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app Null Input Method logo

Null Input Method


A non visible soft keyboard (Input Method) intended to be used with hardware Bluetooth and USB keyboards when you do not want a Soft Keyboard that covers a lot of the screen.If you need international ...

app Camera Input logo

Camera Input


This app can be used when another app prompts to select a photo that was previously taken to take a new picture instead.Make a new picture instead of choosing one from the gallery. This apps responds ...

app domRemote for Domintell system logo

domRemote for Domintell sys...


domRemote is an application to control your Domintell installation in your home with your Android based mobile phone or Tablet.The software is optimized also for large and extra large screens, so it w...

app CropTracker Inputs logo

CropTracker Inputs


<div id="doc-original-text">Conservis' CropTracker(TM) Inputs module is a flexible, web-based tool that provides an automated method for you to record your customized planting processe...

app Slime – Slick & Slim IME logo

Slime – Slick & S...


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Android 2.x??????????Facebook???????????? is a slim Japanese input system c...

app MixiEmojiMush logo



It is a tool of Mixi of the Japanese social network site.Simeji of the Japanese input system is necessary to use it.Sorry Japanese Only Software.thank you....

app Trainz Simulator logo

Trainz Simulator


Join the world's #1 train simulator franchise! Build it, drive it or operate your very own 3D railroad.With Trainz custom built input system to get the most out of the touch functionality you...

app Scrollpad++ logo



An open source virtual mouse wheel (scroll pad) for your Linux Computer. Using Bluetooth your phone can be used to scroll on your Desktop/Laptop.Head over to our technical blog for instructions and th...

app Train my Brain Mental Maths logo

Train my Brain Mental Maths


Providing a fun math workout for everyone. From pre-school through to advanced math. Powered by a well tuned equation generating engine Train my Brain: Mental Math provides you a varied game experienc...

app Iron Fist Boxing logo

Iron Fist Boxing


IRON FIST BOXING is the original real-time 3D MMA fighting game on Android. With a totally revamped input system, a longer career mode, more game modes, and more characters than ever.  Click on M...

app AstroTab Free logo

AstroTab Free


AstroTab is an application of astrology. But beware: not one of papers! Completely customized, it maps the sky at the birth, an essential tool for any real astrologer. Using sophisticated astronomical...

app AstroTab logo



AstroTab is an application of astrology. But beware: not one of papers! Completely customized, it maps the sky at the birth, an essential tool for any real astrologer. Using sophisticated astronomical...

app TMConverter logo



Tool for coordinates conversion between Geodetic system(latitude & longitude), Universal Transverse Mercator(UTM), Transverse Mercator(TM) and Lambert conformal conic projection(LCC)Reference elli...

app MessagEase Game logo

MessagEase Game


Play this game to learn the fastest, smartest and most innovative input system for your Android.If you are up for a rewarding challenge, of discovering and using the input technology of the future, th...

app Log Weight logo

Log Weight


Log Weight is a simple application that helps you to record daily weights more easy.You can input a weight of a day soon without troublesome processes.Feature*Record your weight*Easy input system by s...

app Graffiti for Android logo

Graffiti for Android


Download Graffiti™ - The Keyboard Replacement for Android that uses the stroke-based handwriting recognition system text input system made popular by Palm™ PDAs running PalmOS™.Features:-Replace...


Swype – Draw, don’t Type your Words

Swype – Draw, don’t Type your Words The days of the physical keyboard are over. No more archaic clucking about on a keypad trying to find the right button, hitting the number 1 three times to get the letter c, or dealing with stuck keys. The new Android app Swype is here to save the day with it's new ingenious input system. On my G1 the keyboard is real handy when using the boot s...

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app The Gardener logo

The Gardener


The Gardener is a puzzle game that offers huge gameplay possibilities by generating random grid of pipes. In the context of the game are the gardener and your goal is to take care of the lawn and flow...


Nvidia Shield Showcase: Cribs Edition

Nvidia Shield Closeup 1600 aaThere’s plenty of gaming news coming out today thanks to E3, but rather than big fancy presentations, Nvidia has taken a slightly more laid back approach to advertising its new gaming platform with its latest promotional video.This latest Nvidia Shield ad, if you can call it that, comes in the form of a “Cribs Edition” show, featuring a behin...

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app OpenWnn 136 Plus Skin Mushroom logo

OpenWnn 136 Plus Skin Mushr...


OpenWnn 136 Plus Japanese IME for Android based OpenWnn 1.3.6 (OpenWnn136 JB Jelly Bean version, android-4.1.1_r1) Support Android OS 1.5-4.2, Support ARM / MIPS / Intel x86 CPU (Full support !) Unlik...

app 바이오 크로니클 logo

바이오 크로니클


- 서있는 놈은 기본! 난 누워 있는 놈도 때려! 타 게임이 따라 올 수 없는 쾌감타격시스템.- 나의 스킬만으로는 부족하다. 적의 스킬을 사용하자. 유전자...

app Slider Widget – Volumes logo

Slider Widget – Volum...


? One of the "13 best android widgets for 2013" (Techland @Time Magazine) ?? "Overall, Slider Widget is incredibly easy to use and very intuitive." ? (Paul Wilks @ androidtapp)...

app AV成人字典體驗版 logo




app HeartsT logo



This version of Hearts is designed for a tablet.Hearts is a card game usually played by 4 persons, using a standard 52 card deck with ace rank high down to two. The game proceeds as follow :-1) All th...

app GoFish logo



Go Fish is a card game played with a standard 52-card deck. Five cards are dealt to each player if there are three to six players. With only two players, seven cards are dealt to each. All remaining c...

app GoFishT logo



This version of Go Fish card game is designed for a tablet.Go Fish is a card game played with a standard 52-card deck. Five cards are dealt to each player if there are three to six players. With only ...

app CPU Frequency Widget logo

CPU Frequency Widget


^. ^ This app is free of charge. We need to tell you that icon ads and notification ads are normal in this app. ^.^How to find an app widget in cell phone? CPU Frequency Widget is an app widget, pres...

app airQast logo



Welcome to the airQast Controller App from Legrand. This intuitive free app lets you manage your network’s entire digital music collection and wirelessly play it through any of Legrand’s airQast a...

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