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ExZeus 2 3D shooting game blasts its way to Android

Fans of 3D shooting games will surely be delighted to know that the sequel to ExZeus has just made its way to Android. For those new into the game, ExZeus 2 is a fast-paced 3D shooting game set in the 2217 CE, specifically a century after the first game's timeline happened. ExZeus 2's plot goes something like, the Earth now in peace is now being ...

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app 스펙트럴소울즈(Spectral Souls) logo



★게임소개★PSP 완벽이식! 판타지 시뮬레이션 대작 RPG가 Android로 출시!홀드,챠지 개념의 스킬도입으로 다양한 전투가 가능!드라마틱 스토리 웅장한 사...


Android 2.x Devices Getting OpenGL ES – Tom's Guide

IntoMobile (blog)Android 2.x Devices Getting OpenGL ESTom's GuideBut that may change thanks to the third version of Google's Android Native Developer Kit (NDK), released Monday. According to Android programmer David ...Android coders get high-speed graphics abilityCNETAndroid NDK Updated with OpenGL ES 2.0 Support, First NDK Game Now AvailableP...

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