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app GPS coordinates and location logo

GPS coordinates and locatio...


A simple application with crude, but adequate, support for 37 languages. Allows you to share your position via email, text messaging, twitter, etc, and displays your current GPS location in both decim...

app Compass Commander Lite logo

Compass Commander Lite


This application provides a map-oriented by a compass superimposed. It 'seems to make perfect a march along a certain direction marked by a compass.There are the direction (including magnetic declinat...

app Longitude Latitude Convertor logo

Longitude Latitude Converto...


Longitude Latitude Convertor converts :- Converts Degree to Decimal , Degree to Address,- Converts Decimal to Degree, Decimal to Adress,- Converts Address to Decimal, Address to Degree.- Street Views ...

app Land Nav Assistant logo

Land Nav Assistant


Land Nav Assistant accepts MGRS (Military Grid) or Latitude / Longitude coordinates and visually navigates you to each point.This app was designed with Army, Marine, and other military personnel in mi...

app Commander Compass logo

Commander Compass


This application provides a map-oriented by a compass superimposed. It 'seems to make perfect a march along a certain direction marked by a compass.There are the direction (including magnetic declinat...

app Aged wanderer logo

Aged wanderer


?SummaryThis application will send SMS-email of latitude and longitude data, when they go out a range of distance from home.SMS-email is 20 times fixed. GPS data collection interval is every 2 minute ...

app Latitude Longitude Convert logo

Latitude Longitude Convert


Perform conversion of latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal degrees. Display the point on the map and upload to Google Maps....


Deluxe Moon Android App Review

Deluxe Moon Android App Review I've tried a few moon phase apps and widgets for Android but so far I haven't encountered such an Android app as beautiful and as functional as Deluxe Moon Android app. From the app's main screen, to its Android phone widget,  to the moon and zodiac information it  provides - I would have to say that the developer of this app is definitely a moon...

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Google Maps and Voice Navigation Android App Review

Google Maps and Voice Navigation Android App Review Google Maps is a very powerful Android app and a Godsend for those that want a hassle free GPS. Some phones, mostly from the older generation like the G1, may need to upgrade the Map software that comes with the phone, otherwise any new android handset with GPS has it by default. It stands up to the Google legacy quite well with it's rich feature...

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app We-Ski pro Whistler logo

We-Ski pro Whistler


"We-Ski pro Whistler" is the professional version of "We-Ski" and provides offline ski maps for you to location yourself when you are in Whistler Blackcomb (BC, Canada). Because th...

app Accurate GPS Locating logo

Accurate GPS Locating


Accurate GPS Locating shows latitude and longitude of your location. Using GPS positioning is more accurate and scan total visible satellites.***Features***This app is free widget.Used on home screen....

app The Weary Traveler logo

The Weary Traveler


The Weary Traveler layar supports the following objects of interest:Company of Interest (COI)Point of Interest (POI)Item of Interest (IOI)Basically, your phone will act as a realtime camera that will ...

app Position Tools logo

Position Tools


Position is a localization tool.It give you your position's information and not only.It allows:-Visualization and zoom your position on map.-Search,Mark,navigation and view latitude and longitude of l...

app GPS5 logo



Program that provides the coordinates GPS (latitude and longitude), altitude, gps provider....

app Julian Date Tool Pro logo

Julian Date Tool Pro


The Julian Date Tool Pro version shows the Gregorian Date and the ISO-8601 Ordinal Date, also known colloquially as the "Julian Date". The actual "Julian Date", used by astronomers...

app SPT logo



Seasonal sun path tracks. Generates a yearly sun path chart for a given latitude and longitude. The yearly chart consist of the 5 seasonally paired months (Jan/Nov, Feb/Oct, Mar/Sep, Apr/Aug, May/Jul...

app 등산지도 대간지맥 GPS logo

등산지도 대간지맥 G...


대간지맥 GPS 주제별 모음 지도 (휴대폰 결제 후 당사 전화문의-> 인증서발급 -> 다운로드)(주) 동아지도 TEL: 032-224-7557한국의 100명산GPS [33,000원]백두...

app Weather Slider logo

Weather Slider


Weather slider, provides constant up to date weather details for multiple locations including tracking the weather for your current location using GPS.Weather slider is light weight, very low battery ...

app Where Am I Now? logo

Where Am I Now?


This FREE and simple app tells you about your current location using your device GPS system. It also tells info regarding your country, state, timezone, city, population, latitude and longitude.This a...

app AstroSage Kundli logo

AstroSage Kundli


'Astrology Software In Your Pocket'AstorSage Kundli is most powerful Birth Chart (Kundli, Kundali or Vedic Horoscope) software based on Indian Astrology / Vedic Astrology/ Hindu Astrology/ Jyotish in ...

app GPS Airplane VFR Navigation + logo

GPS Airplane VFR Navigation...


If you are a VFR pilot and want to look out the window rather than interpret obtuse navigation devices, then this is the tool for you. Power up your phone, push NEAREST for the nearest 50-100 runways...

app GPS Address Book logo

GPS Address Book


Have you ever been to a place that you don’t know what the address is, but you would want to know, so you can visit it again in the future? Or have you ever had the need to share your location so p...

app GPS Locate & Share Free logo

GPS Locate & Share Free


GPS Locate & Share Free uses the power of the global positioning technology with the convenience of your smart phone to share your location instantly.When you're somewhere you don't have the addre...

app My Grid Reference logo

My Grid Reference


Never get lost again! Using our app you can get your latitude, longitude, and your grid reference at the click of a button. With it's handy compass, which you can set to any direction you want this ap...

app Comuni d’Italia logo

Comuni d’Italia


Using "Comuni d'Italia" you'll have at your disposition easy access on your smartphone or tablet to all the information about the Municipalities, Provinces and Regions of Italy for your trav...

app Pinnr logo



Use Pinnr to tag your contacts with a GeoCode. An exact Latitude and Longitude coordinate for each of your contacts that you can later use to navigate to them with ease using Google Maps or an other N...

app My Travel Meter logo

My Travel Meter


Have you ever felt the need to keep track of your travel.... If your answer is "YES" then you are at the right place. My Travel Meter is a GPS based application that keeps track of your trav...

app BoatUS logo



The BoatUS Towing app allows you to stay connected while out on the water. One push of a button connects you to the nation’s largest network of on-water towers with over 300 ports nationwide. The a...

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