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app Uponor RTM™ Interactive logo

Uponor RTM™ Interactive


Uponor RTM Interactive is a 3D interactive guide where instructions and technical information about Uponor's RTM™ Technology can be found.Developed by PHILEAS Productions and for Upo...

app Open Business Conference logo

Open Business Conference


Open Business Conference is the official interactive mobile app for the Open Business Conference.This mobile app allows you to:* View schedules and explore sessions.* Create your own personal schedule...


Android Opening Doors to Education for the Masses

Android Opening Doors to Education for the Masses More and more, education is moving online. Countries that don’t have enough money to provide $500 iPads for their schools are going to see the technology gap increase and their students left behind. India has taken a huge step forward in correcting that problem by creating a cheaper alternative. Their tablet won’t have bells or whistles, but...

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app 东方财富通炒股软件(股票、投资、理财、自选股) logo



内容提要★★★★★ 2013年度最佳手机炒股软件!一亿投资者的一致选择! ——东方财富网荣誉出品 ★★★★★ ★ ...

app 深圳地铁 Shenzhen Metro logo

深圳地铁 Shenzhen Metro


深圳地鐵-rGuide 6.2.9全新登場----老牌地鐵查詢應用,累積超過1000萬用戶的出行選擇----rGuide是Route Guide的簡寫,意為路線指引,專門提供本地出行、旅遊...

app Fur Simulation logo

Fur Simulation


An interactive cat stroking simulation.Feedback welcome.-----------University of Glasgow, School of Computing Science. Visit the Dynamics and Interaction Group at

app 上海地铁 Shanghai Metro logo

上海地铁 Shanghai Metro


上海地鐵-rGuide 6.2.9全新登場----老牌地鐵查詢應用,累積超過1000萬用戶的出行選擇----rGuide是Route Guide的簡寫,意為路線指引,專門提供本地出行、旅遊...

app 香港地鐵輕鐵 HK MTR/Light Rail logo

香港地鐵輕鐵 HK MTR/L...


【主要功能】◆操作最簡便:無論是查詢車程還是車站資料,最快只需點擊;次即可完成! ◆選站最快速:獨創的GPS自動定位、線路圖直接點擊、站名地標搜...

app 广州地铁 Guangzhou Metro logo

广州地铁 Guangzhou Metr...


广州地铁-rGuide 6.2.6全新登场----老牌地铁查询应用,累积超过1000万用户的出行选择----rGuide是Route Guide的简写,意为路线指引,专门提供本地出行、旅游...


5 Great Android Apps For Diet and Weight Loss

5 Great Android Apps For Diet and Weight Loss Health, fitness and diet are one aspect of life that, for many, requires the maximum level of assistance possible, and if you’re like most people, your success depends on that assistance. There is a plethora of exciting applications available for the many smart phones that have become a mainstay in our lives – and Androids are no exception. H...

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