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app Jouyou Kanji Quiz Free Trial logo

Jouyou Kanji Quiz Free Tria...


Jouyou Kanji Quiz provides you with a quick and easy way to test yourself on your Japanese reading abilities. Focusing on both Kanji and the two Kana writing systems: Hiragana and Katakana. These are ...

app Japanese Kanji by Hand logo

Japanese Kanji by Hand


Kanji by Hand teaches you how to write Japanese kanji by hand. You draw the characters on the screen and Kanji by Hand will judge if they are correct or not. Writing is the best way to learn, since it...

app Three kanji idioms puzzle LITE logo

Three kanji idioms puzzle L...


Three letter phrase puzzle go to complete the change more than one phrase into Chinese characters.Complete it Tsuitsui spare time, while fun, can train the brain, you will reach the knowledge of only ...

app Japanese-kanji2(free) logo



This is "Japanese-kanji2" 22-kanjis free-version. Please enjoy and I hope you like it! ?The kanjis Japanese learn at elementary school for 6years.??1st:80?2nd:160?3rd:200?4th:200?5th:185?6th...

app Kanji Redemption logo

Kanji Redemption


A minimalist Japanese-English dictionary.Kanji Redemption uses material from the JMdict (EDICT, etc.) and KANJIDIC2 dictionary files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic Diction...

app Japanese-kanji logo



Let's master Japanese kanji for fun!We Japanese learn 80-kanji first at an elementary school in a first grader.Yes, you can learn 80-kanji same as above-mentioned in this app too!The kanji is categori...

app Kanji Name logo

Kanji Name


?1st place overall in AppStore official app?Topped 1.8 million downloads!!Let's translate your name into Kanji(Chinese characters).Surname in Japan has 300,000 species exist. This...

app Kanji with Picture Pro logo

Kanji with Picture Pro


Kanji with Picture is an application to be able to study the Kanji.Kanji with Pictures.Kanji with Pronounciation sounds.V1.7 -Category & Score functionv1.5 -Added.1 of the Top 200 applications in ...

app KANJI is Cool!! logo

KANJI is Cool!!


This is a cool KANJI viewer made by Japanese. KANJI will appear on the screen with beautiful pictures of Japan.Over 1000 KANJI words and over 200 Japanese pictures! Also has the ability to search for ...

app CoolKanjiViewer Widget logo

CoolKanjiViewer Widget


- CoolKanjiViewer Widget -This widget is a Japanese Cool Kanji viewer widget to occupy space 2x2 on your home screen.The KANJI could be changed by touching this widget( on your home screen).Request by...

app 1, 2, 3000 Kanji Full logo

1, 2, 3000 Kanji Full


Simply a list of 3000 Japanese Kanji, that are most commonly used. The list is flexible though, as it allows you to put your own entries and edit existing ones. It also has a feature for you to trac...

app Kanji Live Wallpaper logo

Kanji Live Wallpaper


Simple! Cool!It is wallpaper for you who like Japan.1,006 kanji appear at random.-Character color-Background color(Background pattern)*This LiveWallpaper has an expiration date for the 4 days.*This Li...

app COOL KANJI Lite LiveWallPaper logo

COOL KANJI Lite LiveWallPap...


Wallpaper is a limited version of the "COOL KANJI".The Android wallpaper for your traditional Japanese and Chinese hieroglyphs!Live is a cool picture to show the next one kanji.This app uses...

app CoolKanji Widget logo

CoolKanji Widget


This is a Japanese Cool Kanji viewer widget to occupy space 2x2 on your home screen.The KANJI could be changed by touching this widget.Request by my Twitter....

app Kanji Tattoo Symbols logo

Kanji Tattoo Symbols


"Who Else Wants To Get Their Hands On Over 220 Rare And Beautiful Chinese And Kanji Tattoos?.."Expressing your love for real tattoo art on your body can be a very fulfilling experience. Once...

app KanjiWriter logo



This is a stroke based kanji dictionary covering the 2,000 most used characters in everyday Japanese. Proper stroke order must be used for accurate character recognition. The following info is current...

app Japanese-kanji(free) logo



This is "Japanese-kanji" FREE version.Please try and enjoy learning. I hope you like it!The difference between free and pay app isFree:18-kanji only.Pay app:80-kanji all included.-----------...

app Kanji Syodo (free) logo

Kanji Syodo (free)


Displays ink-brush kanji (Chinese characters) as widget, written by a genuine calligrapher (NOT PC font)-7 characters, auto-switching everyday-Tap to switch ...

app Kanji Quiz Gold logo

Kanji Quiz Gold


Like Kanji Quiz... but with no ads!...

app Cool4Kanji Widget logo

Cool4Kanji Widget


- Cool4Kanji Widget -This widget is a four-character idiomatic compounds Cool Kanji widget to occupy space 4x1 on your home screen.The KANJI(four-character idiomatic compounds) and Background could be...

app Nandoku Kanji CrossWord logo

Nandoku Kanji CrossWord


A key is the crossword puzzle of a difficult Japanese character. Problems is all the 30 subjects....

app ADW Theme KANJI logo



This is a Japanese taste Theme. Do you love KANJI? Now, Make it a Japanese style.?---Android Market?---Alarm Clock (android 1.6)?---Browser?---Calculator?---Calendar?---Camera?---Contacts?---Deskclock...

app Simple Kanji Time logo

Simple Kanji Time


Simple Kanji Time is a Clock Widgetthis is free version of Simple Kanji Date Time....

app 1, 2, 3000 Kanji Free logo

1, 2, 3000 Kanji Free


This is a list of over 3000 of the most common Japanese kanji.Each entry in the list has an English word for it's root meaning and one or more ways it can be read.I find this useful in learning Japane...

app kanji blank quiz for GREE  logo

kanji blank quiz for GREE...


Kanji Blank filling game!This game will give you random have to give 8 or more correct answers to passthe level.This game has 3 levels and 2 courses.shirobi level(white belt)course will ...

app Kanji Battle Lite logo

Kanji Battle Lite


Play and learn japanese!Notice: this is the Lite or demo version. This is a free and reduced version that doesn't contain all parts of the game, but allows you to get a grasp on the game before purcha...

app kanjiLiveWallPaper-大和魂- logo



大和魂-True Japanese spirit-【Meaning】Mind peculiar to Japanese race. It is the mind that going to be noble and boldness. It is a live wallpaper by which the character of 大和魂 does animatio...

app kanjiLiveWallPaper-風来坊- logo



風来坊-Vagabond-【Meaning】Person who came like wind without stern where. Capricious person. It is a live wallpaper by which the character of 風来坊 does animation. There are two kinds of kind...

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