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iPan: Flip Master – Android Game Review

iPan: Flip Master – Android Game Review Overview iPan: Flip Master is a killer new game from Yehonatan Douek  that puts you to work flipping eggs. Yup, it’s an egg flipping game and be warned… it’s highly addictive. You’ll run across plenty of surprises as you try to become a Master egg flipper, and “try” is the keyword here as it does get challenging the farther you pr...

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GroupVox Android app turns your Android device into a Facebook walkie talkie

groupvox GroupVox is a fairly new app released on Google Play with one purpose - to turn your Android device into a walkie talkie of sorts using your Facebok group members as participants in the conversations. Yes, if you think that your Android is not capable of becoming a walkie talkie, well you can think again since the GroupVox app just made this poss...

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app BOH for Guam, Saipan, Palau logo

BOH for Guam, Saipan, Palau


DOWNLOAD BANK OF HAWAII’S APP FOR ANDROID FOR CUSTOMERS IN GUAM, SAIPAN, AND PALAU! Customers in the State of Hawaii should download “BOH Mobile Banking.”The Bank of Hawaii Mobile Banking app f...


Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – April 16, 2012

We're back again with another edition of The Top New Android Apps from the past week. We missed last week, but are back on track and have 10 new Android apps we think you'll enjoy. Without further ado, we proudly present our Top Apps of the past week... 1. The Daily Show Headlines Comedy Central released a cool Android App last week with T...

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app iPan: Flip Master logo

iPan: Flip Master


After 500,000 iPhone downloads - Android version is here!*** LAUNCH GIVEAWAY - 50% off sale (limited time) ! You can call it "Pandroid" if it makes you feel better ;)------------------------...

app iPan: Flip Master lite logo

iPan: Flip Master lite


After 500,000 iPhone downloads - Android version is here!*** Try the lite version for FREE!You can call it "Pandroid" if it makes you feel better ;)------------------------------------------...

app Parthipan Kanavu – Kalki Tamil logo

Parthipan Kanavu – Ka...


One another classic novel by Kalki, rendered in my tamil text engine, I dont have to explain anything about the great writer kalki & his works... Its well known to everyone...I hope you enjoy this...


Yahoo Intros New Android Messaging App – Hub

Yahoo has just added a new messaging app to its mobile communication suite with the release of the Yahoo Hub app for Android devices. Geared for heavy texters, Hub Android app offers an easy and fast way of sending text messages and create group conversations - for free.  The app lets you easily add participants to any conversation thread, hence ...

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app FantacalcioAndroid logo



Con la la versione 1.7. E' stata aggiunta la funzionalità di STATISTICHE VOTI E PRESENZE E' stata rilasciata la versione 1.6. Per poter partecipare alcampionato 2012/2013 gli utenti gia inscrit...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – August 12, 2011

Time again for the Top 10 Android Apps of the week. 1. Greedy Spiders Greedy Spiders is a great new game from Blyts mobile that puts you to work saving your bugs from some very greedy spiders. These spiders are hungry, and you’ll have to prevent them from reaching your little bugs by using decoys or through cutting and burning the webs. With lots...

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app Cartavi for Android Phones logo

Cartavi for Android Phones


Cartavi is a simple and secure way for real estate professionals to manage and share documents while on the go. From listing agreements to tax assessments, inspection reports to offer letters, Cartavi...


Reckless Racing Android Game Review

Reckless Racing Android Game Review [!-- INSTALL:com.polarbit.RecklessRacing --][!-- INSTALLDEMO:com.polarbit.RecklessRacingLite --]I've played Reckless Racing on my iPhone before. I was pretty amazed by this game back then. It has a fun and enjoyable gameplay coupled with nice top-down graphics and a fluid physics engine. So, I was pretty much expecting the same experience on my Goo...

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How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh for a Meeting While on the Go

tie-690084_640And you thought you had this whole working remotely thingnailed down. There are some tips and tricks to looking good for meeting, when you have put it been putting down the miles. Whether you’re hopping on a jet plane or piloting your minivan at warp speed, looking fresh and professional takes some tips and tricks that aren’t going to appear on...

