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app Klondike Solitaire HD logo

Klondike Solitaire HD


The most popular solitaire in the world - Klondike Solitaire also known as Patience - with clear graphics perfect for phones and tablets of every screen size.Rules- move cards from A to K to foundatio...

app The Klondike Solitaire logo

The Klondike Solitaire


You are just one touch away from a spectacular card game that will give you hours of fun and challenge! "The Klondike Solitaire" is a free version of the classic Klondike solitaire, especial...

app Klondike Solitaire Nation logo

Klondike Solitaire Nation


We bring you Klondike Solitaire in the beautiful Solitaire Nation series.With an original music score and beautiful hand drawn graphics Klondike Solitaire Nation aims to bring you the most polished so...

app Klondike Solitaire Classic logo

Klondike Solitaire Classic


Klondike Solitaire is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. It gained fame when Microsoft released their version of Solitaire that came with the Windows Operating System. Most people thin...

app Solitaire Klondike logo

Solitaire Klondike


This is common card game "Solitaire (Klondike)".Rule-Some upturned cards are dealt on the left of the playing area, and six downturned cards are dealt on the below.On top of the downturned c...


Solitaire by MobilityWare Review

Solitaire by MobilityWare Review Solitaire is maybe world's best known game in history, and I am talking about its Windows version that came pre-loaded in the OS. The game is like what, 25 years old? The good news is that  Solitaire by MobilityWare now brings an old classic (I'd dare say legendary) to your mobile device, whether we're talking about Android or iOS. There are 2 ...

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app Solitaire Center logo

Solitaire Center


Solitaire Center is the one only app available in apps store that provides three different types of solitaire game in one app and it's Free!Tired of Solitaire apps that always seem to have the same ro...

app St Patricks Day Solitaire FREE logo

St Patricks Day Solitaire F...


It's your lucky day! St. Patrick's Day Solitaire FREE is the pot o' gold at the end of your rainbow!This FREE app features three of the most popular St. Patrick's Day themed solitaire card games: Klon...

app New Years Solitaire FREE logo

New Years Solitaire FREE


Cheers! Ring in the New Year with New Years Solitaire FREE! This festive app features klondike solitaire, freecell solitaire, and spider solitaire--all for free!With beautiful, easy-to-read cards, aut...

app Halloween Solitaire FREE logo

Halloween Solitaire FREE


Boo! Halloween Solitaire FREE is here to spook you into fun! This solitaire card game app features the most popular solitaire games--klondike solitaire, spider solitaire, and freecell solitaire--all f...

app Christmas Solitaire FREE logo

Christmas Solitaire FREE


Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas Solitaire! Christmas Solitaire FREE includes Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Freecell Solitaire--all for free!With beautiful, easy-to-read cards, u...

app Solitaire Royal logo

Solitaire Royal


Why settle for less? Get all three classic Solitaire games: Klondike, Spider and Free Cell, all in one package with beautiful and easy to use interface!Solitaire Royal - is packed with unique style an...

app 250+ Solitaire Collection v.1 logo

250+ Solitaire Collection v...


"250+ Solitaire Collection" is a collection of 253 Solitaire games. The collection contains favorite solitaire games such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and others, and there are a lot of o...

app Solitaire Double-Deck HD logo

Solitaire Double-Deck HD


THREE GAMES IN ONE!!! (Klondike, Double-Deck & Half-Deck Solitaire)"It stands out in the crowd." 9/10 ("This app is a SURPRISING EXCEPTION…" 9.5/10 (Gamespot....

app Yukon Solitaire Champion logo

Yukon Solitaire Champion


IMPORTANT: Due to a number of people preferring the old more conservative user interface we have decided to give everyone freedom of choice. With latest update this game will return to the old look an...

app Solitaire Ultra Tech logo

Solitaire Ultra Tech


The hugely popular Solitaire Ultra, now available with high-tech, futuristic HD designs.★ All-new HD Graphics optimized for Phones and Tablets ★★ Achievements unlock new deck designs, deck backs...

app Solitaire Champion logo

Solitaire Champion


IMPORTANT: Due to a number of people preferring the old more conservative user interface we have decided to give everyone freedom of choice. With latest update this game will return to the old look an...

app Phantom Solitaire logo

Phantom Solitaire


Bats, witches, vampires, and eery moonlit nights - this ghoulish solitaire has it all! With 13 haunted themes and 9 classic Solitaire games to choose from, you will have no trouble getting into the sp...

app Hardwood Solitaire IV (Free) logo

Hardwood Solitaire IV (Free...


Play a beautiful rendition of solitaire with Hardwood Solitaire IV (free)! ? Great for Tablets too?Specially designed for tablets and phones Hardwood Solitaire IV breathes new life into your favorite...

app Hardwood Solitaire IV logo

Hardwood Solitaire IV


Play a beautiful rendition of 10 classic solitaire games with Hardwood Solitaire IV! ? Great for Tablets ?Specially designed for tablets and phones Hardwood Solitaire IV breathes new life into your fa...

app 8×1 Solitaire HD logo

8×1 Solitaire HD


Finally. A better looking, cleaner, and more stylish Solitaire than all others. 8-in-1 Solitaire invites you into a never-before-seen game world, with awesome graphics, and an impressive game flow. Fr...

app Princess*Solitaire logo



Princess*Solitaire contains the classic card game of Solitaire, and is filled with pretty and glittering design.You can play anytime and anywhere by simply touching and dragging cards on your device!I...

app Solitaire Spiderette logo

Solitaire Spiderette


"Spiderette" is the one-deck version of Spider.The first 28 cards are dealt the same way as solitaire game "Klondike".The first column should have one face-up card, the second colu...

app Solitaire Pack logo

Solitaire Pack


Back in 1990s inclusion of Solitaire (Klondike) and Minesweeper in Windows has resulted in billions of hours of lost productivity over the years. Starting with Windows 98 other version of solitaire jo...

app Solitaire Ultra logo

Solitaire Ultra


The classic card game Solitaire brought up-to-date with silky smooth high-res 3D graphics and fluid, addictive gameplay.? All-new HD Graphics optimized for Phones and Tablets ?? Achievements unlock ne...

app Otegaru Solitaire for GREE logo

Otegaru Solitaire for GREE


The Solitaire appeared in GREE!This game is the Klondike.[Game explanation]?Please make a pattern for each group of four. Each pair, please go to the first descending order from Ace to King.?You can s...

app Solitaire HD logo

Solitaire HD


You love Solitaire? You own a Honeycomb tablet? You want a good looking Solitaire for your tablet?Then this is for you. The first Solitaire that is completely optimized for Honeycomb tablets. Play Klo...

app Solvable Solitaire logo

Solvable Solitaire


The only Solitaire game on the market in which all the games are solvable! Never play an unsolvable game again!Includes Klondike Solitaire (windows solitaire).Spider Solitaire and Freecell will be ava...

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