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Google: Don’t panic, your “intercepted” white Nexus 4 shipment is still coming, as scheduled

white nexus 4You might have seen reports on the net suggesting that the white model of the LG Nexus 4 has run into a few shipping problems. It’s even possible that you have tracking information that says your order was intercepted in transit for return back to its origins. Don’t panic just yet! According to Google, it’s nothing more than a m...

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app Flow intercept logo

Flow intercept


Flow intercept is a flow block convenient for users to open and close the network widget widgets. The application of compact and convenient for the majority of local friends loved, with traffic blocke...

app Enemy Interceptor logo

Enemy Interceptor


Stealth jetfighter versus alien enemies air battle game. Easy to play and yet fun. Enemies have infiltrated our airspace. Your mission is to intercept them and destroy every single one. But you should...

app Intent Intercept logo

Intent Intercept


FOR DEVELOPERS.This app attempts to intercept as many intents as possible in order to examine their contents.This helps when trying to develop an app that reacts to a particular intent.Some details of...

app Headset Interceptor logo

Headset Interceptor


Tired of your headset clicker starting the Music app instead of pausing your podcast app?Headset Interceptor let's you view all the applications that respond to your headset clicker and choose which a...

app Attack and Interceptor Jets logo

Attack and Interceptor Jets


300 of the most important and influential military aircraft that fought between 1939 and 1945 in one app.Attack and Interceptor Jets contains 300 of the most important and influential military jet air...


Samsung Intercept Devices Begin to Receive Android 2.2

We reported yesterday the likelihood of the Samsung Intercept on Sprint to receive the Android 2.2 update. Even though it was just a rumor, it had some credence to it as it came from an internal Sprint screen. Earlier today, Sprint posted a message on its forums confirming the launch of Froyo for the low-end Samsung Intercept. The Intercept ...

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Froyo Could Roll Out to Samsung Intercept Owners Starting Tomorrow

According to an internal screen shot from Sprint, the Samsung Intercept is rumored to receive the Android 2.2 update starting tomorrow (12/17). While Android 2.3 is now the top Android OS available, Froyo is still very much coveted by users on low-end devices or devices running a low-end OS (such as Android 2.0 or 2.1). The update is expected...

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app SMS Interception Sending Email logo

SMS Interception Sending Em...


This app is for training purposes only and source code is at send your application an SMS, the contents of the SMS will be displayed in a text box and then...


Virgin Mobile Offers the Affordable Samsung Intercept, Android Phone on Prepaid

We have to give credit to Virgin Mobile for this one - offering a very affordable Android-powered phone, the Samsung Intercept on a no-contract, prepaid basis. This means that you won't be troubling yourself trying to stay within the limits of a postpaid plan monthly as you usage will be determined by how much credits that your Virgin Mobile SIM st...

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app Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile logo

Trade Interceptor Forex Mob...


Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile is a MULTI-BROKER FOREX AND CFD TRADING PLATFORM, which is offered to traders for FREE. It includes streaming quotes & charts, push-price alerts, chart trading, tech...

app MySmsInterceptor logo



Intercept and protect sms from contacts creating a copy in secure archive.Select or add contacts that you want to intercept sms.Everythig is protected by password.Added create contact function.Please ...


Sprint Officially Announces Samsung Intercept for $99

Even though the Sprint Intercept has already been leaked, it's nice to see Sprint put out a press release outlining the price, availability, and specs. Starting July 11, the Samsung Intercept, successor to the Samsung Moment, will be available in all Sprint stores and select national retailers. The mid-range Android device will only set you bac...

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NSA Tried to Hijack Google Play Store To Hack Smartphones

Featured photo - NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones Here comes yet another " unpleasant surprise" from Big Brother, as per the document obtained from the world-renowned whistle-blower Edward Snowden and revealed by CBS News working together with The Intercept. According to the respective top-secret doc, the NSA&friends( government agencies from the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) w...

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Google Does Read Your Emails, According to Its Updated ToS

google   Google Admits to Reading Your Emails The tech giant Google just admitted that it's actually reading your emails. In case you did not know, after the privacy terms and conditions were updated on Monday, it became very clear the fact that all the information submitted via its email system is analyzed. The announcement is part of Google's...

