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app Kids Musical Challenges Tab logo

Kids Musical Challenges Tab


*SD Card support**Android 3.0+**optimized for 1280x800 devices (soon 1024x600 edition)Develop your child’s musical aptitude with this educational, entertaining and colorful game.‘Kids Musical Chal...


MediaMachina releases Kids Musical Challenges for Android

Overview Kids Musical Challenges is a new Android app from Mediamachina Studio that can help your child developer their musical skills. This is done through a series of fun games that can teach your children the sounds & shapes of various instruments. Kids Musical Challenges is broken down into three different sections with MeMo Orchestra, Pi...

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app Kids Musical Challenges HD logo

Kids Musical Challenges HD


*SD Card support**Android 2.2+**resolution 800x480 (Tablet version avaliable separately in Market here: your child...

app Genius kids maths logo

Genius kids maths


Genius Kids Maths is a funny mental math game for kids of all ages.- The children choose their options by themselves - math drills with the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and divi...

app Genius Kids Games DEMO logo

Genius Kids Games DEMO


Best learning program for children of all ages.12 games in one with translation in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian:- math skills with the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplicati...

app Insta Spanish Kids Lessons logo

Insta Spanish Kids Lessons


Please note: requires Adobe Air 2.7 or higherNew: our app works great on all 1 screen Android devices, but is now also highly optimized for the Sony P dual screen!Our app was a finalist in the Adobe/S...

app Kids Memory Puzzle 2 logo

Kids Memory Puzzle 2


Kids Memory Puzzle 2 is for kids to pratice and exercise their brain of recognition and memorization.Although this app is for kids, however you grown-ups may find fun and challenges to beat your kids'...

app Kids Memory Puzzle logo

Kids Memory Puzzle


Kids Memory Puzzle is for kids to pratice and exercise their brain of recognition and memorization.Although this app is for kids, however you grown-ups may find fun and challenges to beat your kids' s...

app Kids Musical Note Blaster logo

Kids Musical Note Blaster


Practice reading music while saving your ship from the asteroids! Kids Musical Note Blaster was designed to allow musicians to practice reading notes in a fun and dynamic way! Choose your clef (alto...

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Kids Play House


Visit the Play House for Kids, where fun and education go hand-in-hand. This colorful, musical app is a digital playground where your kids can learn how to play music on a keyboard, train their brain ...


3 Tips for Conducting Large Scale International Employee Training

With employees wearing more hats than ever in the workplace today, it’s imperative that proper training sessions be implemented. Workers in the 21st century are expected to show bigger results with less resources, know more with less educational opportunities, and work faster with less time. Basically, the more skills you can provide your employe...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – Oct 8th, 2011

1. Bugged Bugged is a cool little bug squishing game from Pixel Ninja Games. What makes this game a bit different from the rest is the fact you can squish bugs with your fingers, flick them towards other bugs or blow them up. There are 36 levels with 4 different modes of play as well as plenty of achievements to unlock. Graphics look great on t...

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