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3 Tips for Conducting Large Scale International Employee Training

With employees wearing more hats than ever in the workplace today, it’s imperative that proper training sessions be implemented. Workers in the 21st century are expected to show bigger results with less resources, know more with less educational opportunities, and work faster with less time. Basically, the more skills you can provide your employe...

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How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers

How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers Video content is more accessible than ever. And video production sites are not just for leisure. Since video content has a greater accessibility that makes it appear everywhere, it’s also more important than ever to use in leveraging your business, especially when it comes to marketing or spreading awareness about your brand. According to ...

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Samsung showcases new video on wearable computing

google glass brille2The technology of portable computing has definitely been picking up the pace over the last year. Google Glass made its debut to the participants who were selected and who had the cash to get in on the action. Pebble Smart watches are hitting the streets and are trickling into retail stores. Even Apple is rumored to start getting in on the action. ...

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Google updates Hangouts, allowing us to make phone calls

google-hangoutsAre you one of those Google Talk users who didn’t make the switch to Hangouts in Gmail because you like making calls? Yeah, me too. I like the updated interface of Hangouts, but the inability to make calls was a Gmail deal breaker.Google has heard our cries, and blessed Hangouts with the ability to make calls! Inside of Gmail, much like we curren...

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Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft attending anti device theft conference

Stolen phonesImage Credit: Photo West Midlands Police (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Cult of MacStealing smartphones may be a way of life for some people, and with the advance of technology, cashing in on a stolen device sold at half its listed price could be quite a deal. As recent reports show, cellphone theft in New York and various other cities from the United States h...

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Google Glass facial recognition apps not allowed until “strong privacy protections” are in place

Google GlassPosting on its Project Glass Google+ page, Google revealed that it won’t allow Google Glass apps that use facial recognition features for the time being, as long as “strong privacy protections” aren’t in place.The news is not unsurprising considering the on-going privacy-related debate we’re witnessing in connection with Google Glass. Eve...

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Google Glass Forbids Apps Using Facial Recognition Sofware Until Further Notice

google glass Google said no to Facial Recognition Apps for its Google Glass gadget today, in an official company posting on Google+ social network. Well, at least until they will have protection in their device, in order to prevent its user to abuse someone else's privacy. I am not sure how they will manage to sort that thing out, but we will see soon enough...

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app IQ Quiz Trivia puzzle online logo

IQ Quiz Trivia puzzle onlin...


This game is dedicated to all the erudite persons and lovers of intellectual online games.Ask your friends to download the app and play with them online! More downloads - more participants-more fun! S...

app App Review Latest Apps Free logo

App Review Latest Apps Free


This app contains video reviews for latest and top mobile apps. The videos have been hand-picked by us. The videos include:iOS 7 App Switcher Concept: Multitasking RedesignReview of Rotago for iPhone,...


Blackberry Winner in an ‘I Will Never Buy’ Poll

blackberry most hated smartphone Blackberry, Android, Apple, Poll of Brand Preferences The results of a recent survey might not be news, but how it was asked is. Participants were asked what smartphone brands that they would never buy, no matter what. The clear winner (or looser depending on how you look at it) was Blackberry; with an overwhelming 71% of smartphone users saying ...

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app Team Meeting Timer logo

Team Meeting Timer


Team Meeting timer is an Android application that acts as a simple, important meeting stop watch. It can be used to ensure your important meeting finishes on time, and gives all the participants an eq...

app Challenge Accepted! logo

Challenge Accepted!


Challenge yourself to do something at least 100 times this year. Better yet, challenge yourself to do something no more than 100 times yourself. You determine the challenge, Challenge Accepted! keep...

app Construction Shows logo

Construction Shows


Construction Shows is a business-to-business application for Android for the building and construction sector. It allows industry leaders to stay informed about important events in the construction ca...

app El Quinielista logo

El Quinielista


Versión como programa del ya conocido widget "Quiniela".... ... Y ahora también con pronósticos para "El Quinigol"!Está basado en el mismo fin, mostrar ...

app INSEAD logo



The INSEAD Android application is part of INSEAD's digital initiative to engage Participants, Faculty, Staff and Visitors such as yourself. We will continue to improve this application to ensure you m...

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