Lenovo K900 is looking to ho head to head with the competition. The Lenovo K900 boasts a ...

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app Flip Over logo

Flip Over


This app provides you many useful wicked functions (silent mode, voice recording, phone call, camera shot) by just fliping down, without hits any keys! You do not need to worry about the phone is in t...

app Desert Run – Worms logo

Desert Run – Worms


"Desert Run" is a cute free game, where you control a little desert worm in a hot desert!Super easy one tap controls! tap and worm opens mouth, otherwise it's closed!Find the blue boost to p...

app Valentines Day Hearts logo

Valentines Day Hearts


Heart Reactions is an action game all about crazy chain reactions, bonuses, powerups and combos! It's the ultimate heart game! tap on flying hearts to start the chain reaction and get as many hearts y...

app Octopus Balance Reader logo

Octopus Balance Reader


First app to read the balance of the HK Octopus Card.Once you own an NFC enabled android phone, you are eligible to use this app.Able to read the balance offline!This app will only read the data from ...

app Kids Preschool Games TAB Lite logo

Kids Preschool Games TAB Li...


★★★★★Tablet Free Version ★★★★★✔ The BEST kids learning app available on Android Phone and Tablet! – “KID Zone”✔ Featured in to 50 Best Android Apps and Games for Kids in ...

app 金曜ロードショー「ヱヴァ破 TV版」放送記念きせかえ logo



金曜ロードショー放送を記念して、「ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:破 TV版」きせかえが登場!!壁紙、アイコン、トレイ、検索窓、機能アイコンな...

app Kiki Fish logo

Kiki Fish


Games for Kids"Kiki Fish" is a cute game, where you control little terrified fish Kiki.It's really simple, you pull from Kiki's tail and throw it forward for an adventure!The goal is simple ...

app Sweeper 3D logo

Sweeper 3D


Based on the core mechanic of the popular minesweeper, adapted to a workable 3D gameplay, and brought to you by the maker of the popular DigiClock widget, Sweeper 3D is bound to become and instant cla...

app Vogelstein 2D logo

Vogelstein 2D


*Update* Episode 2 has been added! 10 new levels! enjoy!Also follow me twitter: ---Vogelstein 2D is a fast paced action oriented game set during World War 2. Video available at...

app AR Camera 3D logo

AR Camera 3D


AR Camera 3D uses augmented reality (AR) to add and move small 3D objects in a real live environmentYou can take photos with virtual elements such as: cars, airplanes, droids, image, etc.. It supports...

app Apparatus LITE logo

Apparatus LITE


Apparatus is a game about setting up simple mechanical structures to move one or several marbles to the goal.This is the lite version, featuring a few levels from the full version. Some features from ...

app Rebooter logo



***Root Required***With this app, you will be able to "Hot Reboot" your phone. Hot rebooting is rebooting the phone to the boot animation so it reboots faster. You can also do a Regular Rebo...

app StillAlive Droid logo

StillAlive Droid


This is the Full version of the game. Please try the demo version before buying.StillAlive Droid is a 2D puzzle plat-former inspired by Portal, so the same mechanism are to be found.It was made using ...

app StillAlive Droid Demo logo

StillAlive Droid Demo


The game IS supporting multitouch. Some phones have hardware issues I can't fix with my game. You can still try to move controls in the HUD options on title screen to improve controls. Thx.StillAlive ...

app App Protection-LockMyApps logo

App Protection-LockMyApps


LockMyApps protects your Apps, such as Contacts, Gmail, Angry Birds, Labyrinth, Robo Defense, Money Manager, Stock, SMS, whatsapp , facebook, Google + , Google plus, business app, Friend Me, Facebook ...