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Android Tablets Sales on the Rise in China, Apple Plunges

android According to Bloomberg, the market share for Android tablets is on the rise, while Apple is going down. And this happens on the world's largest market, the Popular Republic of China, where Android OS is becoming increasingly popular. Pretty weird for an open source OS in an authoritarian country where even internet access is censored, don't yo...

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app Yala for tablets logo

Yala for tablets


Yala, Unlimited Music for Free. Millions of songs including the largest existing Arabic music catalogue (Rotana, Melody, Mazzika, Arabica, Nojoom, Fassiphone, Phonie and more…) and many independent ...

app Chess Reader. 1280×800 Tablets logo

Chess Reader. 1280×800...


Reader (Visor) of chess games for tablets Android 3 with a screen reolution of 1280x800.This application play games in PGN format and books in InterAjedrez format. Besides the "Play", it has...

app MelaTV for Android Tablets logo

MelaTV for Android Tablets


Please NOTE(for Kindle): To install this app please click here MelaTV, a subscription based service, enables 24/7 streaming of High Quali...

app PeopleMundi (for tablets) logo

PeopleMundi (for tablets)


This application is for Android tablets only. This application is about people's thoughts. What people would do if they have a real chance of making big-drastic changes in our planet Earth (this is no...


OnLive Desktop App Now Available for Android Tablets

For quite some time now, iPad users have been enjoying Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft apps on their iPads courtesy of the iPad app OnLive Desktop. Now, OnLive Desktop is making the same app available on the Android Market - supporting several Android tablets. These tablets are the Acer Iconia Tab A500, ASU...

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Archos 43 Android Internet Tablet Available Now for $249.99

If you don't feel like getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab or other Android tablets with sizes ranging from 7-inches and bigger, but you want to experience Android not on a smartphone, you're best bet would be to lok for those mid-sized mobile internet devices. One option for you would be the Archose 43 Android Internet tablet which is available now for...

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Archos announces two new Android-based Home Tablet devices – ZDNet (blog)

UberGizmo (blog)Archos announces two new Android-based Home Tablet devicesZDNet (blog)The new Archos Internet tablets are both Android OS-based and tote some wide-angle, high-res displays. The pair are also taking some hits about low-power ...Even more cheap Android tablet computersCrunchGear (blog)Archos touts Android-powered tablets for the masse...

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app Wifi Hotspot USB Tether Lite logo

Wifi Hotspot USB Tether Lit...


FREE Wi-Fi hotspot enables you to share internet connection between Wi-Fi enabled devices. You can imagine it like your phone converted into a Wi-Fi router itself and sharing internet between Wi-Fi de...


Mobile Connectivity Drives Online Gambling Revenue

Online gambling first launched in the 90’s and has been slowly but steadily increasing its revenue each year. Although, there are certain events that fuel surges in online gambling revenue, which are mostly tied to technological breakthroughs. Like, in the 2,000’s when Google became the preferred search engine, online gambling saw a spike in re...

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The growth of mobile trading

project araCountless traders now trade in binary options, foreign exchanges and stocks via mobile applications. Mobile apps may not be as comprehensive as desktop apps, but what they lack in complexity they make up for in convenience. As with many other internet-based activities, it's important that traders keep up-to-date and adapt themselves to modern tech...

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Take Your Favourite Pokies Mobile with Android

cards-766106_640Can you believe that Google released Android only eight years ago in 2008? Since releasing the Android OS, a ton of new smartphones and tablets have utilized the operating system and more people use the Android OS than the iOS. I’m sure you’re aware of mobile gambling by now. More people are gambling on mobile devices than on computers now a...

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How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers

How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers Video content is more accessible than ever. And video production sites are not just for leisure. Since video content has a greater accessibility that makes it appear everywhere, it’s also more important than ever to use in leveraging your business, especially when it comes to marketing or spreading awareness about your brand. According to ...

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Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones

Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones Gambling must be one of the oldest "professions" in the world, if I may use that word, but with the advents of modern technology, gambling is facing a new era. Since the dawn of the internet,  which changed almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from how we do business  to how we're interacting with others socially speaking (read dating...

