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HTC Launches Thunderbolt 4G Sign-Up Page

HTC is going to announce something big at CES 2011, and many expect it to be the HTC Thunderbolt 4G for launch on Verizon Wireless. Recently, a sign-up page has been discovered and if you enter in your name and email, you can receive more information about the latest HTC 4G device when it becomes available (January 6). We still aren't anywher...

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Amazon Offers The HTC Thunderbolt For $129.99 On Contract

In case $250 is too much for a 4G LTE Android smartphone on Verizon Wireless, Amazon Wireless has you covered. The online cell phone retailer is currently offering the top of the line HTC Thunderbolt for the affordable and discounted price of $129.99 on a two year agreement. From now until midnight on April 25, the Thunderbolt will be available...

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Official HTC Droid Incredible 2 Spec Sheet Confirms April 28th Launch

All signs are pointing towards April 28 as being the pivotal launch date for the HTC Droid Incredible successor, the HTC Droid Incredible 2. The latest piece of evidence is an official spec sheet received by Droid-Life. Given that the 28th is a Thursday, I imagine Verizon Wireless will officially announce the new Droid smartphone on the 25th or...

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app LTE Settings – HTC Thunderbolt logo

LTE Settings – HTC Th...


For HTC THUNDERBOLT ONLYNOT FOR CYANOGENMOD OR OTHER AOSP BASED ROMSCurrently same as "LTE OnOFF TeamAndIRC" (which is free), get it instead unless you just want to give me money.This versio...

app LTE OnOFF – HTC Thunderbolt logo

LTE OnOFF – HTC Thund...


Made for the HTC Thunderbolt On Verizon. Does not work with the LG Revolution nor the Samsung Charge yet, these phones will be supported in the future.NOT FOR CYANOGENMOD OR OTHER AOSP BASED ROMSLike ...

app 4G Switch logo

4G Switch


***Make your battery last up to 4 times longer by disabling 4G service***DOES NOT WORK ON VERIZON DROID CHARGE PHONES. SORRY!Version 1.2 just released!Please be aware that once in a while the Verizon ...


LetsTalk is Selling the Thunderbolt for $175 On Contract, Only for the Weekend

If you're looking to purchase the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon Wireless with a two year agreement, you will be better off purchasing the first 4G LTE phone on Verizon from LetsTalk, a third party retailer. For this weekend only, the Thunderbolt will be available for $175 on a two year contract, which is $75 cheaper than the $250 standard retail pr...

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Best Buy Reportedly Extends Thunderbolt Price Past March 20th

Best Buy had a "genius" plan of selling the HTC Thunderbolt to people who pre-ordered the device for the normal retail price of $250 and to customers after it launches to $250 on a two year contract. However, the original plan was for Best Buy to up the price to $299 on a two year contract after March 20th. With Verizon Wireless and other third...

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Verizon Wireless Officially Announces The HTC Thunderbolt for $250

Just as I predicted would happen if the March 17th rumored launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt proved true, Verizon Wireless officially announced their first 4G LTE smartphone today. As a result of the numerous rumors, leaks, and whisperings, the press release didn't really offer any new information, but confirmed previous rumors. First thing...

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HTC Offers Vague Answer Regarding Thunderbolt Availability Date

The highly anticipated HTC Thunderbolt is going to launch on Verizon Wireless soon, but a definite release date has yet to be announced. It seems as though at least once a week in the past seven weeks, a new rumor surfaced claiming the HTC Thunderbolt would launch on such a date, only to be debunked later. Now, HTC on Facebook offers this vag...

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app ThunderBolt 4G Live Wallpaper logo

ThunderBolt 4G Live Wallpap...


A Live Wallpaper of the Boot Animation featured on the Thunderbolt 4G from Verizon Wireless.Animation is kept at original quality, this accounts for most of the space needed to install this applicatio...


Rumor: HTC Thunderbolt Confirmed for February 24 Launch

Unfortunately, no one's quite sure when Verizon Wireless' first 4G capable smartphone, the HTC Thunderbolt, will launch. However, BGR is citing one of their sources that the Thunderbolt will launch on February 24 with Best Buy and Verizon retail stores. Only several days ago we saw Best Buy begin taking pre-orders for the Thunderbolt, which con...