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Can we really trust Google?

google When I'm asked if I trust Google, I have to say that trust doesn't come by default, it has to be earned first. In the beginning, we all trusted the good ol' Google with our private data, because they promised they will keep it secure. Fair warning, it's not only Google in this position, but they are THE tech company, the giant, the alpha and om...

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Hesperbot, The New Banking Trojan Infects Android Smartphones

hesperbot ESET, the company behind the well known NOD32 anti-virus software, just announced their latest discovery : Hesperbot, a new and very effective banking trojan, that targets people who use online banking in order to gain access to their accounts. The nasty part about this new malware is its design, which is able to circumvent the mobile multi ...

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Google, Facebook and Twitter are “Snooping” Through Your Private Emails Test Finds

facebook According to a confidentiality test result performed by High Tech Bridge, big corporations like Google, Facebook or Twitter failed to understand that Internet users are not very happy with their private emails being intercepted and scanned. High Tech Bridge is a cyber security company based in Switzerland and decided to test the confidential...

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FBI is Using the Dark Side of the Force for Turning Your Android Smartphone Into a Surveillance Device

android If you're a frequent visitor of it's a logical conclusion that you're using some sort of a smart device running on Android OS. But what you probably don't know is the fact that the FBI (and probably other Government agencies) is using your Android precious against you, without your knowledge and consent. This is not a conspirac...

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Hackers Stole 160 Million Credit Cards in 7 Years from US Banks

hackers A group of computer hackers, four of them Russian nationals and an Ukrainian, were charged today in Newark by the US Attorney Paul Fishman for running a sophisticated scheme which allowed them to break into various computer networks and steal an impressive amount of credit cards numbers.Actually, this seems to be the worst case of credit card f...

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app Finite Math Pro logo

Finite Math Pro


You're taking Finite Mathematics, and you don't have this app? Give yourself an edge! "Finite Math Pro" contains a rich collection of tutorials, examples, and solvers for the following topi...


Viber wants to hijack incoming IDD calls as “terminator” to reduce call costs

String Telephone Viber is a cross-platform messaging and VoIP app, and its latest iteration extends calls, IM and even video conferencing to desktop users. At approximately 200 million, its user base is particularly impressive, even compared to the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE. But how does Viber earn profits from this popularity? Is it ...

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Facebook Introduces Advanced HTTPS as an Anti Surveillance/NSA Measure

Advanced HTTPS As the NSA interceptions scandal continues to grow and new stories about illegal wire tapping emerge day by day, the tech companies are beginning to react to the pressure from the public opinion, for example Facebook just announced that it will introduce Advanced HTTPS in order to minimize, or at least to make it more difficult for the National S...

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PRISM Whistle Blower Reveals Himself, 29 Years Old NSA Analyst

PRISM Whistle Blower I hope you are familiar with my latest article, the one about the huge privacy scandal, the NSA, FBI and the PRISM Whistle Blower, which was anonymous at the moment. Just a short reminder, PRISM is a secret project conducted by the National Security Agency, FBI and all the major tech companies, which consists in Big Brother intercepting and stor...

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app S-банк logo



Неофициальное приложение для владельцев карт банка "Связной банк".Это приложение позволяет следить за ...

app Armed Air Fighter Photography logo

Armed Air Fighter Photograp...


Armed Air Fighter PhotographyMany fighters have secondary ground attack capability, some double Roled fighter bomber. Therefore, the "fighter" is sometimes extended commonly known include de...

app SWAT BETA logo



Here it is my new application (after "Upd8r")PLEASE COMMENT, EMAIL ME SOME FEEDBACK.It is called SWAT that means:SystemWideAdvancedTouchmanagerPLEASE COMMENT, LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK.DESIGNED...

app ChargeDroid Free logo

ChargeDroid Free


Ever been trying to plug in your charger in the dark? You keep trying to find the plugin and just aimlessly stab the side until you have to turn the light on, or worse, break something. With ChargeDro...

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