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What Are Google’s Plans for the Future?

What Are Google’s Plans for the Future? Google's I/O 2015 was a very interesting event in which the tech giant revealed its ambitious plans for world domination. Ok, maybe not per-se world domination, but at least a world in which Android based software/hardware will be king, as it will power absolutely everything, from your smartphone to your car and beyond. Google's Android "...

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app Tanks Live Wallpaper logo

Tanks Live Wallpaper


Tanks Live Wallpaper - russian legenda tank T-34 on your screen.Optimized for HD screens. Works on smartphones and tablets.Features:- Russian legenda tank T-34. Other tanks will come in next releases....

app Windows Controller (Trial) logo

Windows Controller (Trial)


This is the unprecedented new feeling remote desktop software (Windows operation software) which pursued enjoyment. This is also the functional enhancement version of "Windows MultiTouchPad (http...

app WIFI Switch Timer logo

WIFI Switch Timer


Turn on or off your WIFI in a specified time. This free app WIFI Switch Timer supports to start or stop the WIFI on your device automatically.^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<<&l...

app Rockmelt: Best of Web & News logo

Rockmelt: Best of Web &...


Rockmelt puts the best of the web, news, and blogs at your fingertips - now completely customized for Android phones and tablets. Personalize Rockmelt to discover and share the most viral, newsworthy,...


AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, June 16, 2013

ios 7 vs android lockscreen New iOS 7 arrives, but it’s not actually that newNeon colors, Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, and an assortment of features borrowed from other operating systems – that seems to be the recipe followed by Apple under the lead of Jonny Ive, who took over UI design in a bid The internet was ablaze on Monday with angry Android fans pointing out the s...

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7-inch Asus K008 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean tablet spotted at the Bluetooth SIG

Asus LogoAn unannounced Asus tablet has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG apparently running an Android 4.3 version.The K008, a 7-inch device according to the Bluetooth SIG documentation, runs software version JWR11, which is said to be an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean build version.Other details are not available about the device except for this description on th...

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Study shows Android users spend larger percentage of time browsing than their iOS counterparts

Android vs iOSAre you reading this on your smartphone? If so, you’ve got about 14 minutes to finish up.A new study by Simmons Connect finds that smartphone users spend about 14 minutes a day looking at websites. They also compared Android to iOS users, and found some interesting statistics which may cast doubt on previous claims of iOS usage over Android. Inte...

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SoundHound App Review

SoundHound App Review How many times has a song or music track come to your mind and you were without any solution to find what song it was? This occurs to almost everyone. SoundHound is a powerful app designed for use on your phone or tablet. How it works? SoundHound is an app that works as a music recognition system. You could have any music and it is going to help ...

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app Smart Voice Recorder logo

Smart Voice Recorder


Smart Voice Recorder designed for high quality long-time sound recording with skipping relative silence on-the-fly. For example, you can use it for record night sleep talks (or snoring:)), business me...

app Whero – HSBC (Egypt) logo

Whero – HSBC (Egypt)


Whero is a neat app that helps you find the nearest HSBC branch or ATM anywhere inside Egypt.- No internet connection required.- Locations are categorizes under governorate and city.- You can call you...

app Track – Rastreamento Celular logo

Track – Rastreamento ...


Track é um aplicativo de rastreamento para seu Android.Rastreamento discreto e preciso. Segurança para sua família e amigosPara dúvidas de como DESINSTALAR o aplicativo ace...

app Rootland : root android logo

Rootland : root android


??Internet Connection Must be Required For Few Important Online Updates After Install.??WE ARE HERE 24 HOUR AVAILABLE FOR YOUR SERVICE. USE OUR "MAIL US" SERVICE AND SEND US MAIL OR MAIL US...

app Steam Puzzle Pro logo

Steam Puzzle Pro


The Pro version has no ads.Rotate groups of components to build squares of components of the same type. In this addictive casual game you turn components of mechanisms around a common joint to match e...

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