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Best Buy Begins Pre-Orders for the HTC Thunderbolt, Requires a $50 Deposit

Unfortunately, no one knows for sure when the HTC Thunderbolt will launch, it could either be February 14, or February 28, depending on how long Verizon Wireless wants the iPhone 4 to be the hottest new item on their network. Either way, Best Buy is allowing pre-orders for the HTC Thunderbolt starting today. In order to pre-order Verizon's firs...

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Best Buy On Facebook Confirms Thunderbolt Launch for 2/14 and Xoom for 2/24

Android enthusiasts can take some solace in knowing two powerful Android devices are expected to launch later this month while iOS fans are rejoicing the fact that Verizon is now carrying the iPhone 4. According to Best Buy of Grand Rapids' Facebook account, the highly anticipated HTC Thunderbolt smartphone and Motorola Xoom tablet are expected ...

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HTC ThunderBolt Could Launch February 24, For $250 On Contract

The first big Android 4G smartphone to launch on Verizon Wireless could happen as soon as February 24 according to Droid-Life's sources. The HTC ThunderBolt is being touted as a smartphone that can do simultaneous voice and data, which is also a first for the Verizon network. On February 24, the HTC ThunderBolt will be available for $250 on a t...

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HTC ThunderBolt and Motorola Xoom Prices Leak, Expected to Cost $250 and $799

One of the big questions still unanswered regarding two of Verizon's upcoming hottest devices -- the HTC ThunderBolt and the Motorola Xoom are one step closer to being fully confirmed. According to a table featuring the MAP (minimum advertised pricing), the HTC ThunderBolt -- launching as Verizon's first 4G smartphone -- could retail for $250, p...

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HTC ThunderBolt Training To Take Place, Release Soon?

One of the hotter Android smartphones to be announced at CES 2011 was the HTC ThunderBolt. The long rumored 4G device could be the first LTE smartphone to launch on Verizon Wireless as training for the awesome smartphone is set to take place immediately. If you take a look at the above picture, which is supposedly a slide from Verizon Wireless'...

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Samsung SCH-i520 Announced By Verizon Wireless, Features 4G and 4.3 Inch Touch Screen

To round out the last Verizon Wireless 4G smartphone announced today, Samsung has announced the SCH-i520. Interestingly enough, Samsung left out a clever name, like BIONIC, ThunderBolt, or Revolution and instead went ahead with its model number. Perhaps Samsung will reveal a clever/creative name when it officially launches at an unannounced dat...

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HTC ThunderBolt Official, Features 1GHz Processor, 32GB Storage, Android 2.2

The 4.3 inch HTC ThunderBolt with a WVGA touch screen and LTE capability is officially announced by Verizon Wireless. The Thunderbolt was one of the highly anticipated and leaked 4G phones in the weeks prior to CES. In addition to its large screen, it sports 32GB microSD included, kick-stand, HTC Sense 2.0 on top of Android 2.2, 720p HD video r...

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HTC Thunderbolt Rumored Specs Are Simply Ridiculous

A German website named HTC Inside is reporting the specs for the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. If true, the HTC Thunderbolt would easily become the best smartphone currently available and its specs would be so much better than any competitor phone. It would make the Samsung Epic 4G and the Google Nexus S look like a kid's phone. We must warn you, ...

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HTC Thunderbolt with LTE Images Surface, Leaves Us Wanting More

Just a little over a week before CES 2011 officially kicks off, one of the highly anticipated LTE devices to be announced, the HTC Thunderbird, is already shown off in a photo shoot. According to images published by Droid-Life, the HTC Thunderbird boasts Dual LED Flash, a kickstand, and a front facing camera. Similar to the HTC EVO 4G, the Thu...

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ntouch® Mobile


NOTE: Currently, this app is only supported for the HTC EVO, EVO 3D, and EVO Design; HTC Thunderbolt 4G; Nexus S; myTouch 4G; Galaxy S 4G and Galaxy S II; Epic 4G Touch; Sidekick 4G; Galaxy Nexus; Ga...

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FauxSound Audio/Sound-TPA


Special Introductory Price of $1.49 for the first month!CUSTOM KERNEL IS REQUIRED FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY!Compatible with from Froyo all the way to the latest Jellybean ROMs!!!If your favorite kernel D...

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Ever been trying to plug in your charger in the dark? You keep trying to find the plugin and just aimlessly stab the side until you have to turn the light on, or worse, break something. With ChargeDro...

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BootFlash Lite is the free version of SoCal Devs' BootFlash program. BootFlash Lite lets you choose an image stored on your phone to install as your rooted phone's splash screen. The splash screen is ...

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