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app Multiling O keyboard (beta) logo

Multiling O keyboard (beta)


Super lightweight (~MB) yet flexible and powerful. Plus an English plugin still less than 1MB. (Swype ~15MB)- All in one, multilingual ( >130 languages)- Accurate gesture input (swipe) - What a PC...

app Arabic Keyboard logo

Arabic Keyboard


iKey is an on screen keyboard with multiple languages support.This is one of the most customizable keyboard available.Its a Trial version. Need to purchase license after that.Main features:* Multi lan...

app iKeyboard EX(Multi-Lang) logo

iKeyboard EX(Multi-Lang)


Note: For 1.2 version, pls uninstall previous version and reinstall again!!Support English(US),English(UK),Arabic,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,French(Canada),French(Switzerland),German,German Q...

app Velocity Keyboard Free logo

Velocity Keyboard Free


Velocity 2.1 is a breakthrough AI-based app by Noema Inc. that involves a quantum improvement of 20% over the earlier revolutionary Velocity 1.0.Velocity speeds up typing on a touchscreen or restricte...

app Devanagari Keyboard Tiger Free logo

Devanagari Keyboard Tiger F...


Devanagari Keyboard with Inscript Layout. Express yourself in Hindi. There is a nag to get the Pro version when switching to Symbols mode. Pro mode has additional features such as long press support ...

app Lite keyboard on demand logo

Lite keyboard on demand


Here fastest touch keyboard with priority set to performance and simplicity. Keyboard require little memory space, have no dictionary, therefore multilingual and reliable. Added all LATIN accent to EN...

app More Convenient Keyboard logo

More Convenient Keyboard


===== Please read before you download this keyboard =====There is a free version of this keyboard called "More Convenient Keyboard Lite." Please try it out before you download this paid vers...

app Thai Keyboard Envy logo

Thai Keyboard Envy


Thai Keyboard Envy for Android. Version 2.1!* Tested on both Tablets and Phones.* Long press to alternate keys for quicker typing.* Single press to switch between English, Thai, and Symbol Modes* Lar...

app Mayabi keyboard Premium logo

Mayabi keyboard Premium


**Please use "Mayabi keyboard Premium" if you want to donate or your phone does not have Bengali support. ATT: In Premium, at least you can see Bangla in keyboard area, but not in compose/ed...

app Mayabi keyboard logo

Mayabi keyboard


**Please use "Mayabi keyboard Premium" if you want to donate or your phone does not have Bengali support. ATT: In Premium, at least you can see Bangla in keyboard area, but not in compose/ed...

app TKB – Eastern European Layouts logo

TKB – Eastern Europea...


Typing Keyboard layouts for Eastern European languages.This app only contains layouts; it requires the Typing Keyboard app to function.Layouts in this package:1. ?e...

app Q2 keyboard logo

Q2 keyboard


Features- A variety of language and input method supportEnglishLatinGermanSpanishFrenchJapaneseRussianUkrainianKorean- Hangul-Hanja conversion functionOf 4800 W Commercial Kanji conversion.-5 Ten keyb...

app BT keyboard Swedish logo

BT keyboard Swedish


Swedish layout for external bluetooth keyboard.Does NOT need root but you have to enable it by allow use in settings and then enable it by long press in a text field.More information may be available ...

app BT keyboard Norwegian logo

BT keyboard Norwegian


Norwegian layout for external bluetooth keyboard.Does NOT need root but you have to enable it by allow use in settings and then enable it by long press in a text field.Norsk layout för externa bl...

app MaxiKeys keyboard logo

MaxiKeys keyboard


.MaxiKeys is a totally new keyboard concept, designed for you who think, the keys of a soft keyboard are just too small.MaxiKeys gives you a full computer like keyboard so you don't have to switch ke...

app Tamil for AnySoftKeyboard logo

Tamil for AnySoftKeyboard


AnySoftKeyboard keyboards pack:Tamil keyboard layout.Note: This will NOT install Tamil fonts on your device!** Install AnySoftKeyboard first, and then select the desired layout from AnySoftKeyboard's ...

app MultiLingual Keyboard logo

MultiLingual Keyboard


Includes English, Russian (???????), Russian 4 row, German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español), French (Français), Georgian, Turkish Q (Türkçe Q), Turkish F (Türkçe F), ...

app TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard logo

TypeSmart 2.0 Keyboard


Type 25% faster than your current keyboard!Going back to fix typos and "damn you auto-correct" interrupts your thought process and groove. With TypeSmart, your ideas just flow onto the scree...

app External Keyboard Helper Pro logo

External Keyboard Helper Pr...


PLEASE DO NOT USE THE RATING SYSTEM TO REPORT BUGS!INSTEAD CONTACT ME ON: keylayouts@apedroid.comA non visible soft keyboard (Input Method) intended to be used with hardware Bluetooth and USB keyboard...

app Maritime Flag Keyboard logo

Maritime Flag Keyboard


A fun keyboard layout, each key being a nautical signal flag (has flags for 0-9 A-Z ??????).After install, go to Android settings, go to Language and input, then checkbox the Maritime Flag Keyboard as...

app Mongolian Keyboard with Dict logo

Mongolian Keyboard with Dic...


??? ??? ???? ??????????, ?? ?????????? ??????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ????? ????? ??. - QWERTY ?? ???????? ?????????? ?????? ???????? ?????????. ????????????:- ?????? ???? ??????????????? ???????????...

app A.I. Tablet Keyboard Plus logo

A.I. Tablet Keyboard Plus


The new standard for Tablet keyboards! An intelligent floating split-keyboard for Tablets with revolutionary context-sensitive text prediction!The split-keyboard "floats" above the screen a...

app Tio Keyboard logo

Tio Keyboard


In short, Tio Keyboard is . . . a breakthrough keyboard technology; a faster and easier way to type; a keyboard with few keys; a larger screen area for text; a keyboard that can be resized and reposit...

app Password Keyboard logo

Password Keyboard


Keyboard for those who uses Russian words in passwords but enters it in Latin keyboard layout. Word ...

app Thai Keyboard Envy Free logo

Thai Keyboard Envy Free


Thai Keyboard Envy for Android. Version 2.0.3!* Tested on both Tablets and Phones.* Long press for Thai characters on 2nd row.* Single press to switch between English, Thai. Symbols available with a...

app Sakha (Yakut) keyboard logo

Sakha (Yakut) keyboard


1. Sakha (Yakut) Keyboard кэҥэтиини кытта атын босхо апы,AnySoftKeyboard диэни, туруорунуохтааххын. [Манна баар]2. AnySoftKeyboard андро...

app Sparsh Indian Keyboard logo

Sparsh Indian Keyboard


Sparsh is a Touch-Screen Keyboard for Indian languages developed for Android devices.Languages supported in this first release are Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. * Its simple, efficient and allows input...

app Mixed Chinese keyboard logo

Mixed Chinese keyboard


Mixed Chinese keyboard (混合中文鍵盤) is an implementation of soft keyboard for the Google Android mobile operation system. It provides an interface for the entering of traditional and simplifie...

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