US Cellular To Get Samsung Acclaim – I4U

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Unwired ViewUS Cellular To Get Samsung AcclaimI4UUS Cellular has just announced a new Android device that will be coming exclusively to their carrier. The Samsung Acclaim (via Android and Me) was [...]

LG Ally With Android 2.1 – I4U

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LA Canyon NewsLG Ally With Android 2.1I4UBrighthand reports that this new mobile (which is being advertised in Iron Man 2) will run on the Android 2.1 OS. It packs a 3.2” screen and a fairly [...]

Android Market Breaks 50k Apps? – I4U

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ErictricAndroid Market Breaks 50k Apps?I4UAndroid's App Market isn't as large as the App Store, but it is getting there-fast! BGR reports that the App Market may have just exceeded 50000 [...]

UPS Mobile Comes To Android – I4U

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AndroidGuys (blog)UPS Mobile Comes To AndroidI4UAndroid users can now experience the convenience that iPhone and Blackberry users have had for some time: to easily find UPS drop-off locations, [...]

People Of Lava Launch Android TV – I4U

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Geeky gadgetsPeople Of Lava Launch Android TVI4UThis television runs on the Android OS and is capable of full-HD. It has an LED screen between 42” and 55” and has the functionality of a [...]

Android Is Fastest-Growing Mobile OS – I4U

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Macworld UKAndroid Is Fastest-Growing Mobile OSI4UAlthough there are hiccups with interoperability between phones, Android accounted for 7 of the top 10 smartphones in February. Mobile analytics [...]

FirstView PC607V Android Tablet: $95 – I4U

By In -:- Technological News PortalFirstView PC607V Android Tablet: $95I4UFirstView now has the cheapest Android tablet in the running. They showed off their PC607V at CeBIT 2010. [...]

The iLet Mini HAL Android Tablet: $119 – I4U

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PMP Today (blog)The iLet Mini HAL Android Tablet: $119I4UIf you're in the market for a tablet, but not interested in spending a lot of money, the iLet Mini HAL Android tablet (Akihabara News) [...]

아니마 게임공략집(게임공략)


<div id="doc-original-text" >[아니마] 게임공략집 헝그리앱은 [아니마]의 커뮤니티 사이트 헝그리앱 [아니마](을)를 앱으로 만<p>든 [아니마] 게임공략집 어플입니다.<p><br>헝그리앱 [아니마] 게시판에서 공략도 보시고 유저들과 커뮤니티도 [...]

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